Leonardo DiCaprio Demands That You Stop Regular 12C Swings In Global Temperature

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16 Responses to Leonardo DiCaprio Demands That You Stop Regular 12C Swings In Global Temperature

  1. Gail Combs says:

    The problem is the Ice Core CO2 measurements are a flat out lie since they have values going down as low as 180 ppm.

    …Plants use all of the CO2 around their leaves within a few minutes leaving the air around them CO2 deficient, so air circulation is important. As CO2 is a critical component of growth, plants in environments with inadequate CO2 levels of below 200 ppm will generally cease to grow or produce… http://www.thehydroponicsshop.com.au/article_info.php?articles_id=27 (dead link but similar info HERE

    photosynthesis can be halted when CO2 concentration approaches 200 ppm… (Morgan 2003) Carbon dioxide is heavier than air and does not easily mix into the greenhouse atmosphere by diffusion)

    Translation: If the CO2 levels are below 200 ppm the plant might be able to survive in a semi-dormant state but it isn’t going to have the energy to produce seed.

    A more realistic lower limit can be deduced from this field study of wheat (C3).

    The CO2 concentration at 2 m above the crop was found to be fairly constant during the daylight hours on single days or from day-to-day throughout the growing season ranging from about 310 to 320 p.p.m. Nocturnal values were more variable and were between 10 and 200 p.p.m. higher than the daytime values. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/0002157173900034

    Other information also shows the New Improved Climastrologist Sanitized Ice Core data is bogus.

    TABLE 1

    After 1980 most of the studies of CO2 in glaciers were carried out on Greenland and Artarctic ice by Swiss and French research groups; one core was studied in an Australian laboratory. A striking feature of the data published until about 1985 is the high concentrations of CO2 in air extracted from both pre-industrial and ancient ice, often much higher than in the contemporary atmosphere (Table 1).

    Fig. 2. Concentration of CO2 in a 90-cm long section of a Camp Century (Greenland) ice core. The lower curve represents 15 min. “wet” extraction from melted ice and “dry” extraction; the upper curve 7 hours “wet” extraction. Redrawn after Stauffer et al (1981)

    For example, in 11 samples of about 185-year-old ice from Dye 3 (Greenland) an average CO2 concentration of 660 ppm was measured in the air bubbles (using the “dry” extraction method), with a range of 290 – 2450 ppm (Stauffer et al 1985). In a deep ice core from Camp Century (Greenland), covering the last 40,000 years, Neftel et al (1982) found CO2 concentrations in the air bubbles ranging between 273 and 436 ppm (average 327 ppm). They also found that in an ice core of similar age from Byrd Station (Antarctica) these concentrations ranged between 257 and 417 ppm. Both these deep cores were heavily fractured and contaminated with drilling fluid. Neftel et al (1982) arbitrarily assumed that “the lowest CO2 values best represent the CO2 concentrations of the originally trapped air”.

    Using the same dry extraction method, in the same segment of an ice core from a depth of 1616.21m in Dye 3 (Greenland), Neftel et al (1983) found a CO2 concentration of 773 ppm in the air bubbles. Two years later, Stauffer et al (1985) reported only about half of this concentration (410 ppm)….

    The diffusion of CO2 through ice was determined recently at Scripps Oceanographic Institute.
    The diffusion, of course, depends on initial concentration, going from high to low, directly proportional to that concentration. (Fick’s Laws)

    If it were very high in ice cores in the past, it would be much lower than that when measured after millenia have passed. The concentration in ice bubbles at Vostok and other places, therefore, has a systematic bias that means high initial concentrations will not be preserved. The concentration inside the air bubble always seeks the outside concentration.

    Altogether, the ice samples from cores is an unreliable proxy, the longer the time, the more the measured value will be distorted. So when Climastrologists measure ancient bubbles showing 10,000 ppm, for example, it might have been an order of magnitude higher, depending on the diffusion path distance. (From Bubbagyro an analytical chemist, at WUWT Also see his comment here and here on the games played at Mauna Loa)

    “Sea ice in the Arctic basin is formed from sea-water with salinity of about 30‰ to 32 ‰. Sweet water freezes right through, and the sea salts brine remains in the ice, it partly flows down towards the bottom of ice surface and partly comes into the upper layers of the Ocean, and partly remains in the closed ice cavities. Calcium ions in the saline solution interact with dissolved acetic acid. As a result of such a reaction, calcium carbonate, water and carbonic acid gas are produced, at that carbonic acid gas together with the brine gets into the upper water layer under the ice and into the atmosphere through microfissures in the ice. In March and April, the air above the Arctic ice is calm, and carbon dioxide is accumulated in the bottom layer of subpolar atmosphere, thus increasing the winter concentration maximum above the frozen ocean.

    In summer, ice is thawing together with the snow covering it. On the glacial surface, snowy puddles with cold sweet water appear, where poorly soluble calcium carbonate is suspended. At the zero temperature, lime water reacts with CO2, thus forming dissoluble calcium bicarbonate. Carbon dioxide dissolves excellently in cold water, therefore its summer concentration in the atmosphere decreases not only due to chemical reaction. It is absorbed by desalinated water on the surface of patches of ice-free water, cracks and channel. In summer, plankton life activates in the top water layer, and photosynthesis is taking place, which also requires CO2. As a result of all these processes, summer minimum of carbonic acid gas occurs in the air above the ice and in the water layer under the ice.
    Genryh Alekseyev, Doctor of Science (Geography), Head of the department of the ocean and atmosphere interaction , St. Petersburg , Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences

    The English is horrible and it is a theory not proven but if I am not mistaken they are indicating there are processes that remove the CO2 captured in the sea ice. So it makes you wonder just how representative the polar CO2 measurements would be.

    This one is a real winner:

    New Paper [6/2010] With Stunning Admission By Climate Alarmist Scientists: Actual CO2 Emissions Are Unknown; Please Send Money!

    Read here. In an AAAS magazine publication, there is an amazing admission that actual CO2 emissions, human and natural, are unknown. Present CO2 emissions quoted as “truth” are nothing more than back-of-envelope guesstimates. Climate alarmists scientists now admit they have no clue about the quantities of CO2 emissions, nor the sources of all CO2 emissions. To simply summarize the significance of this admission: All the IPCC climate models are wrong.

    At this point, everyone should be questioning the sanity of proceeding with the draconian economic solutions proposed by scientists to curb human CO2 emissions. But true to form, the scientists are demanding more monies to “fix” their ignorance problem.

  2. Gail Combs says:

    OOps sorry Tony, too many links and my last comment got kicked into the WordUnimpressed netherworld.

  3. SMS says:

    Leonardo graduated from high school, and nothing more. He makes a living putting on makeup. He does not have a science background yet he is the voice for CAGW. Go figure.

    Leonardo is the face of CAGW because Ban Ki-Moon knows certain impressionable people will follow him because he has the status of a cult figure. Not because he can make a convincing argument.

    “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain”.

    Anyone could beat De Caprio in a debate on CAGW. We all need to challenge him, and others like him, to debates. Start confronting these wags with tough questions. Let them bury themselves in their own ignorance in front of the people who adore and follow without question.

    • mjc says:

      He’s not a scientist but he played one in a movie…wait a minute, he hasn’t even done that. He’s played annoying spoiled brats, thief, ne’er-do-well, a king, poet and a bunch of others, including a foul-mouthed liar/cheat/thief/Wall Street slimeball.

  4. philjourdan says:

    Lenny is a lousy actor and a lousy spokesman.

  5. QV says:

    Leonardo Di Caprio (actor) says:

    “We are at a pivotal turning point. We are seeing the effects of rapid climate change happening every week on the news.”

    So in his eyes, all weather is “climate change”.

    It shows how effective the climate change propaganda machine has been.

    I despair!

    • It shows how effective the climate change propaganda machine has been.

      I don’t think it shows that. Leonardo Di Caprio will say stupid things in the complete absence of any propaganda. He’s a natural.

      • nielszoo says:

        It’s what he does for a living. He:

        Parrots the words of someone else
        while pretending to be someone else
        who has skills he doesn’t have
        in a place that doesn’t exist
        to tell a story that isn’t true…
        and gets paid millions to do it.

        The kicker is that he normally gets to do it for 30 seconds to a minute, a “take” at a time, over and over again, until he gets that little bit right and then he does the next bit. Then an entire army of technically ‘ept (but much lower paid) individuals with real skills put all the bits back together in an order that makes Leo look good and follows a story that sells tickets and advertising slots.

        He’s perfect for this kind of cr*p ’cause he doesn’t use his brain.

  6. rjoguillory says:

    ….one thing to consider….from a purely public relations perspective…if these people have to fall back on the “leadership” of a Hollywood Actor….what must the real science be like? If they have fallen to the point where over 1000 scientists have called the whole thing bunkum…and no one believes the other bought-n-paid-for science sluts….the best they can offer up is Leonardo Di Caprio? That is a wild admission on their part…eh?

    RJ O’Guillory
    Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

  7. usurykills says:

    This chart just shows humans have nothing to do with the cycle.
    It’s going to get cold. Real cold. Real soon. Looks like any day now.
    If only the global warming alarmists were right! As usual, they lie and tell us the exact opposite of what the truth is. Look at the names of various legislation — always opposites. My favorite, the Help America Vote Act!

  8. It is I only says:

    Why do the people take a boofhead or a bimbo in line with retarded monkeys. As experts on science or even anything else??

  9. JimBob says:

    After the second or third harsh winter in both Hemispheres on the trot, just about the time of the next US elections, the writing on the wall regarding the ponzy scheme called carbon credits will be visible for all to see.
    At the moment there is money in “them thar” gases for both destitute, fraudulent bankers and climate charlatans in academia, eventually the money men will ask for results and they wont be forth coming.
    The climate charlatans already know that when the solar minimum concludes, temperatures will return to more normal values, but from a very low base.

  10. When I look at that graph, the first thing I can think of is, What can we do to prevent the coming ice age?

    Drive an SUV, and drive it often. We need to double Co2 to 800 ppm, and then 1600, to add 2 degrees. That might be enough, but we’ve got a lot of driving to do.

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