Don’t Be A Climate Change Denier!

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10 Jan 1871 – IMAGINARY CHANGES OF CLIMATE. (Pall Mall Gazette.)

When Gavin claims “hottest September ever” – he is making the identical mistake which people have been making throughout history.

Much observation, which ought to correct a tendency to exaggerate, seems in some minds to have rather a tendency to increase it.

January 10, 1871


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7 Responses to Don’t Be A Climate Change Denier!

  1. omanuel says:

    Thanks of this historical reminder of “IMAGIONARY CHANGES OF CLIMATE”

    Al Gore and the UN’s IPCC were the first Nobel Prize winners for such nonsense!

  2. bleakhouses says:

    1871, like it was yesterday!

  3. richard says:

    Droughts and extreme weather in 1929-

    ‘The world’s weather has been
    specialising in droughts,’ . says Dr.
    E; E. Free in the New York ‘Times.’
    ‘Over the eastern two-thirds of the
    United States damage is estimated….

    ‘Great Britain has been similarly
    parched. Not only has agriculture-.
    : been damaged ‘ severely, but the
    water supplies of many towns and
    , villages: .have failed

    From the other side of
    the world, in South China, come re–
    ports of droughts, with.
    famine threatened and suffering al
    ready acute.

    Early in July tor
    rential floods swept Eastern India,
    and Coehii*4/hiiia, : with stories of
    hundreds of elephants floating help.
    lessly to drown.

    ‘Droughts, crop failures and for
    est fires are reported from Europe,
    from the West Indies, from Australia
    and elsewhere in the Southern Hemis-
    sphere. India and South Africa re
    port the severest hailstorms there on
    record. In yugoslavia, in the early
    months of the year oyer 100 people^
    were killed by lightning.’

    ‘During ‘ January and February of ,
    last – winter : Europe – experienced the
    greatest cold’ ill’ over two centuries.

    Trains were snowbound for two
    weeks in the Balkans; Rome was.
    snow-covered,. and ice-crusts formed
    on Venetian canals. wolves
    appeared in villages -in yugoslavia, ,
    Hungary and Spain. ‘The Flame of.
    Remembrance in’ Paris,’ intended to
    be eternal, went out because the gas
    frose up

    The registrar-general
    ascribed more than 60,000 ? extra
    deaths in England to the weather, i

    India and South Africa re
    port the severest hailstorms there on

  4. Gail Combs says:

    Jo Nova has another update on Ebola. – Not good. (now there are three cases in Dallas and it looks as if it is airborne.)

    Ebola is potentially airborne

    I hope our government get off their duff but I doubt it. The head of the CDC is more of an idiot than Obummer. He is now saying booties and double gloves are not needed for health workers. Ebola is level 4 and CDC is recommending level 2 containment. The Nurses Union is up in arms.

    Talk about a complete Fluster Cluck. In addition to those who clean airplanes plumbers are getting worried too. Looks like Obummer and the DemiRats maybe losing Union support in bits and pieces.

  5. Alan Poirier says:

    Back in the 1920s, farmers in Southern Alberta were so desperate for rain that they hired a “rainmaker” could claimed he could produce rain and would charge them $4000 per inch — a considerable sum of money in those days. Here is the story:

  6. gregole says:

    Nothing ruins truth like stretching it.

    And I ran across this one on the internet:
    If the words don’t add up, truth probably wasn’t part of the equation.

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