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Visualizing How Corrupt GISS Has Become

Gavin had almost no data in Antarctica last month, as shown below So he simply made it up, and made created a completely fake hottest September ever.   But there was a little problem. Antarctica had record sea ice  last month, … Continue reading

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Gavin Says That Record Sea Ice In Antarctica Was Caused By Record Heat

From the “testing progressives to see how just far their stupidity extends” department. Antarctica set an all-time record for sea ice last month, and Gavin says it was record hot there.

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GISS Diverging From Satellites At 13 Degrees Per Century

As I predicted, Gavin has reached a tipping point. He claims that September was hottest on record. More accurate satellite data shows that it was only 15th warmest since 1979, and just above average. Over the past five years, GISS … Continue reading

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No Net Warming In Australia For 35 Years

I picked five random grid cells from the RSS database – one on each coast and one in the interior. They show no net warming since 1979. I’ve run this experiment a few times using different grid cells, and they … Continue reading

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State Of The Cryosphere Report

The two highest mid-October Arctic sea ice extents of the past decade occurred in the last two years. October is looking to do a repeat of last month’s record snow cover And Antarctic sea ice extent is near a record … Continue reading

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Satellites Show Melbourne Cooling For 18 Years

The BOM Melbourne thermometer is cleverly situated adjacent to many lanes of asphalt in downtown Melbourne, and shows a hockey stick of warming, with last year as the hottest year ever.    By contrast, satellite temperatures of the lower troposphere … Continue reading


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Satellites Show Sydney Cooling For 18 Years

The BOM Sydney thermometer is cleverly located adjacent to 21 lanes of asphalt, and shows a hockey stick of warming. By contrast, satellite temperatures taken of the lower troposphere over Sydney show a slight cooling trend over the last 18 … Continue reading

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Almost Five Years Since Barack Obama Killed The Space Program

It has been nearly five years since President Obama killed the space program. so that the formerly great agency could focus on junk science and CO2 based superstition. January 27, 2010 NASA’s plans to return astronauts to the moon are dead. … Continue reading

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And Monkeys Could Fly Out Of Al Gore’s …….

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