Understanding Climate Change

The diagram explains climate change in terms which even a progressive might understand



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9 Responses to Understanding Climate Change

  1. Toppelton Geardom says:

    Why we have salvationist movements: 7000 years of Progressives.

    • Gail Combs says:

      What complete Bull Paddies! Another fine example of BLAME HUMANS for being human and hide the REAL CAUSE. link (info is continued in the next comment below)

      Daniel Quinn forgot about swans.
      Mute Swans: “This bird is very aggressive, and has been known to drive off such stubborn and similarly sized species as Canadian Geese and Trumpeter Swans” (Granlund, McPeek, and Adams, 1994)

      If you want water fowl like ducks and geese for your pond you DON’T ADD SWANS. They will clear out the entire pond so they have it to themselves.

      Quinn also forgot about coyotes who for the fun of it will kill but not eat an entire field full of goats or sheep or calves.

      Quinn also forgot that Conservation is old as medieval times:

      …In 1276, the king of Norway sent eight gray and three white gyrfalcons to Edward I as a sign of peace. Three hundred years later, in 1552, Czar Ivan IV and Queen Mary I exchanged a gyrfalcon and a pair of lions after Russia and England established diplomatic relations.

      During the Hundred Years’ War, the English often took their falcons with them when they crossed the Channel. According to one historian, Edward III had thirty falconers with him when he invaded France. So important were falcons in England that the first laws aimed at protecting birds of prey were created there. The punishments for harming falcons were often very strict. To destroy a falcon’s eggs meant one year’s imprisonment; to poach a falcon from the wild was reason enough for the criminal’s eyes to be poked out.

      I suggest as an antidote to this drivel you read Dr Tim Ball’s Overpopulation the Fallacy Behind the Fallacy of Global Warming

  2. philjourdan says:

    That is perfect. But I suspect someone is going to get sued for using the characters.

    • Gail Combs says:

      It is a really great cartoon. Too bad the characters are copyrighted.

      Redrawn with character sketches for the characters?

      • Jason Calley says:

        Hey Gail! I don’t think they can sue him for that. He was actually trying to draw Calvin and Hobbs, but he is such a bad artist that they came out unrecognizable.

        🙂 OK, OK, just a silly joke… 🙂

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