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No Correlation Of Florida Sea Level Rise With CO2

Climate experts constantly claim that we can slow sea level rise along the East Coast by reducing CO2 emissions in the US. This is an interesting claim, because there is no correlation between sea level rise rates and atmospheric CO2. … Continue reading

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Top Science Of The Day

The atmosphere isn’t warming, because the trapped heat is going directly to the deep ocean The snow line is moving further south, because of increased humidity Antarctic sea ice is at a record high, because the interior is melting at … Continue reading

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Senators Celebrate Record Hurricane Drought In Miami

Florida is about to pass nine years without a hurricane strike, by far the longest such period on record. Democratic “heavyweights” are celebrating by warning the locals about climate change denial. Senators Bill Nelson (D-FL) and Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) sounded the alarm … Continue reading

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In Australia, The World Began In 1953

Climate experts in the Northern Hemisphere consider the beginning of time to be 1979, but in Australia the world began in 1953. Nicholls uses this graph to prove that BOM is telling the truth, and the Australian climate is falling apart. … Continue reading

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But At Least They Get Free Birth Control

Progressives say that Republicans are “waging war on women”

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Obama’s Favorite Bitter Clingers

Obama doesn’t like Americans who “cling to guns and religion”, but he does like these bitter clingers

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The 1896 Washington DC Hurricane

An article from “Washington Weather” written by contributor Andy DC

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Happy To Oblige The BOM

8 October 2014, 8.02pm BST An independent inquiry into the Bureau of Meteorology? Bring it on Maurice Newman, chair of the Prime Minister’s Business Advisory Council, has called for an independent review of the Bureau of Meteorology’s climate data, following … Continue reading

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