Missing Heat Goes Missing

Experts announced this week that the missing heat has gone missing at the bottom of the sea, and it also appears the claimed record sea surface temperatures have gone missing too.


ScreenHunter_3622 Oct. 12 07.04

sst_anom.gif (800×600)

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17 Responses to Missing Heat Goes Missing

  1. tom0mason says:

    The -3 0 3 scale is probably the anomaly spread, but is this in °C or °F? I’ve looked through the linked Unisys site but I’m unable to find information about this graphic.

  2. Robert Austin says:

    Why is Lake Superior shown with a strong positive anomaly where last winter was so relentlessly cold, the surface entirely frozen over and ice persisted well into the spring? And followed by a summer with little need for air conditioning?

  3. gator69 says:

    Well, if it is ‘missing heat’, it only seems logical that they cannot find it.

    • Andrew S says:

      All of the missing heat is in Lake Superior, in concentrated form which registers cooler.

    • Ah, but they’ve been claiming to have periodically found it in different locations! (Does the word “blowtorch” sound familiar?) Especially when we point out the abject failure of all their predictions. They have also claimed to have “found” it in the deep ocean, even though they haven’t been able to measure it there.

      They are obviously delusional, and Tony’s series on the Missing Heat can help expose their delusion to newcomers.


  4. The missing heat is obviously hiding in the deep ocean underneath the still hidden but lurking 20′ sea level rise. That is a lot of sea level rise and has the potential to mask a lot of heat.

  5. MrX says:

    Looks like they’re past denying that the heat is “missing”. They’ve definitively been angry. Looks like they’re now in the bargaining stage. They’re trying to find alternatives that will still save face. They’re trying to regain control.

    Can we expect depression and acceptance in the near future? It’s the slowest 5 stages of grief of loss of a “hypothesis” I’ve ever seen. Hypothesis is in quotes because it was found false before it was even conceived.

  6. Don says:

    The missing heat has been sequestered to outer space.

  7. Keith says:

    Ive also been intrigued by the Unisys sea temperature chart recently which has shown more blue (cold) on it than at any time since Ive been checking it (about the last 5 years)

  8. What is that huge mass of land where the Arctic Ocean is supposed to be?

    Is there more decline-hiding going on?

  9. rah says:

    Tthe missing heat is hiding out on the sun. http://solarscience.msfc.nasa.gov/images/Cycle22Cycle23Cycle24big.gif
    “We are currently over five years into Cycle 24. The current predicted and observed size makes this the smallest sunspot cycle since Cycle 14 which had a maximum of 64.2 in February of 1906. “

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