Five Year Old Arctic Ice Up 300% Over The Last Three Years

There has been a huge increase in the amount of the oldest thickest Arctic sea ice since 2011.

ScreenHunter_3290 Oct. 03 22.51

The legend on the maps below shows the age of the ice. Red represents ice five years and older.

End of September, 2011


End of September, 2014


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11 Responses to Five Year Old Arctic Ice Up 300% Over The Last Three Years

  1. Phil Jones says:

    One would think this would be a reason to celebrate. .. not…

  2. gregole says:


    If I recall, it has been you that has been discussing the growth of mult-year ice now for at least a couple of years. A while back I tried to search on your site to find the first year you mentioned it; I want to say you first started noting growth of multi-year ice three seasons ago. Add to that Caleb’s observation that Arctic currents appear to have shifted with far less Arctic ice flowing and blowing into the Atlantic, and we have a recipe for continued ice area growth in the Arctic in years ahead. I wonder when PIOMAS will substantively change their tune. I’m not holding my breath.

  3. QV says:

    OK a stupid question, which I probably will regret asking.
    Since the ice at the pole doesn’t melt each year, why isn’t the oldest ice concentrated around the pole?

  4. darrylb says:

    I meet with CFACT Monthly in Minneapolis.where various topics are presented and discussed.
    Not all topics are climate related but climate stuff is the predominant topic. The meetings are on the last Monday of the month at 10:00 AM

  5. Jon Lonergan says:

    Pixel count presumably refers to area. The True Believers will say that the ice must be getting thinner so overall the volume has decreased. Is there a measure of volume available?

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