1950 Shock News : Strange Events In The Atmosphere – Glaciers Disappearing

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10 Responses to 1950 Shock News : Strange Events In The Atmosphere – Glaciers Disappearing

  1. Jimbo says:

    Some Arctic conditions of the past.

    Ice, Open Water, and Winter Climate in the Eastern Arctic of North America: Part I

    The persistence throughout the winter of large areas of open water
    in arctic seas
    has long been accepted as proven. Such areas are well
    known in the Greenland and Barents Seas, and have also been described
    from the enclosed seas of the American Arctic. Though constantly
    crossed by cold airmasses at temperatures far below the freezing point,
    these water areas are prevented from freezing by a wide variety of processes:
    turbulent mixing of the surface water with warmer water from
    below, the upwelling of deep water, and excessive tidal range have all
    been cited as possible factors preventing the formation of a thick, consolidated
    ice cover.

    In the American Arctic, such open water surfaces have been described
    from Davis Strait, Baffin Bay, Hudson Strait, and Hudson Bay; for all these
    areas there is a scattered literature confirming the absence or the broken
    character of the winter sea-ice. The relative mildness of the winter climate
    of the West Greenland coast has often been ascribed to the influence of the nearby open water, and enterprising navigators have even used this
    hazardous channel to reach West Greenland ports in mid-winter.

  2. omanuel says:

    Will The Wizard Again Escape Detection? Ebola Virus Appears As Definitive Data Destroy the AGW Threat


    Fraudulent Science Appeared In 1946 After Joseph Stalin Won WWII!

    George Orwell saw this coming in 1946 and warned us a new tyrannical government was coming
    in “Nineteen Eighty-Four”.


    • darrylb says:

      I become angry with the arrogant, and often money driven antithetic vitriol of the AGW crowd.
      John Kerry tells the people of Africa to not develop farms, thereby not bring themselves out of poverty and continue to suffer from communicable diseases like ebola because of abhorrent sanitary conditions. Why? because they might produce more greenhouse gases. Then he like his brethren fly off in a private jet, just to leaven their carbon footprint elsewhere.
      The ironic thing is that additional CO2, which is a plant food is already greening the earth and may be the best thing that could happen to many of the countries of Africa and other countries as well.

    • omanuel says:

      As long as the US National Academy of Sciences reviews the budgets of the research agencies (NASA, EPA, DOE, etc) for Congress, . . .

      there is no chance the Wizard of Oz will be exposed!

      Eisenhower built the huge federal research structure to protect the integrity of the United States, and Keddedy used it to challenge the USSR’s attempt in 1957 to control space by launching Sputnik . . .

      but Kennedy was assassinated and then Nixon and Kissinger ended the Apollo program in order to return to peaceful relations with the USSR and China.

      The rest is history.

    • omanuel says:

      In the late 1960s and early 1970s, I contacted members of Congress to suggest it was a mistake to allow the US National Academy of Sciences to review budgets of all the federal research agencies (NASA, DOE, NSF, EPA), NOAA, etc) for Congress.

      By 1976, we had clear and unequivocal evidence the Sun itself made our elements and birthed the Solar System five billion years (5 Ga) ago. I chaired a discussion on isotopic anomalies at the “Gregynog Workshop on Isotopic Anomalies” in Gregynog, Wales.

      The man who would win the Nobel Prize in 1983 for rescuing the Standard Solar Model – Professor Willy Fowler – rode with me on the van from Cardiff to Gregynog. I learned he was aware of my letters to members of Congress. He used the ride to praise the National Academy of Sciences, an organization that he later served as President (as I recall) before winning the Nobel Prize in 1983.

      Here’s me sitting behind Willy Fowler at the Gregynog Workshop in 1976: http://www.omatumr.com/Photographs/Photo1976GregynogWorkshop.pdf

  3. Andy Oz says:

    It’s worse than we thought. The Glaciers are disappearing because of all the US companies drilling in the ice!!!

    I bet they are “fracking” as well!!! The ecoterrorist bastards!

    / I’m feeling very sarcastic today.

  4. inMAGICn says:

    Actually Andy, you are unwittingly NOT being sarcastic. You see, by fracking, oh, say, at twenty-five hundred meters, the water encountered, as it is in oceanic crust, will be hydrothermally heated to millions of degrees on the Gore scale. This warm water will naturally migrate upward through the basalts and sheet dikes and sedimentary ooze, as we know all fracked water does, and erupt beneath the ice in humungous black, white, pink, cerise, and puce smokers. The surface water temperature skyrockets up in a grand schmutz of polychromatic steam and all the ice melts,
    See? It all fits and 97% of all climate scientists know this to be true.
    (Sorry, bad colds are hallucinogenic.)

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