My Sinful Sunday

All good citizens should have spent the day worrying about an essential trace gas, or a virus which has affected two people in America.

I spent the day cycling in the forest, watching football, baseball and the other game mysteriously called football, attended a chamber music concert at the Christ Episcopal Church, walked the dogs, drank Guinness at the pub, and am headed out for another walk in the forest and later off to the gym.

Forgive me brother Al, for enjoying life and not contributing to your wildly corrupt money making scam.

How about those Orioles?

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24 Responses to My Sinful Sunday

  1. inMAGICn says:

    Good for them. Favorite AL East team since I was a kid in Virginia (when there was no AL East or West).

  2. Andy Oz says:

    Watched the South Sydney Rabbitohs win the NRL Grand Final
    First time in 43 years!
    If you get a chance, watch the highlights and you’ll see guys with no pads, no helmets and no fear! Awesome Bunnies!

    • Billy N.Z. says:

      Hey,you guys were suppose to beat Argetina at rugby. And yeah,I know,we were suppose to beat South Africa.

      • Andy Oz says:

        We looked pedestrian against Argentina. They are looking very big and strong for next year. The AB’s are favourite for next year’s World Cup, no doubt. The Wallabies will be lucky to make the quarter finals.
        PS. I never met a Kiwi who didn’t enjoy the Wallabies getting trounced. At work its bad enough each Monday listening to the outright enjoyment of co-workers who are earning Australian $$ and refuse to go home, because Australia is such a nice place to live!

        • Andy Oz says:

          And I’ve had Hawthorn supporters giving me sh!t all week since the AFL GF when they pantsed Sydney. Not a great week in sport. At least the Bunnies won.

    • R2Dtoo says:

      And no brains- so no chance of concussion. Actually I love that sport!

  3. MrX says:

    The funny thing is that there are some people that have taken over many environmental groups (like Greenpeace) where their goal is actually to have people hate their lives, hate capitalism and want to change things. It seems that the AGW crowd has gone along with it. I can’t figure out the link or if it’s just a symbiotic relationship that’s beneficial at the present time.

    Enjoying life drives them nuts.

    • mjc says:

      They are the flagellants and ‘mystics’ of the new cult of Gaia…

    • Gail Combs says:

      Look at the funding (Follow the Money)

      This is an example I did long ago when a group of us were fighting NAIS and the Food Safety Modernization act.

      I could not understand WHY Organic Consumers Assoc and Food and Water Watch were in favor of this bill. Until I did some digging: Maude Barlow a “no dog in this fight” Canadian, is a director of both. She has been handsomely rewarded for selling the US consumer out with an appointment as New Senior Advisor to the UN president on October 21, 2008. Note on February 18, 2008 “Hillary Clinton highlights a series of food safety proposals she would pursue as president.” (PRNewsChannel) / Washington, D.C

      Organic Consumers Association $57,176.00 2000 – 2005 Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors

      Another board director of Food and Water Watch is Dennis Keeney is a Senior Fellow at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy

      Mark Ritchie: President, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy; has Connection to Tides. The Tides Center’s corporate registration documents on file in Minnesota show that Mark Ritchie is its “registered agent.” This might explain why the Tides Foundation has paid over $20,000 to a commercial corporation owned by Ritchie and his brother.

      Tides Foundation & Tides Center: Donations FROM Rockefeller’s $9,467,955.00 (1991 – 2005)
      Rockefeller Family Fund: $1,225,000.00 1991 – 2004
      Rockefeller Brothers Foundation $2,879,900.00 1993 – 2005
      Rockefeller Foundation $4,543,775.00 1993 – 2005
      Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors $819,300.00 1997 – 2004
      …………….., used to have a lot of this information. (It is now )
      The same group of Rockefeller foundations funds Greenpeace, Sierra Club, PETA…. Any more radical groups they do not want to be directly tied to is funded via the Tides Foundation which is a ‘money laundering’ foundation.

      Activistcash seems to be related to a guy by the name of Richard Berman.

      The Leftists were kind enough to give a listing of his websites here:×6625702

      I figure if Democratic Underground and The Humane Society ( HSUS aka PETA) is attacking him he must have something useful to say. His looks pretty interesting.

    • Gail Combs says:

      I should add a bit of background:

      Strong’s early work with YMCA international …may have been the genesis of Strong’s realization that NGOs (non-government organizations) provide an excellent way to use NGOs to couple the money from philanthropists and business with the objectives of government.

      “Very few of even the larger international NGOs are operationally democratic, in the sense that members elect officers or direct policy on particular issues,” notes Peter Spiro. “Arguably it is more often money than membership that determines influence, and money more often represents the support of centralized elites, such as major foundations, than of the grass roots.” The CGG has benefited substantially from the largesse of the MacArthur, Carnegie, and Ford Foundations.

      In other words most of your ‘grassroots’ organizations are puppets manipulated by the big corporate/banker foundations.

  4. Scott Allen says:

    Better that then these Swedish researchers who put Bob Dylan lyrics in their papers.
    So much for peer review.

  5. Tel says:

    A bit off topic, but you mentioned “sinful” and you probably will like this one:

  6. This is not good. If it were a confession you might be able to draw on Al’s treasury of merit and get indulgencies.

    This reads more like you are boasting to other sinners about your choice of eternal death of hell over eternal life with Al. You are refusing His friendship and you are cutting yourself off from Him, the only source of eternal life. Sounds like mortal sin to me. Has Al not suffered for you? Why would you choose communion with evil gas over eternal spirit and light?

    We know that bad beer will lead us into darkness and damnation. Was it the Guinness? It’s safer to stick with good lagers. The precautionary thing.

  7. I sinned Saturday night as well. I had a camp fire with burning wood. I released CO2 in the atmosphere. Forgive me Al, for I have sinned.

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