NCDC To Cross The Deadly Threshold Of Two Degrees Data Tampering By The Year 2035

In order to achieve the requirements of global warming theory, NCDC simply makes up fake data to make it appear that the US is warming.

ScreenHunter_2973 Sep. 22 08.47

ScreenHunter_2975 Sep. 22 08.56

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6 Responses to NCDC To Cross The Deadly Threshold Of Two Degrees Data Tampering By The Year 2035

  1. David A says:

    In looking at your finale vs. average USHCN chart I find the base anomaly period of 1951 to 1980 the most interesting. One would assume that the GISS global mean anomaly base never changes, as it is based on the SAME past, 1951 to 1980 period.

    Now if the past anomaly basis, 1951 to 1980, is being changed, ( and they do continue to retroactively change the past, including this period) then current maps may be based against a different anomaly, even if it is the same period. (Indeed, if you were to retroactively cool that past anomaly base period, then new maps based on a different anomaly would appear warmer, relative to a now cooler past.) Which brings up a question… If they are changing the past, does the base anomaly change?

    I bring this up because GISS only states that they base the anomaly on this period, but they do not specify which version of that period is being used.

    thanks in advance.

    Oh, here is your chart of GISS changes (sans the dates of those changes)

      • hifast says:

        +1 Nice graphical representation of the tampering.

        • Gail Combs says:

          BOTH graphs are great at showing the tampering.

          Why these people are not in jail is a real mystery. Speaking of people in Jail….

          Seems at least one US Court of Appeals is finally stepping up and stomping on the use of SWAT teams to terrify ordinary citizens.
          Federal Appeals Court Ridicules Florida Cops For Using SWAT Team To Check On Barbershop Licenses
          The cops tried to claim immunity from prosecution for doing their jobs.

          … U.S. Court of Appeals 11th Circuit, which Tuesday issued a remarkable ruling slamming the sheriff and a state barbershop inspector for imagining they needed—and then using— a SWAT team in a police raid to see if haircutting licenses were valid….

          The Cout’s 44-page ruling, which will allow four barbers to proceed with a lawsuit that the cops violated their Fourth Amendment protection from unconstitutional searches, vividly describes how a team of local and state police ran amok—and then claimed immunity from prosecution, which the Court rejected, when the raid’s victims sued.

          Notably, the ruling didn’t even talk about the blatant constitutional violations first, but instead snidely asked if the cops involved were complete idiots who thought they were so far above the law that they could ignore previous multiple rulings from the very same Court ordering cops not to conduct militarized SWAT raids as a routine tactic:

          “We first held 19 years ago that conducting a run-of-the-mill administrative inspection as though it is a crminal raid… violates clearly established 4th Amendment rights. We reaffirmed that principle in 2007… Today, we repeat that same message again. We hope that the third time will be the charm.”

          About time. Maybe sanity is starting to reappear – FINALLY!

      • David A says:

        Yes, I see that, However it does not answer what baseline is used globally by NASA GISS for 2014 maps vs say 1998 maps.

  2. SMS says:

    By the end of the century we won’t even be expecting another ice age. With enough adjusting, we can all live in a perpetual summer, ignoring the glacier as it moves across our Arizona homestead.

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