Secret Service Unveils New White House Security Measures

In response to criticism from Congress, the Secret Service has unveiled the same tough security measures which the White House is promoting for public schools.

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13 Responses to Secret Service Unveils New White House Security Measures

  1. Ken says:

    That should do it. Nobody will dare jump that fence ever again!

  2. rah says:

    Hey I wonder if those are the same ones they used to keep visitors, including many vets to the WW II memorial out during the “shut down”?

  3. R Shearer says:

    Brilliant idea!

  4. philjourdan says:

    Except during Selfies with the Pres.

  5. wyoskeptic says:

    Except when an armed man is riding with the president who has three convictions for assault and battery.

    Errr, considering how popular the present president is with his security detail, perhaps that was no accident.

    (Sorry, couldn’t help it, but I do apologize for any slander to a hard working Secret Service detail doing a thankless job — because in this case, few would probably thank them for actually doing their job.)

    {End of sarcasm}

  6. Phil Jones says:

    Yep… That’s how a Politician would address a problem…

    Pass a law or put up a sign…

  7. au1corsair says:

    Real Politicians also have underlings that can be ordered to fall on their own swords.
    And there were more:
    Hillary Clinton
    Eric Holder
    Spiro Agnew (Nixon’s vice)
    “Restore confidence in the Secret Service” is a dog whistle for “inspire confidence in President Obama.” That would be a miracle! Nobody has enough magic to do that, not even the Mighty Morphin’ Mainstream News Media…

    Force professionals are criminally liable, civilly liable, and political liability. Force professionals have three functions in society:
    1.use force to achieve goals set by their Prince
    2.act as bullet magnets – trouble has to go through the Force Professional in order to get the Prince scapegoats (sounds like #2 all over again)

    Think about it for a moment: when was the Secret Service supposed to gun down an “unarmed BOY?” Think about Ferguson, Missouri. Think about the many cases where “vigilante white racist cops” shot and killed—or even merely arrested—a “person of color’ and were slandered, punished, put on trial, and in the Rodney King case were convicted in order to appease an angry and violent segment of society. When OJ Simpson when on trial, threats of violence if OJ were convicted flew hot and angry, led by our favorite cheerleaders on the Mainstream Mass Media stage. The OJ trial did result in conviction—of one of the witnesses against that football god and silver screen personage.

    So at what point was the Secret Service supposed to fire? What about the danger to the public? American politicians are over-sensitive to the “bunker image.” Painting a red “gun line” stripe like maximum security prisons feature might bring flashbacks to some of the current political appointees—and even the sainted John F. Kennedy slipped his “security” noose for fun and games.

    Politicians are keen on political liability. The visible “White House Snipers” are both visible, credible deterrence and public relations nightmare. Besides that, in my book a visible sniper is less effective than a hidden sniper. I tend to think a tall, dark, handsome robot-like stranger in a snazzy uniform is more of a target than effective defense, but then I was a Marine for a while, spent 27 years in uniform as part of America’s military (never got high rank) and another quarter century working in the commercial security field mostly pounding a foot beat or conducting access control. One of my jobs involved sweating in the hot sun behind a belt fed machine gun wearing Kevlar helmet and flak vest while thousands of workers streamed through a security checkpoint in the Middle East. I was never a “real cop,” but my younger brother was an Embassy Marine, a highway patrol officer, and a Secret Service agent—so I have some idea of the game.

    The White House was built more than two hundred years ago—an Eighteenth Century design. It has been constantly updated, with a major rebuild under President Truman. Still, it isn’t a modern fortress. Camp David is far more secure.

    I just told you some of my background. I don’t know the State Secret specifics but I have a very good idea of the many competing challenges for the White House Secret Service detail. One of them is that their bosses in Congress and the President have zero protection service background but can demand the resignation of any Secret Service employee for any reason at all—or even no stated reason. The White House is a difficult mission because of its high profile. The legitimate “we don’t want to let potential enemies know how to evade our security screen” can all too easily be seen as hiding incompetence—and may be hiding incompetence or something criminal.
    Besides, the fragile egos of the Very Important Persons being protected is the major security shortcoming. Those VIP are The Boss and will not allow lower status scum tell them what The Boss can or can’t do! Imagine being responsible for President Obama’s life—but he won’t wear his seat belt in the Presidential Limousine, gets up from his seat on Air Force One during taxi and take-off and landing, and would open the sealed bullet-proof glass in the Oval Office to get a breath of “fresh” Washington DC air if he could! All presidents are like that, and who are us Barney Fife wannabe rent-a-cops to tell them that they can’t?

  8. Andy Oz says:

    When is Ban Ki Moon going to Hong Kong to support the democracy movement? Nope. Since he marched with the Communist Party in New York, I suppose he actually supports Beijing and a harsh crackdown on communism deniers.

  9. ralphcramdo says:

    Simply make schools a gun free zone. See how easy it is!

  10. Send Al to the Pole says:

    With any luck, the Pretendident will get himself captured by an ISIS sleeper cell in America.

  11. jjreuter says:

    As Jeff Foxworthy said “Here’s your sign”.

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