Peak Summer Temperatures Plummeting In The Midwest

Prior to 1950, the Midwest never had a summer which didn’t reach 100 degrees. Summers which don’t reach 100 degrees happen all the time now, with the last two summers among the coolest on record.

ScreenHunter_2794 Sep. 14 15.09


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3 Responses to Peak Summer Temperatures Plummeting In The Midwest

  1. jlc says:

    should be degrees F.

  2. B.C. says:

    All of that missing Midwest heat has gone deep into the Trenberthian Thermageddoncline, located in the SW Pacific, causing that massive bulge of sea level rise. 😀

  3. Lokismann says:

    these small anomalies fall well within 13 of the best climate models from the 36 that are consensually described as valid by the IPCC – there is nothing here people, just anecdotal stories with no significance – global warming remains a fact regardless of empirical data.

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