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Understanding How To Be A Climatologist

Climatologists examine the temperature trend over the past few weeks or years, and simply extrapolate it out 100 years. In 1958 experts predicted an ice-free Arctic within a generation. Eleven years later experts predicted a new ice age.

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Understanding The Difference Between Scientists And Climatologists

During the 1970’s climatologists were predicting a new ice age. Meteorologists said that climatologists had no idea what they were talking about. Climatologists live off grant money, so their job is to make up scary stories to keep the money flowing.

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Understanding How To Commit Fraud As A Government Climate Scientist

Government climate scientists typically start their graphs in 1979 – the year of peak Arctic sea ice, which was up two million km² from 1974.   1979 was the coldest year on record in the eastern Arctic. By cherry picking 1979, … Continue reading

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Understanding NASA Press Releases

NASA announced a day or two ago that Arctic sea ice was “the sixth lowest on record” What they meant by this is that Arctic sea ice is second highest of the past decade, and the minimum was up 60% … Continue reading

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