It Doesn’t Take Long For Reality To Set In


09 MAY 2011 

German Chancellor Angela Merkel ….. will become the first leader to transform an industrialized nation from nuclear and fossil fuel energy to renewable power.

Germany’s Unlikely Champion Of a Radical Green Energy Path by Christian Schwägerl: Yale Environment 360


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25 Responses to It Doesn’t Take Long For Reality To Set In

  1. there is no substitute for victory says:

    That was 3 years ago, this is now.

    “The German village of Atterwasch is tiny, its single street lined with sturdy brick and stone houses. The village has a single church whose bells peal out at noon each day, a small volunteer fire department, and a cemetery with a special section devoted to German soldiers who died nearby in the closing months of World War II.”

    “Atterwasch may soon be gone.”

    “Vattenfall, a Swedish energy company, hopes to relocate the village and its residents in order to strip-mine the ground underneath for lignite, or “brown coal.”

  2. emsnews says:

    Merkel is busy kissing Putin in a closet because Germany’s economy is collapsing due to the spat with Russia. They need the Ruskie CO2 energy stuff very badly.

  3. Gail Combs says:

    To bad Americans can’t see the evidence of Green Energy failure sitting across the Atlantic.

  4. Bob Knows says:

    All that will happen is Germans will end up buying electricity from neighboring nations for very high prices. Stupid is its own reward.

    • Ben Vorlich says:

      Well France, the main exporter of electrical power in the EU, is moving away from Nuclear to Renewables. So the whole EU is will hit Peak Idiocy very soon

      Exports go to Germany, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, UK (which exports to Eire), Netherlands and Spain. At peak renewable France has some imports from Spain and Germany.

  5. Meanwhile in America, the news media reports that the First Lady dances with Turnip.

    Good for them, but why is it news? A lot of couples do that. Phil?

  6. Reply to Ben Vorlich comment, October 16 at 6:43 am

    Here is a possible outcome.

    Most of these countries are gearing up to burn timber from North Carolina in power plant boilers. When that proves insufficient, they will probably resort to burning garbage in the boilers. When that proves insufficient, they will start paying us for our garbage. Since there are no solar barges available yet, the garbage will transported over by diesel barges registered in America (since registering new diesel barges in Europe will increase their carbon footprint), which will cause the Socialists over there to start protesting the use of our garbage to keep them alive. When the protesting doesn’t work, they will start trying throwing their bodies in front of the garbage trains, referring to them in the press as “American death trains”. At that point, blackouts will start, and they will start taking military draftees and putting them on exercycles in order to run the dynamos. A smart European engineer will “invent” a suitable transmission for this application, by adapting a Prius transmission. Since the cyclers will need extra food, they will be given all the food that was supposed to go to Russia but was cut off in order to deprive Russia of foreign exchange after they very naughtily tried to take over Europe again. When that proves insufficient to keep the dynamos turning, they will cut off food aid to Africa, and give that food to the cyclists as well. Socialists will then awake to the fact that hundreds of thousands of new exercycles have been manufactured using generators powered by American gasoline and diesel. They will throw themselves on the ground in front of these plants to prevent workers from entering.

    At this point, out of desperation, European engineers will begin hooking wind-generated over-supply to banks of thousands of automotive batteries in order to save the power for later re-use. For the long run, they will begin planning hundreds of pumped storage projects, which will be canceled when the Socialists protest them on the grounds that putting in new lakes is “environmentally damaging”, and could threaten wildlife. Then, the engineers will try to hook up submarine turbines in the Mediterranean to harness marine currents at a cost of $5.50 per KWh. This will be in the hope that the invisibility of the turbines will lead them to be accepted by the Socialists. Those hopes will be dashed when Greenpeace decides to dive down there and irreparably sabotage the whole works.

    At this point, they will try to hook up prisoners to exercycles, but the European Court of Justice will rule this out of order. So they will end up telling pensioners that they have to get on the exercycles as a condition of receiving their pension. The pensioners will sue on the grounds that this is compensated labor, which the law says they can’t receive in order to qualify for their pensions. The ECJ will rule that this is not a logical contradiction, and therefore, let the exercycling begin. When pensioners experience health problems, they will receive free hospital care, but the Socialists will object because imported American oil and gas will be used to keep the hospitals going, and the Socialists will have noted (quite correctly) that this is tantamount to running the dynamos with American oil and gas. They will throw themselves on the ground to prevent the oil delivery trucks from entering the hospital grounds, calling them “American death caravans filled with blood money” and chanting some variant of “Cheney fascist, go home”.

    At this point, a proposal will briefly be entertained to break down and pay the unemployed to run the exercycles. But it will be abandoned once testing reveals that no matter how much money they are offered, they will not pedal hard enough to make the dynamos turn. Even with the Prius transmission in first gear and all the load off.

    Finally, the German engineers will figure out that the key to getting power from the unemployed is to attach zip lines to all the mountain tops, give them surplus rock-climbing equipment to get to the top (They can get the energy for climbing using some of the surplus food that used to go the pedaling pensioners), and run the dynamos with a counterweight that is hauled up when the unemployed person descends the zip line, and then slowly let back down after he detaches himself from it. These folks will of course need hospital care from time to time, but this time there will be no peep out of the Socialists when the fuel trucks pull up to the hospitals with extra deliveries to cover the new demand. When conservatives point out the hypocrisy to them, the Socialists will deny that oil and gas are being used to run the hospitals. They will launch a campaign in the schools and universities to smear those conservatives as “oil industry funded deniers (or denialists)”, saying that we are lying for money and that since our words will bring about an increase in “deadly” CO2 emissions, that our speech must be silenced, and they will get the European Parliament to ban all attempts to claim that hospitals are running on any kind of “fossil fuels”.

    At this point, Russia will have managed to completely take over the Ukraine, and as punishment to the Ukrainians for resisting their invasion, they will cut off all the nuclear power generated in the Ukraine and give the Ukrainians imported Russian coal to burn in their fireplaces and stoves. They will then offer to the EU to divert the output of these plants to the west, if the recipients will pay $8.50 per KWh for it. There will be an option for Russian nuclear power as well, during times of peak demand ($10.00 per KWh), which the Russians will have prepared for by building nuclear generating capacity far in excess of their domestic demand. The EU countries will say, “Where do we sign??” and the power sales will commence forthwith. The fact that the Russian coal to make all of this work is coming from Siberia to the Ukraine via diesel-powered locomotive will be completely lost on all the EU peoples, who will give themselves a huge pat on the back, claiming to have ‘finally found the solution to carbon-free electricity, using cutting-edge research in physics and electrical engineering, and in defiance of capitalist American dogs who tried to stop us at every turn because they are rich, oil-industry-funded deniers’.


    • Gail Combs says:

      ROTFLMAO You have capture ‘lefty logic’ beautifully.

      (Hubby enjoyed it too.)

    • tom0mason says:

      You’ve underestimated the dead-hand of bureaucratic inertia governing change within the EU. The grip of this inertia stops policy change being as simple, rapid, and straight foreward for the Europeans as you’ve painted it.

      • They are pawns of the Russians, and have been since ~1948.

        • And what the Russians want is to sell them nuclear power, and exercise total control over all of their access to technology and information.

        • tom0mason says:

          I protest, they came a close second in the Great Game.


        • They skipped out on their debt, and no one did anything. They go wherever they want to, and are welcomed in most of the places they go, including Western Europe, North America, and China. The game they play is utterly rigged in their favor, because people are programmed to accept those conditions. The chief Communist leaders were never removed from power. No one particularly likes them, but everyone respects them, because they hold all the strong cards.

          The reason for democratic dysfunction in the West is because Russia has trained the Western leaders, and their instructions are to make a complete a complete cock-up of everything.

          The game they play is the one they choose for themselves. To tame the Russian bear requires first admitting reality.

        • tom0mason says:

          In my statement
          “I protest, they came a close second in the Great Game.”
          I did mean the Europeans when I said ‘they’.

        • Aha! I see what you mean now.

  7. Andy DC says:

    Non exactly the Aryan Supermen (and Superwomen) that Hitler promised us!

  8. stpaulchuck says:

    The madness is upon us. The Western World is like a mad dog running in circles biting itself on the butt until it bleeds to death.

  9. Margaret Berger says:

    Loved it Mr Fowler,

    Only thing I’d like to point out, you left out the black market that will araise in wood. The Black Forrest will end up in stoves all over Europe. Greece, has already experienced this consequence last winter when the forests surrounding Athens were illegally harvested and ended up in local stoves and fireplaces .

  10. cotwome says:

    “Politicians are not born. They are excreted.”

    – Marcus Tullius Cicero

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