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Fraudsters, Not Scientists

One of the big climate fraud efforts is from the fear mongers in North Carolina blaming sea level rise on CO2. The data provides no support for that theory. There is only one long-term tide gauge in North Carolina, and it shows … Continue reading

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Climate Disaster In Denver

One of my kids’ car got trashed by a hailstorm in Denver this afternoon | Denver | Colorado’s online news leader | Breaking This is due to climate change, because they never have hailstorms in Colorado On July 11, … Continue reading

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Kook And Nutter Math

How does Arctic sea ice loss compare to Antarctic sea ice gain? Arctic sea ice loss is three times greater than Antarctic sea ice gain. Climate Myth… Arctic sea ice loss is matched by Antarctic sea ice gain In fact, … Continue reading

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You Can Stop Ten Feet Of Sea Level Rise By Buying Organic Eggs

Meanwhile, researchers from NASA and UC Irvine studying the ASE ice sheet report a “continuous and rapid retreat” of glaciers there and think that there is “no [major] obstacle that would prevent the glaciers from further retreat.” They worry that … Continue reading

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What If The Missing Heat Returned To The Surface?

Climate experts claim that there is missing heat, hiding in 3ºC water at the bottom of the sea. If that frigid water every turned over and came to the surface, temperatures at the surface would become extremely cold.

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Why Is This Scam Continuing?

CO2 has risen 10%, but temperatures have remained flat. rss_monthly_msu_amsu_channel_tlt_anomalies_land_and_ocean_v03_3.txt

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Death Spiral Update

Scientists funded by taxpayer confiscated money say that the Arctic is in a “death spiral.” The coverage of sea ice in the Arctic has scarcely changed since the 1979 peak, and is about the same as it was in the … Continue reading

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What A Great Day!

Woke up a 3am, and wrote for a few hours Took the dogs for a walk at 8 Wrote for a couple more hours Rode for an hour to have lunch at the church Rode for an hour to a … Continue reading

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The Very Snowy Winters Of The Early 1980s

I worked as a wilderness ranger at this 12,000 foot elevation lake in New Mexico during the summer of 1983. That year the snow was 20 feet deep and never completely melted all summer. The lake was still half-frozen in … Continue reading

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The Most Important Thing

Until a person understands that they are nothing without the grace of God, they can’t make any real progress in life. Teaching a child that they are responsible for, or control the climate – is hard core child abuse. Teaching … Continue reading

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