Climate Engineering In 1975

In 1975, America’s top climate scientist wanted to melt the Arctic, in order to save us from climate change.

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Large-scale climate modification is a different story.

If, for example, someone really wanted to melt the polar ice cap, spreading a layer of black, heat-absorbing soot over the North Pole should do the trick very neatly in about three years, Schneider estimates.

What if we are entering a period of degenerating weather-even a new ice age?…….CHILLING_POSSIBILITIES


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4 Responses to Climate Engineering In 1975

  1. emsnews says:

    I remember that year really well! The Hudson River froze and huge blocks of ice came pouring down into NY harbor. I lived on Coney Island and the ocean had a lot of ice blocks that came ashore with the tides.

    The sea birds were literally starving to death. I would go to the windy, super cold beach with food for them from fish markets in Manhattan and by the end of winter, the wild birds would literally sit on my lap to eat and would cuddle with me to warm up. Many of them died.

    Cold is very dangerous and the way the warmists minimize this information is frightening.

  2. Beau Jeste says:

    Didn’t Harry Wexler (NOAA) in the 1950’s advocate exploding nukes all over the Arctic to melt the ice and access gas/oil and minerals?

  3. Bob Knows says:

    I recall a Russian experiment that did cover an area of Arctic ice with coal dust to demonstrate the effect of black dust melting ice. That was back when “coming ice age” was the big public fear. It didn’t work. Snow soon covered the soot and the ice didn’t melt.

    • Gail Combs says:

      I am not surprised the Russian experiment did not work.

      I am surprised they ever thought it might. I used to live in the ‘Snowbelt’ in New York where all the lake effect snow from the great lakes got dumped. The snow did not get and stay dirty until spring melt.

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