Enemies At The Gate

Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said the federal government is looking at different safety-related suggestions from Capitol Hill and beyond, but he suggested the key is to control the deadly virus where it started overseas, not limiting entry to the United States.

CDC chief warns against restricting entry to the US over Ebola crisis | Fox News

I haven’t heard one single expert who thought we can control the virus overseas. As always, White House priorities have nothing to do with the well being of Americans.

The White House won’t stop Ebola from getting in to the US, but is quite diligent at blocking Canadian oil from crossing the border.

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36 Responses to Enemies At The Gate

  1. tom0mason says:

    Far too little action – both home and abroad, and far too late.
    But then again did anyone expect more?

  2. rishrac says:

    Has anybody noticed that they tell us how hard it is to get this disease. All of the people this guy in Dallas met along the way. Everybody on board the aircraft and the people they met afterwards…. and yet when you see the doctors and others, they are in sealed suits and the patients are in sealed rooms. Sure let’s not even bother to ask whether someone has been to this area. Why bother to ask now. Hey what the heck, I have my private jet to whisk me around.

    Can you imagine setting in the seat this guy sat in on your next flight? They cleaned it? With what?

  3. omanuel says:

    The statement, “the key is to control the deadly virus where it started overseas, not limiting entry to the United States,” might be valid from an employee of the UN, but it sounds strange coming from an employee of the US government.

  4. R. Shearer says:

    Quite a bit of Canadian oil does make it to the U.S. via truck, rail and pipeline. Pipeline is much safer and there is plenty more oil that could be delivered this way.

  5. Send Al to the Pole says:

    This required decisive executive action a few months ago. I don’t do this for a living, but it seems you could quarantine the affected area, and support it with supplies(of every kind) and medical equipment. So, in other words, supply all food and potable water, sanitation supplies, all other goods such as fuel, portable medical equipment – tents, cots, etc. Fully support the community, but isolate it. Simultaneously, you should be pouring in whatever resources required to get the vaccine produced in quantity and delivered to that community.

    It seems to me the path deployed is intended to bring this crisis to the US.

  6. Joe P. says:

    I am not worried that much about the US in short-run, abet we and Europe will have dozens more cases like Dallas, plus there is really an incentive, if you are infected and stay in West Africa you die, or somehow get to US however you can to get treatment in a hospital and possibly live versus a matt with a bucket and roll of TP at in West Africa, it will come to US again, but be more or less contained in spots. However in the third world it will spread, half of them do not have toilets and even rudimentary knowledge of viruses, we have the rest of Africa, India (where the PM thinks yoga is an effective remedy to perceived global warming), could get out of control in third world, little medical or containment, no resources to deal with, international aid will not be enough, see what other countries pop up on map, people in other countries likely already infected, just not reported. If third world gets sucked into abyss with 100s of millions infected or dead, indirectly could effect US by trade, order, or just think if it was in Mexico, and not only those sick with Ebola were trying to get in US to save their lives, but thousands and thousands of uninfected people fleeing to get out and trying to get over an unsecured boarder? Anyways, I think CDC is way off at 500k in West Africa by mid Jan., more over-estimate scare to get help and money, but wait next summer and see what countries on map are having outbreaks, it could be raving third world, mass refugees, boarder closings, trade could be effected.

    While I am sure some propagandist or idiot reporter will blame Ebola outbreak on global warming any day now, odd that the infected body fluids have the virus killed by heat and sunlight, feces, blood, spit, vomit, say in a few days in heat all virus killed, shorter if hotter out, but say colder and virus from body fluids on a counter top, could still be alive for weeks. But if global warming causes global cooling as some pundits/idiots say, Ebola outbreak can still be claimed to be blamed or made worse by those darn C02 trace gas emissions.

    • mjc says:

      Blame Ebola on AGW…been there, done that.




      And no, if anything this is being under played. Ebola is probably one of, if not the, worst possible to go pandemic. It’s pretty damn close to the modern Plague. Pissing around and not wanting to implement strict quarantines, when we know better, is not just stupid, it’s criminal.

      • Joe P. says:

        Thanks for links MJC,
        I underestimated how quickly the logical lunacy of blaming all bad on AGW can come in for anything, logic of Ebola caused by more rainfall by more heat idiotic by reporters, no scientific study, just state for a article, does not matter if true or supported by anything, maybe Ebola bat population up by AGW up for some manufactured reason, worse now since “global warming” has mutated to “climatic change” as WH designed talking point since any normal weather event can be blamed on CO2 and fossil fuels, waiting for scientific papers on how global warming causes viruses to mutate, or more H2O by global warming allows more airborne viruses to spread in vapor, then dollar estimate on that. Too bad so many in electorate blind on real data and facts like temperature record not rising two decades almost or any change being statistically insignificant for three decades. You can guarantee next hurricane or earthquake will be blamed on AGW or climate change, Spanish Flu or Black Death in history, they will get to that too, maybe burning too much wood for latter or agriculture reducing albedo as some scientifically claimed two centuries ago to effect climate.

        Please post any links where newspaper articles claim global warming or climate change caused the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Hidden in clouds? AGW and more vapor? Pilots succumbed to CO2 poisoning? Sea level rise caused plane to hit water? Deeper oceans and weather by AGW prevent finding MH370. Global warming causing global cooling and record high sea ice in Antarctic hiding plane underneath preventing finding it.

  7. fjose1929 says:

    They have to avoid any connection between the swarm of illegals that they have been placing all over the country. There are reports of mysterious paralyzingly illness happening to kids. In a different time, CDC will be proclaiming pandemic ( just like the flu scares), but this time the tie-in woul be on the illegal immigration and they do not want any hint of that as an issue. Not in the fourth or third week before election day. Now the week of election day, it will be safe for hints on the probable connection with the placement of all those illegals. In different states and the mysterious disease affecting kids. It will be too late to affect the outcome.

  8. omnologos says:

    I support a moratorium on health scares for the next 10 years

  9. KTM says:

    HIV is much, much harder to transmit than Ebola, yet there have been 75+ million HIV cases worldwide. The CDC has set aside their medical credentials and put on their politician hats.

  10. gofer says:

    We spend billions trying to keep terrorists out. but not a deadly virus. It would be racist and one official has already brought up slavery as an excuse not to block flights. These people are beyond crazy and downright evil.

  11. stargazer says:

    Does obamacare cover the cost of hazmat suits? Or body-bags?

    If this country ever does have a con-con I would like to suggest adding an amendment:
    Stupidity is henceforth a capital offense for government employees.

  12. emsnews says:

    Without a vaccination available, the only way to stop a highly contagious disease is via quarantine. Period.

    And our government refuses to do this which is criminal.

    • Gail Combs says:


    • Actually, their behavior seems to suggest that they see quarantine as a privilege for us which we haven’t been good enough to merit receiving the benefit of; rather than some obligation that they have to us as their constituents. So they set themselves up as the un-appealable arbiters of whether and when we have “earned” this “privilege”. And then they ritually abuse us like the old restaurant sign says:

      I can only please one person a day.
      Today is not your day.
      Tomorrow doesn’t look good, either

      (Only, exchange “group” for “person”.)

      Rinse and repeat. See, they’re just trying to humiliate us in order to break our will. Their strategy is to exhaust people with ritual humiliation, and eventually, many of them will just stop fighting back, believing resistance to be futile.


  13. Gail Combs says:

    Here is the latest:
    Ebola survivor Dr Rick Sacra has been readmitted to hospital and put in isolation. He is a family physician from Massachusetts. He has been readmitted at UMass Memorial Center in Worcester, Massachusetts, barely two weeks after he was certified Ebola-free.

    They are busy saying it is not a re-lapse.

  14. SMS says:

    The governments role is to inform us and protect us. But we have been subjected to so many scams in the past (agw to name one) that it is hard to tell if the government is telling the truth. As part of the process of protecting us they feel they need to over exaggerate the potential negatives to get us to comply. It’s gotten to the point that you can’t believe anything the government bureaucrats tell us because they have lied or over estimated the danger so many times. Is Ebola another example? I don’t know? But I’m suspicious. So far the moves the government has made to protect us tell me that they do not feel this is a serious illness.

    • Bob Knows says:

      The government is NOT telling the truth. DUH! Now that wasn’t hard at all.

      • rishrac says:

        It’s only half lies. That is what makes processing the information really hard. Some of it is true and some of it is obliviously false. Then trying to understand the ramifications of the false information is the hard part. They aren’t totally lying, but then they aren’t being exactly truthful either. Recirculated air on the airplane, for example, are virus filtered out? Anybody that’s thinking about this has to wonder, is it safe to fly? Who sat in this seat before me? I don’t think I’ll be flying for awhile until they quarantine those countries.

  15. Bob Knows says:

    And they wonder why nobody believes medical “science” when they tell us to get flu shots or that ebola is not to worry about. How many liars must they parade out front before lies become honesty? “Global warming” liars. CDC liars. They are all liars and nobody believes any of the lying filth any more.

  16. Bob Knows says:

    Obama is sending US troops to Africa to “fight ebola” but not to Iraq to fight Islam. Other than catch a deadly virus, what are troops going to do “fighting” ebola? How many lies and treasonous acts does Obama have to do before the American people have had enough?

  17. tom0mason says:

    But this was when the US was rightfully proud of what it could do –

  18. tom0mason says:

    Obama finally takes Ebola seriously…..

    h/t Latitude

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