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The Darkening Of Science

Check out the latest BS from the team 18 September 2014 a darkening of the Greenland ice sheet could impact upon the entire world, as the hastening trend reduces the Arctic’s ability to reflect sunlight and increases global warming. The world’s … Continue reading

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Rule #1

When making fake data, always make sure it is consistently fake. Gavin’s GISS data shows August 2011 at 0.69 anomaly, and August 2014 as 0.70 anomaly data.giss.nasa.gov/gistemp/tabledata_v3/GLB.Ts+dSST.txt Unfortunately for him, his maps show 2011 as 0.70 and 2014 as 0.68. Data.GISS: … Continue reading

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August Was Coldest In Five Years, Second Coldest In Ten Years

Contrary to the spectacular “hottest August ever” lies being propagated by NASA GISS and NOAA ahead of Obama’s climate conference – August was the coldest in five years and the second coldest in 10 years, according to far more accurate … Continue reading

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