NASA Obliterates All Records For Fake Data [CORRECTED]

[CORRECTION the graph at the bottom is incorrect. I was looking at the HUFF Post map, which showed warming since 1880, not temperature anomaly.]

I speculated a few months ago that NASA and NOAA have been instructed to make 2014 the hottest year ever, and it is becoming apparent that I was correct. After a big cool down in August, NASA has declared it to be the “hottest August ever.”.

ScreenHunter_238 Sep. 15 16.55

This past August was the warmest since records began in 1881, according to new data released by NASA. The latest readings continue a series of record or near-record breaking months. May of this year was also the warmest in recorded history.

Dr. Gavin Schmidt, a climatologist and climate modeler at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, told The Huffington Post that while the agency’s data does indicate that this August was the hottest on record, the difference falls within a few hundredths of a degree compared with previous Augusts.

The Planet Just Had Its Warmest August On Record

In fact it was the sixth coolest August since 1997, and below the declining trend line.

ScreenHunter_241 Sep. 15 17.20

Gavin and crew accomplished this by obliterating the record for deviating from reality.

[CORRECTION – the graph below is incorrect. It should show 2014 as a little over 0.5, not 0.68]

ScreenHunter_242 Sep. 15 17.20

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46 Responses to NASA Obliterates All Records For Fake Data [CORRECTED]

  1. LANDERSON40 says:

    There is no way it was the hottest year. I watched weather everyday, and with a few minor exceptions, I observed many US areas (Charlotte, Huntington Beach, Cherry Valley, IL, Asheville, NC, Stockholm, Sweden) all to be very cool this Spring and through present date. The proclamation by the .gov does not fit with recent experience.

  2. pinroot says:

    It could have snowed nonstop globally for the entire month of August and they would still declare it the hottest ever. And an amazing amount of idiots would accept it without question. Here in the piedmont area of NC, it was one of the mildest Augusts I can remember.

    • Gail Combs says:

      So was last summer.

      Heck this summer I have not even bothered turning on the A/C. It was a bit humid but not really different from a summer on the Taxechusetts/N.H. border.

      You know it has been cool when a Yank like me living in the sumnny south doesn’t bother with the A/C. {:>D

  3. Kyle K says:

    Cool landmass, boiling oceans is how they read their current “data”.

  4. RossP says:

    Someone needs to start building a big new prison , because someone with some real money will have to start funding a major law suit against these guys soon. There will be a lot of people to put away.
    It simply cannot continue , because they are becoming more and more blatant.

    • ozspeaksup says:

      that would be nice.
      however apart from a non banker ponzi..who else committing outright fraud and killing/harming millions has been jailed?
      none of these mongrels will ever be made to apologise or be fired.
      theyll just stfu eventually and go on taking their pay and pensions.

  5. Nigel alcazar says:

    They have to get funding from somewhere so they can fire huge rockets spewing co2 into the atmosphere.

  6. au1corsair says:

    Yup! The laws of physics have been repealed! Water now freezes at 100 degrees Celsius. That means the snow you see on the ground indicates temperatures that used to boil water. Numbers and words create reality. Let it be written! Let it be done!

    • Gail Combs says:

      Numbers and words create reality.
      The Philosophy Of Karl Marx Close your eyes, wish real hard and click your heels three times.

      I can’t wait for the next Ice Age to throw the cold water of reality into the faces of these….ERRRR HMMMM ladies shouldn’t use words like that, so I will leave it to your imagination for the correct descriptive terms.

      • pinroot says:

        They’ll just blame the next Ice Age on CO2. If global warming can “cause” record Antarctic ice extent, I’m sure it can “cause” an ice age. There’s not a whole lot it CAN’T do.

  7. BallBounces says:

    OK, Baghdad Bob, you can come out now.

  8. Jeff says:

    This is a whole new level of fraud even for Gavin Schmidt. I get that Obama likely gave these frauds carte blache to “prove” the existence of global warming, but Obama will not be President forever. These people are exposing themselves when a Republican President takes over. They have made themselves very vulnerable and have opened themselves up to prosecution and exposure for fraud.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Let’s hope that Mother Nature gives us one very cold wet miserable fall that will wake up the fence sitters. Brownouts and blackouts would help too.

      • Ernest Bush says:

        I’m going to be in Virginia through Oct. 2nd, so I need it to be dry and moderate for a bit. Coming from Yuma, I will probably have to wear a sweater every day as it is. Don’t go wishing bad things before that. On Oct. 3rd you can wish for a foot of snow for all I care. It’s been cool here in Yuma so far this September. It’s only getting up to about 107 during the day. It will drop to about 99 degrees midweek, however. as rain from what’s left of hurricane Odile and the tropical disturbance behind it move up.

    • Sadly that makes some sense but these are federal employees. As a practical matter they aren’t even fireable. They might be put on paid administrative leave but federal malfeasance isn’t punished by our government under either party.

    • Don says:

      Obama, in his State of the Union this year, basically said either give me what I want, or your funding goes away. Corruption at and from the highest levels.

    • Jeff, a question for you. What’s to stop them from changing RSS back to the beginning of the data set, and claiming that we made up the idea that it was changed because we are Nazi, George-Bush-loving lunatics who are enemies of civilization? I mean, we can’t even get MacIntyre to admit that GISS has been arbitrarily changed! The last time I checked (2-3 week ago) he was still posting comments in response to inquiries in which he claims essentially that this notion of data fraud is all in our wishfully thinking and impressionable little heads! All the defendants have to do is cite him, and point out that his conclusions are in agreement with all the “best” scientific minds in opposition to him! “Case closed”.

      “Houston we have a problem” when published data no longer has an effect on people’s conclusions, simply because they believe that we are capable of making up a data set to try to smear our opponents. Always remember Hitler and his concept of “the big lie” which people are more likely to believe because they can’t imagine anyone in government lying that big.

      How about that, I managed to “Godwin” the thread twice in one comment.


      • Gail Combs says:

        Dr. John Raymond Christy of the University of Alabama.

        • Well, fine, but what’s to prevent them from claiming he’s lying when he says they changed the data? It’s worked when used on everyone else, thus far! Everyone who accuses them of falsifying data, is immediately accused of having falsified data to support their accusation.


  9. I’m new to this argument but I’ll bet we had one of the coolest Augusts on record in AZ. But that’s not the real question, what in hell can we, as just lowly citizens, do to make the record right? With many folks, after the ink dries it becomes gospel. Tony, you need to help me here, are we just screwed?
    I’ve been shouting from what few rooftops I have that the upcoming “mini ice age” is going to catch the government and the public leaning the wrong way and the outcome will probably be much more severe than if the public had just a modicum of warning.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Now is the time to catch your local and state politicians.

      I just went to the local county fair, offered to pound in signs for them and had a LONG talk about Global Warming and Agenda 21. Most of these guys at the local level are not in on the graft and therefore are much more open to reason.

      They are the ones the angry citizens are going to be going for and they know it.

      Institute for Energy has some good stuff.
      This is a really good map:

      from this analysis:

      • You know, Gail, as the winters gradually get colder there is gonna be one hell of a lot of discomfort around some of the supporters houses if the government doesn’t help those folks. I realize they should not have voted for this idiot.
        As someone noted, we have the largest coal reserves on the rock but shuttering these plants is causing many of the companies who dig coal to be in serious danger of going out of business and one just can’t go to the mountains and dig a few million tons of coal at the drop of a hat. Once a mine closes, it is almost impossible to get EPA approval to restart that baby. They are killing several birds with one stone it seems to me

        • Gail Combs says:

          That is why I want catastrophic failure NOW while there is time to reverse the decay. Once all of the USA looks like Detroit, it will take too long to claw our way out of the hole we have been shoved into. Meanwhile we have China and Mexico eying us like vultures and I am really really terrible at learning new languages.

        • Jason Calley says:

          Hey Gail! Metaphorically, the system has already crashed and is now scrambling the hard drives. The sooner it is shut down and rebooted, the better it will be, long term.

        • Jason, you mean as in: “Uh-oh, they’re coming in here … DEGAUSS ALL THE HARD DRIVES AND PROCEED QUICKLY TO THE EMERGENCY EXITS”?

          Because that hasn’t been my impression. Maybe we’ll get there, but I don’t see any signs of panic just yet. Do you know something I don’t?


        • Gail Combs says:

          Richard T. Fowler says:
          “…..Maybe we’ll get there, but I don’t see any signs of panic just yet. Do you know something I don’t?”
          The data mutilators and other betrayers of the USA may be a bit worried about a Witch Hunt for heads to sacrifice. It is not the top guys who fall, instead it usually is some underling he can blame for ‘advising him incorrectly’. I saw this happen in industry during turf wars. The faithful troops were the ones who got fired and the top dog stayed in place.

          Don’t forget that veterans of WWI marched on Washington DC during the Great Depression. The Bonus Army

          Well Some top dog at the CIA, Jim Rickards, says:

          “Everybody knows we have a dangerous level of debt. Everybody knows the Fed has recklessly printed trillions of dollars. These are secrets to no one.”

          “But all signs are now flashing bright red that our chickens are about to come home to roost.”

          “Today you rarely hear the government talk about the Misery Index with the public,”

          “The reason is they may not want you to know the truth. And the truth is, the Misery Index has reached more dangerous levels than we saw prior to the Great Depression. This is a signal of a complex system that’s about to collapse.”

          “I expect the first phase will appear as a nearly instantaneous 70% stock market crash. From the outside, nobody will see it coming.”

          “Once it becomes clear that it’s not a flash crash – it’s a systemic meltdown in the economy itself, that’s when the gravity of the situation will sink in. And there will be no digging out from it.

          “$100 trillion is a conservative estimate for the damage. A lot can happen over 25-years as our country struggles to recover from this.”

          I sure hope he is wrong, but if China and Russia get their way the USD will be stripped of its reserve currency status either ‘Officially’ or ‘Unofficially’ The BRICS countries have been doing a lot of maneuvering the last few years. They set up a rival bank to the World Bank and are also gold mining and hoarding.

          An example of ‘Unofficially’ I noted back in 2012.

          Australia-China currency swap really is a big deal

          … of the first bilateral currency swap that China has done with an advanced Western country.

          “Today, the Reserve Bank of Australia signed a bilateral local currency swap agreement with the People’s Bank of China (PBC). The agreement allows for the exchange of local currencies between the two central banks of up to $A30 billion or CNY 200 billion. It is for an initial period of three years and can be activated by either party.

          “The main purposes of the swap agreement are to support trade and investment between Australia and China, particularly in local-currency terms…

          That agreement on convertibility last November was the first with a major Western economy and the sixth globally (the rest were with Malaysia and Hong Kong, which is a region in China).

          China has reached agreements on swaps with about 20 countries, but Australia is the biggest and most advanced economy to sign up…..

        • Jason Calley says:

          Hey Richard T Fowler! “Jason, you mean as in: “Uh-oh, they’re coming in here … ”

          Ha! No, I really did mean it more metaphorically! (Jeeez…. I HOPE it is not that far gone yet…)

          To be a bit more clear, big systems (like our national or global economy) can take a huge amount of damage and keep functioning. After all, there are billions of people who all have a self interest in seeing that things keep running without too much disruption. Unfortunately, there is also a growing class of people who are more interested in getting something for nothing than they are in producing goods or services that can be fairly exchanged. Even the Soviet Union could not stand the decades and decades of systematic distortion of the market produced by a non-productive ruling class. Here in the US and Europe, we have not (yet) gotten as screwed up as the USSR was, but I am afraid we are at the point where our economic stability is actively being compromised.

          The Powers That Be used to skim their share off the top, but the average guy still had a reasonable belief that if he worked hard and played fair, he could support a family and prosper. I am not so sure we have that anymore. Conditions for small business men and middle class workers has gotten more and more difficult. Pay does not keep up with prices, paperwork becomes choking, etc. The Powers That Be are so pervasive that average people are falling behind and the system is burning through capital without accumulating more wealth. In other words, not only is the system no longer producing more than it consumes, it is actively destroying much of what has been created. We are eating our seed corn.

          My apologies for a seeming veering off of topic — but the NASA creation of fake data is a wonderful (and horrifying) example of the process I am talking about. NASA, a massive governmental bureaucracy, has not only retreated from its mission to push the boundaries of space science, it is now actively altering the data needed for their own mission. They may be causing a whole generation of people to distrust science. Climate science would (in some ways) be better off if NASA had been shut down twenty years ago. NASA is not an exception. They are just a specific example of a general rule.

          I am not smart enough to know how to do it, but the system needs to be reset. As Gail says, the longer we wait, the fewer will be our resources when we need to rebuild.

        • Jason,
          Appreciate the clarification, and the witty metaphor! I agree about the need for a reset, and it will happen, one way or another. Even if none of us does anything.


          I used to think along those lines, but then I realized, the concept of a worldwide reserve currency didn’t really exist until the 1990s. Yes, people spoke about one, but what they really meant was not worldwide but “of the capitalist world.” It was understood by many that there were really two reserve currencies during the Cold War. Now the Cold War never entirely went away (I guess you could say it was a Really Frigid War for a few years there) but now that it’s spinning up again, it should come as no great surprise that there is a push to re-establish the Comecon reserve currency or a suitable equivalent.

          What’s really different this time around is that, while before, the enemy was inside the gates, now, he permeates all levels of all major institutions. And he is still just as intent on our destruction.

          The real reset that’s going on is the enemy has systematically taken down things that are inconvenient for his cause and is in the process of rebuilding everything in a Leninist image. He will protect his own, and he is plenty smart enough to succeed at doing so.

          Have to go offline for a little while. But good to read your thoughts. Thank you.


  10. Pathway says:

    Third coolest and third wettest in my neck of the woods on the upper Colorado Plateau.

  11. gofer says:

    Even more absurd is believing that “a few hundreds of a degree” is accurate and it matters at all. Why in all reason would anyone care? Try keeping anything within such a tolerance. The earth’s climate is amazingly stable. But if they could convince people that something that re-creates itself, ozone, can be destroyed, then stupidy rules.

  12. D. Self says:

    Too bad government funded lying wasn’t punishable by life in prison.

  13. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:
    Maybe the NOAA and NASA guys came from Disney and Dream Works not MIT or Stanford!

  14. Steven, for the Newbies on here… how would you describe the difference between RSS and GISS data? Got links to the data sources for those graphs? Is one source Ground (RSS) vs Satellite (GISS)??

    How would one know if downloads of Temp Data have been ‘adjusted’ already or not?

    Thanks in advance..

    • David A says:

      GISS is ground, RSS is satellite. GISS ground data is very commonly adjusted by computer algorithms often extending anomalies up to 1200 K. For instance look at how this Iceland station is adjusted.

      Tony often publishes the raw data of continuously active USHCN ground stations. These stations consistently show the US is actually cooling, especially compared to the late 1930s and early 1940s.

  15. Don says:

    Tony, bad link, the chart with both GISS and RSS data when clicked on does not have the divergence, only the GISS data.

  16. schauminator says:

    It was the hottest August for them. The stats were hell for them.

  17. Why doesn’t NASA just come out and say that satellite data is unreliable?

    • mjc says:

      Because, it’s likely that the satellite data is reliable (at least more so than the totally FUBAR surface data)…and if they shoot it down, then funding for one of the few space related things NASA still does would probably be cut.

      • That was my point. And yet NASA is in effect saying that the satellite data is unreliable without coming out and saying it.

        I remember when I argued with a friend about global warming and he said that we satellite data is reliable and can’t be questioned. I am no longer “friends” with him (on facebook), so I don’t know how he defends NASA’s abandonment of satellite data. Then again, I’m sure he has rationalized whatever new belief he has adopted.

  18. Shared on Facebook and commented: “Unbelievable. Satellite data says that August was a relatively cool month globally, but NASA says it was the hottest month ever. Why do we even have those expensive satellites?”

  19. I thought that GISS might turn honest following the departure of the liar in chief, James Hansen.

    It seems they found an even more shameless liar in Gavin Schmidt. What bugs me is that we paid these people and we will be funding their entirely undeserved pensions for many years to come!

  20. @Gail Combs,
    While I share your discomfort about the decline of the USA there are reasons to believe that the US economy can take a few more self inflicted wounds:

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