Percentage Of 90 Degree Days In The US Fourth Lowest On Record

Through September 26, the percentage of 90 degree temperature readings in the US has been the fourth lowest on record. The frequency of 90 degree days has been plummeting since the 1930’s, and occurred only half as often this year as they did in 1936

ScreenHunter_3119 Sep. 27 11.41


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6 Responses to Percentage Of 90 Degree Days In The US Fourth Lowest On Record

  1. Eliza says:

    Hello SG OT but as you gather Google has decided it does not like AGW skeptics
    Well I’ve found a Serach Engine that is as good
    It does not appear to have a position on anything.
    Google is probably quite worried….

    • tom0mason says:

      Duckduckgo is very good but it is just a meta engine that culls its results from Google, Bing and all the rest, but then – strips the tracking data from the results that you see. That is its biggest benefit – no tracking!

  2. bobmaginnis says:

    There is more irrigation now than there was in the 1940’s, and about 4 mm of water evaporation requires as much energy as heating the entire atmospheric column 1 degree C.

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