RFK Junior Wants To Punish Apostates To The Global Warming Religion

New York City – Environmental activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. lamented that there were no current laws on the books to punish global warming skeptics. . “I wish there were a law you could punish them with. I don’t think there is a law that you can punish those politicians under,” Kennedy told Climate Depot in a one-on-one interview during the People’s Climate March. The interiew was conducted for the upcoming documentary Climate Hustle.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Wants To Jail His Political Opponents – Accuses Koch Brothers of ‘Treason’ – ‘They ought to be serving time for it’ | Climate Depot

He should consult with ISIS – they have been working on this concept for over a thousand years.

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26 Responses to RFK Junior Wants To Punish Apostates To The Global Warming Religion

  1. mjc says:

    These are the same folks who scream and wail about how Galileo was treated, yet they want to go well beyond the house arrest and ‘banning’ of his works that he suffered from.

    No double standard?

    • omanuel says:

      The grandfather of JFK Jr – Joseph Kennedy – committed his life to preventing Stalin’s form of communism from dominating the world.

      His father – Robert F. Kennedy – and his uncle – John F. Kennedy – were assassinated in the battle to preserve this nation’s sovereignty.

      JFK Jr inherited much of their looks, but darn little of their intellect.

      • Ben Vorlich says:

        Joseph Kennedy not that perceptive.

        Secretary of State, Washington DC

        From United States Ambassador, Joseph Kennedy

        Dateline: London, 27 September

        For the President and the Secretary

        The night raids are continuing to do, I think, substantial damage, and the day raids of the last three days have dealt most serious blows to Bristol, Southampton, and Liverpool. Production is definitely falling, regardless of what reports you may be getting, and with transportation smashed up the way it is, the present production output will continue to fall.

        My own feeling is that… [the British] are in a bad way. Bombers have got through in the daytime on the last three days, and on four occasions today substantial numbers of German planes have flown over London and have done some daylight bombing.

        I cannot impress upon you strongly enough my complete lack of confidence in the entire [British] conduct of this war. I was delighted to see that the President said he was not going to enter the war because to enter this war, imagining for a minute that the English have anything to offer in the line of leadership or productive capacity in industry that could be of the slightest value to us, would be a complete misapprehension.

        • omanuel says:

          Yes, there are differences of opinion about Joseph.

          One son, John, started the Apollo program to end USSR domination of space and the world after the 1957 launch of Sputnik.

          Two sons, John & Robert, were assassinated in office.

          After that, Kissinger agreed to end the Apollo Program to restore peace with the USSR and China in 1971.

          Today, the USA relies on Russian rockets to get to the International Space Station.

          Our country is back in the position it was in 1957.

          I am grateful to Joseph and his sons for a decade of delay in global tyranny.

  2. Ken says:

    Man, oh man. Dude slept through the first five minutes of Jr. High civics class. That was the class where the basics of our form of government was taught.


  3. philjourdan says:

    Yea, he would make a good little Nazi.

  4. there is no substitute for victory says:

    He is a ‘good’ little Nazi. Read how he sold shares in his River Keepers Green scam by promising the 12 Law Firms who bought into it a return of 160,000% on their investment by suing just pork farmers. If that ain’t bringing home the bacon then I don’t know what is.

  5. rishrac says:

    The true religion rears its head. What if… just supposing… the critics are right? I suppose that he also has an explanation for the ‘ pause ‘ and also one for all of the supposed disasters that didn’t happen. For starters. Anything less and he is nothing more that a petty dictator without a country.

  6. bit chilly says:

    i think rfk junior needs a really good hard kick in the balls,clown.

  7. SMS says:

    I wouldn’t say that RFK Jr is an example of inbreeding but he sure would make a good spokesperson.

  8. Ed Martin says:

    What terrifies Junior and his tribe?

  9. Psalmon says:

    For once I agree with RFK, there should be a law to prosecute people who fight against things like wind turbine farms…like in Nantucket Sound for instance.

  10. rw says:

    I just wish the Koch brothers would wake up and stop trying to pander to these people – as with their support of BEST and their attempted gift to NYU.

  11. Jeff says:

    I love how these little fascists think people should go to prison for disagreeing with them but they won’t go to prison for committing fraud.

    It’s really a sign of desperation. It’s a sign they know they’re losing badly.

  12. James the Elder says:

    I thought I remembered that Jr and family made big bucks off oil:


  13. Fox From Melbourne says:

    JFK Jr wants their to be a law that stops American’s from exercising their right of FREE SPEECH. Wouldn’t his name sake be happy about that.

  14. Sundance says:

    If jail doesn’t change your mind will he force you drive with a drunk Kennedy behind the wheel? 😉

  15. omanuel says:

    False propaganda – disguised as consensus science – confirms:


    1. Won WWII in Aug- Sept 1945
    2. Established the UN in Oct 1945
    3. False consensus models of energy in cores of heavy atoms and stars in 1946

    Click to access Solar_Energy.pdf

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