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Shock News : Climate Scientists Don’t Understand The Climate

Satellite Data: No Global Warming For Past 18 Years September 30, 2014 – 4:28 PM CNSNews.com asked Christy why the United Nations’ climate models, which all predicted steeply rising temperatures over the past two decades, were all proven wrong. “You’re going … Continue reading

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Climate Scientists Demonstrate Again That they Are Incompetent Zealots

Sep 30, 2014 Scientists are fairly confident that global warming increased the severity and likelihood of extreme heat events in 2013 in Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, China and Europe. Blistering heat waves recorded around the globe in 2013 … Continue reading

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Secret Service Unveils New White House Security Measures

In response to criticism from Congress, the Secret Service has unveiled the same tough security measures which the White House is promoting for public schools.

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Experts Say Climate Refugees Fleeing To Antarctica In 16 Years

In case you forgot for a second that the people behind this scam are complete morons. Climate change study predicts refugees fleeing into Antarctica – Telegraph h/t to Andy Oz

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If I Were The Coach …

I’d have Messi, Neymar and Suarez out on the pitch at the same time. Messi brings it down the right. When they converge on him, he flips over to Suarez towards the left post. If they are blocking Suarez, he drops … Continue reading

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US Tornado Count Plummeting to Record Low Levels Three Consecutive Years

The frequency of tornadoes in the US is approaching a record low in 2014, after setting new record lows in both 2013 and 2012.  Inflation Adjusted Tornado Running Totals – Storm Prediction Center WCM Page

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Climate Science – A 97% Data-Free And Honesty-Free Profession

Climate experts say that global warming is making heatwaves much worse, which is exactly the opposite of what the data says. The frequency of 90 degree days in the US has plummeted. with three of the five mildest summers occurring … Continue reading

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Experts Say That Climate Change Is Disastrous For Crops

Put another way, many climate experts are complete morons. Commodities: Cereal excess – FT.com  

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Reader Quiz : Which Has More Impact On The Climate?

Mann-made CO2, or Yo-Yos?

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