NASA Says Arctic Ice-Free By 2013

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25 Responses to NASA Says Arctic Ice-Free By 2013

  1. KTM says:

    They make the most outrageously alarmist prediction they think they can get away with, then say that reality might be less severe than the model but it could also be much more severe than the model.


  2. tomwys1 says:

    What’s worse, is that the projections aren’t retracted with the same vehemence as their original pronouncements.

    If a poor guess can be broadcast worldwide, its failure in coming to pass deserves the same channels!!!

  3. Eric Simpson says:

    The video was uploaded on Apr 4, 2008, btw. It is about time our govt get out of the climate change propaganda business, especially NASA. But also, apparently, West Point, as C3 says: Memo To GOP: Cut Defense Budget Until Idiot AGW-Warriors Retired From Service.

  4. Robertv says:

    NASA Says a Comet is a dirty snowball.

  5. Laz M says:

    That tipping point model explains why I keep spilling soda all over! NOW I get it…if I push a glass too far, it won’t recover! Brilliant!

    Now…what does that have to do with climate again?

    • nielszoo says:

      If you knock the glass over the CO2 in your Coke or Pepsi foams and gets released faster than Mother Gaia can soak it up thereby freeing up scads of that Mann made evil gas to kill the planet by incineration… That’s the real reason that Nanny Bloomberg banned large sodas… (I read it in the NYT so it must be true.)

  6. Andy DC says:

    They have been moving the goal posts backwards for the last 45 years.

  7. bit chilly says:

    the most up to date post on the arctic sea ice blog reckons the end of the melt season is just around the corner 🙂 i think the lack of melting ice may finally be getting to neven,he appears to have lost the will.

  8. stewart pid says:

    Dang … I must have been asleep when coffee cup tipping point science was taught … obviously my degree is next to useless with this nugget of knowledge that explains all natural processes so elegantly 😉

    • stewart pid says:

      opps … meant without … coffee hasn’t kicked in yet! An edit feature would be so nice so that foot in mouth, fat finger and general muddle headedness could be fixed.

  9. Brad says:


  10. brock Way says:

    I love the technically true comments. If you phrase it the right way, like Al Gore does, then you say “at this rate”…and then make an alarming claim. Because the method of rate measurement is never offered or asked you can always make almost any claim and have it be true. I wish the realists would use similar language.

    For example:

    Q. Considering the arctic sea ice minimum in 2007, and the arctic sea ice minimum in 2014, AT THIS RATE, in what year will the entire surface of the earth be covered in ice?

    • Gail Combs says:

      RACookPE1978 does:

      ….How much larger can Antarctic sea ice get? There is no limit. At today’s rate of Antarctic sea ice increase, Cape Horn itself could be closed to ship traffic due to sea ice within 8-10 years for months at a time every September and October….

      But it is worse than you think!

      At today’s levels of BOTH minimum AND maximum extent in the Antarctic seas, today’s (and last year’s!) record breaking sea ice extents DO reflect much more solar energy than the exposed waters! At the edge of the Antarctic sea ice at 60 – 70 south latitude, ALL YEAR, every day, the record-breaking Antarctic sea ice extents IS reflecting MORE solar energy and IS cooling the planet down even more.

      And thus we slide quickly into the next major ice age.…………….

      Of course he goes and spoils it by also saying ” It probably won’t happen, but the trend is there: we have been seeing just under 1.0 Mkm^2 more sea ice each year for several years now. “

      The problem is Skeptics are honest. This puts them at a decided disadvantage.

      Honest DOESN’T PAY, at least in this era of dirty politics.

  11. mikegeo says:

    Several years ago I sent both Zwally and Serreze emails asking if they would verbally apologize or at least recant in the media, their alarm stories after the ice recovered – which was more inevitable than melting.
    Neither of them replied but I know they got them. Only weathermen and climate scientists can keep being paid for being flat wrong.

  12. Andy says:

    Where does either scientist on the film claim it will be ice free by 2013?


    • mjc says:


      The opening statement…the narrator specifically says it.

      Of course neither expert flat out makes that claim, but neither refutes it. In fact all their statements go to support it, without giving a specific timetable.

      • Andy says:

        The narrator is a journalist, hence my question. They seem to suggest it is a tipping point, but don’t give an exact date when it would be ice free in that video.

        As the narrator was doing a voice over when he stated it how can the scientists refute it ???

        I’m giving you a D for that reply, and I am being generous.


        • Gail Combs says:


          It is the collusion between the MSM Pesstitutes and the alarmist scientists that allow plausible deniability that is so nauseating.

          Repeatedly alarm the public with Screaming headlines with a text full of innuendos and quotes from scientists but leave an out when the scientists are repeatedly proved wrong.

  13. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain…..

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