In Australia, The World Began In 1953

Climate experts in the Northern Hemisphere consider the beginning of time to be 1979, but in Australia the world began in 1953.

Nicholls uses this graph to prove that BOM is telling the truth, and the Australian climate is falling apart. Note the start date of 1953

ScreenHunter_3498 Oct. 10 05.55

An independent inquiry into the Bureau of Meteorology? Bring it on

The start date of 1953 was carefully cherry picked as one of the coldest periods on record in Australia.

ScreenHunter_3505 Oct. 10 06.17

This is the same approach used by Northern Hemisphere experts, who cherry-pick 1979 as the beginning of time.

BzWbvP8IIAAs58YScreenHunter_3434 Oct. 08 07.04

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11 Responses to In Australia, The World Began In 1953

  1. richard says:

    Australia should be celebrating , it has been greening for the last 30 years.

  2. oarubio says:

    I’ll be passing these graphs along to anyone who has a sense that numbers don’t lie, but it’s the fault of those who “cherry-pick” for their own purpose. Best of luck in your research! — Tony

  3. Rick_W says:

    The snow depth measurments at Spencers Creek are made by the Snowy Mountains Hydroelectric Authority which manages the Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Scheme. Since construction of the hydro dams by Snowy Hydro didn’t start until 1949 it’s reasonable that 1953 is the earliest data they have and not a cherry-pick.

    • Andy Oz says:

      While you’re right about SMEC, 1951 was in fact a record Victorian snowfall year. Tony’s observation is correct.

      It’s meaningless to put a trend on Nicholl’s Spencer Creek snow depth chart that starts at a peak, except to support a biased view. BOM and CSIRO have been biased to enjoy more taxpayer money. No secret there.
      Deforestation of Australia has had much more profound effect on our climate than CO2 ever has or will. But cleared trees cannot be taxed while power bills, transport fuel, food and everything else we use can be taxed.
      The lefties just needed a nudge on the carbon tax direction by certain economists such as Ross Garnaut.

  4. tom0mason says:

    Everybody’s got to start somewhere!

  5. Time started in Australia 26 years before it started in America!

    Now that’s some serious Global Change!


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