Gavin’s Hottest September Ever Is Based On An 8C Error

Gavin increases the September temperature anomaly by 0.1°C (from 0.68°C to 0.78°C) by faking +4°C anomalies around Antarctica


The region which he is faking actually had a -4C anomaly. Creating a +8°C error is a great way to get temperatures up 0.1°C


ScreenHunter_3703 Oct. 14 20.45


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15 Responses to Gavin’s Hottest September Ever Is Based On An 8C Error

  1. QV says:

    Like I said in an earlier blog, the global temperature anomalies, seem to be being determined by Antarctic extrapolations.
    RSS don’t extrapolate figures for Antarctica because they would be too unreliable.
    Unfortunately UAH do make up figures for the region and are therefore contaminated along with GISS/NOAA/HadCRUT..

  2. nigelf says:

    There’s always some sleight of hand going on with these guys isn’t there? It just never stops.

  3. KTM says:

    If you look closely, the scale changes after he adds the new GISS data. That darkest brown is actually a +8.7C anomaly on its own. The total error is +12C.

  4. pinroot says:

    All that work for a 0.1°C increase in the anomaly.

  5. mitigatedsceptic says:

    Please re-define ‘Gavin’ – the reams of acronyms are bad enough without having to cope with private jokes like this. Otherwise – thanks a million for keeping on the ball!

  6. Werner Kohl says:

    Hi Steven, could you place both links of the GISS graphics, please? This would be helpful in discussions. Thanks!

  7. Werner Kohl says:

    I found it by myself, but I think it’s better always placing links. There are a lot of people denying your findings because YOU have posted them. It’s strange – I know. Discussions can be so frustrating.

  8. globalcooler says:

    Reblogged this on Globalcooler's Weblog and commented:
    They did it again. This one is even worse than what they did in August.

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