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The 97% Consensus : Only 20% Of White People Are Worried About Global Warming

Only 20% of white people care about global warming. Apparently the propaganda isn’t working very well Reconsidering the racial gap on global warming – The Washington Post

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Climate Justice For Neanderthals

 Stop the Presses! 6 – Worth1000 Contests

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In 1992, Mark Serreze Was A Hockey Stick/Global Warming Denier

 Denver Post: Archive Results His science has since descended into a death spiral.

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1950 Shock News : Strange Events In The Atmosphere – Glaciers Disappearing


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Why Would McCain “Talk About Obama’s Christian Faith?”

It is important to listen to what people are saying. Obama’s statement made sense John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith Stephanopoulos version made no sense John McCain has not talked about my Christian faith McCain would have no … Continue reading

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A Tale Of Two BOM Airports

The airport at Canberra shows 1.3C/century warming since 1955, while the airport at Broome shows no warming during the same period. The Broome thermometer is a well sited thermometer, far away from any asphalt.   By contrast, the Canberra thermometer … Continue reading

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US Hot Weather In A Death Spiral

The percentage of 90 degree days in the US is plummeting, and has been near record lows the past two summers. But it worse than it seems. The coolest summer was 1992 – which was caused by particulates blocking the sun … Continue reading

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