And Monkeys Could Fly Out Of Al Gore’s …….

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11 Responses to And Monkeys Could Fly Out Of Al Gore’s …….

  1. DakotaKid says:

    I think the monkeys are more likely.

  2. omanuel says:

    Al Gore and the Climategate tale have exposed sixty-nine years of deceitful science, . . .

    and raised questions if the German theoretical nuclear physicist, Dr Carl von Weizsacker, was a Soviet spy who

    1. Kept Hitler from building an atomic bomb and winning WWII

    2. Kept the public from knowledge of nuclear energy after WWII

  3. geran says:

    The IPCC models are wrong because the IPCC “Bad Science” is wrong. It will continue to be wrong as long as they believe that -24 ºF (-31 ºC) is going to “warm the planet” (the infamous “greenhouse effect”).

  4. Along with the digestive biproducts of caviar and champagne.

  5. gregole says:

    Michael E. Mann, a climate scientist at Pennsylvania State University, said he feared the intergovernmental panel, in writing its draft, had been influenced by criticism from climate doubters, who advocate even lower numbers. “I think the I.P.C.C. on this point has once again erred on the side of understating the degree of the likely changes,” Dr. Mann said. However, Christopher B. Field, a researcher at the Carnegie Institution for Science who serves on the panel but was not directly involved in the new draft, said the group had to reflect the full range of plausible scientific views. “I think that the I.P.C.C. has a tradition of being very conservative,” Dr. Field said. “They really want the story to be right.


    There you have it from the Gray Lady and two, count them two Top Notch Scientist Types. “…Erred on the side of understating the degree of likely changes”; and, “IPCC has a tradition of being very conservative”. And, “they really want the story to be right”.

    Indeed. Let’s get that story right. Stay tuned.

  6. rishrac says:

    “… influenced by criticism… ” Why just the other day I was told I was an idiot, a flat earther, and the earth was created in 6 or 7 thousands years. I guess I thought that there was and always has been free co2 in the oceans and all not locked up in calcium carbonate.

    As if criticism has any influence at all. Even the communist from other communist countries didn’t show up for their parade in NY. Irony.

  7. rah says:

    Well those monkeys have to be coming out of some where other than his face because his oral cavity is constantly spewing a particularly smelly and gross amount of diarrhea.

  8. KTM says:

    The one criticism I have of this figure is that you’re pasting the forecast cone on the end of the data. This lets them off the hook. Temps could continue to flatline for another two decades, but as long as you paste the forecast cone on the end of the data it is still an outside possibility. It’s allowing them to move the goalposts.

    It would be much better to post the forecast cones contemporaneous with the date the forecast was made. I would start with the 1990 cone coming off at the 1990 temperature, along with each subsequence IPCC forecast cone in different colors. If you can’t squeeze them all onto one graph, you could try stacking them vertically within one graph, or just use different graphs for each.

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