EPA Defrauding The Public About Alaskan Glaciers

The EPA has these images on their web site – claiming to show how global warming is causing the Muir Glacier to disappear.



What they forgot to mention is that most of the retreat pictured above occurred between 1941 and 1950.


This August 1950 photo documents the significant changes that occurred during the 9 years between photographs A and B. Muir Glacier has retreated more than 2 miles, exposing Muir Inlet, and thinned 340 feet or more.

Muir Glacier in Glacier Bay National Monument 1950

And of course this retreat had been going on for centuries


For nearly two centuries before 1941, Muir Glacier had been retreating. In places, a thickness of more than two-thirds of a mile of ice had been lost.

USGS Multimedia Gallery: Muir Glacier in Glacier Bay National Monument 1941


ScreenHunter_638 Jun. 24 06.44


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23 Responses to EPA Defrauding The Public About Alaskan Glaciers

  1. And they accuse us of wearing tinfoil hats for conspiracy theories. Yes, propaganda is a conspiracy by definition.

  2. SMS says:

    I don’t know why people have such a problem with retreating glaciers. It’s as if they miss the last glaciation period and are anxious to return back to a continent covered in ice. Glaciers have been retreating since the end of the last glaciation period and they will continue to retreat ( albeit in an on-again, off-again fashion) till we enter the next glaciation period.

    Everyone should be thankful they are retreating. The option will be much worse.

    • Truthseeker says:

      Precisely! Why is a retreating glacier a problem? Looking at the two photos, which is a better environment for life? The 2004 picture for me.

      Advancing glaciers … now there is a real problem.

  3. Toppelton Geardom says:

    US republic founded 1776, melt starts in earnest. Republican Party founded in 1854, first Republican President 1861, ice melt accelerates. Like, Q.E.D. and stuff.

    Can I get my funding grant now?

  4. John F. Hultquist says:

    We need weekly, monthly, and yearly “Climate Cherry Pick Awards” (CCPA), maybe one for each federal agency and the white house.
    The 1941 and 2004 photos place the EPA at the forefront for this week’s award. [Note that others have done similar things and also fail to mention the timeline.]
    Related: Just think, about 13,000 years ago glacial ice filled the entire Puget Sound Lowland and extended into the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Then humans invented “carbon” pollution and it all melted.
    Extent of ice seen here:

  5. Gary H says:

    The recent discovery at the now (once again) retreating Mendenhall glacier fits nicely into this issue. One wishes that the climate stay as warm as it is now for several hundred more years, once again, so that the trees can take root and grow to maturity, just as they did before. Then, naturally enough, a cooling period (or worse) will take hold, and the glacier will once more advance and take the trees down.

    Ref: http://juneauempire.com/outdoors/2013-09-13/ancient-trees-emerge-frozen-forest-tomb#.UzBGVPldWjs

  6. northernont says:

    Seems pretty clear to everyone that science has undergone transformation into the Ministry of Truth. Ike nailed in his 1961 farewell address in which he warned….“…Partly because of the huge costs involved, a government contract becomes virtually a substitute for intellectual curiosity.” And, “The prospect of domination of the nation’s scholars by Federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever present – and is gravely to be regarded.”

    When you have a country full of mental midgets running the show, nurtured on baby milk, decoupled from the harsh realities of the world, is it any wonder science has taken a black eye.

  7. tom0mason says:

    The EPA’s propadanda is only a small part in this administration’s plan to get the once independent American people hooked on the notion of an all powerful paternalistic government. This administration goal is to kill the pioneering American spirit.

    • Gail Combs says:

      That has been the goal for a hundred years.
      It is why we got the Federal Reserve Act
      It is why we got the income tax Amendment
      It is why we got the the Amendment that made the Senate no longer represent the interest of the states but the interest of the ‘low information voter’

      • tom0mason says:

        Glad to see that you managed to read passed my lysdexic ‘ propadanda’ that should be propaganda.

        But otherwise I entirely agree, and add that this government seems to be particularly adept at fostering the paternalist ideas.

      • tom0mason says:

        EPA thanks you for —

  8. Bob Knows says:

    Juno and several other Alaska towns would be in serious trouble if glaciers advanced.

  9. cotwome says:

    The Taku Glacier in the same ice field is currently pushing over live trees:

  10. Dave in Canmore says:

    EPA tells us glaciers indicate it’s getting warmer. How about showing me some station data instead? Oh it doesn’t show what you want? Never mind.

    What recourse do citizens have to address lies spread with your own money? At what point do Americans decide to not just notice and chastise on blogs but actually fight for action and cosequences?

    ps I notice in nearby Whitehorse that station data doesn’t seem to indicate “climate change”

  11. Phil Jones says:

    Love that USGS Map… Says a lot…m

  12. tom0mason says:

    A new message from the EPA…

  13. philjourdan says:

    Monkey see, monkey do. It is an Obama agency after all.

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