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US Temperatures Have Plummeted Over The Past 15 Years

The only year Trenberth sees is 2012, because his funding depends on not correctly interpreting the climate.

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New York Was 26 Degrees Hotter In 1895

The UN begins their meeting tomorrow in New York to stop global warming, with temperatures forecast to be 26 degrees cooler than they were on the same date in 1895, 95 degrees vs. a forecast 69 for tomorrow. Peak September 20 temperatures in New … Continue reading

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64% Gain In Arctic Ice From 2012

On September 17, 2012 the extent of 30% concentration ice in the Arctic was 2.49 million km², and this year it was 4.09 km² on September 17. An increase of 64%. The past two years have been among the four highest of … Continue reading

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