Michael Loftus Explains Global Warming

This is a must watch!

If someone hands me a check for billions of dollars to prove something, I will prove whatever they want me to prove

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9 Responses to Michael Loftus Explains Global Warming

  1. omanuel says:

    That is exactly how the US National Academy of Science directed public funds to “scientists” that would find evidence to support Standard Models of:

    1. H-filled stars
    2. Earth’s changing climate
    3. Weizsacker’s nuclear binding energy

    Click to access WHY.pdf

  2. Streetcred says:

    Very humerous … a good way to introduce the concept of a world sized scam to the peeps.

  3. Windsong says:

    I am uncertain if Dr. Susan Crockford has any polar bears assisting her with posts on http://www.polarbearscience.com but if the bears could, they would be glad to help. Dr. Crockford’s website has without a doubt the most objective articles on all things related to polar bears.

  4. A hats-off to Don, who told me via email about this – explained the sudden rise in views at my site, especially those clicking on my “About” page (I guess to see if I really am a polar bear with great big paws).

    Thanks, Michael Loftus, that made my day!

    Susan Crockford, Human Owner/Operator, PolarBearScience

  5. Joe P. says:

    That was a great vid.
    Well, except for 97% consensus which he just reverses for polar cooling or earth is flat, we all know that is a bs paper at offset (admitted agenda before writing was to show “consensus”) and 97% consensus does not exist, and press manipulated it after dropping off inbetweens so 30% to 1% on old papers, became total bs propaganda cited in media believed by public.
    Vid was good but sort of admits nonexistent consensus before compares with others.

  6. philjourdan says:

    He is good. I will have to remember to check out his stuff.

  7. D.SELF says:

    Very Nice!

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