Settled Science Update

Britain faces years of freezing winters because global warming is causing Arctic Sea ice to melt, researchers have found.

Freezing winters ahead due to melting Arctic Sea ice – Telegraph

The exact opposite of what they were saying a few years ago


The apple orchards have been replaced with orange groves, the turf covered over with gravel and the summer borders replanted with cacti. They may look like scenes from a Portugese holiday, but these images could be the future of the traditional English garden, plant experts claimed yesterday.  The striking images are part of a National Trust campaign to highlight how gardens will look if global warming brings Mediterranean weather to Britain in the next few decades.

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30 Responses to Settled Science Update

  1. pinroot says:

    So when the Arctic recovers to the point that they can no longer deny it, and the cold winters continue, what excuse will they use next? And will anyone (other than skeptics) call them out on their continued failed predictions?

    • 1. They will just say that the Arctic cold is localized in time and space, and they will point out areas where the “adjusted” temperatures are extremely high compared to historical baselines. Naturally, these will be in places that do not normally get a lot of snow or ice in the winter, so it will be less obvious to the untrained eye that the “adjustments” are fake.

      2. I don’t even see many skeptics calling them out right now in a serious way, so I guess the answer would have to be “no, if nothing changes.” We need to be holding rallies so people can network; pickets of the major miscreants, so we can show how many are willing to publicly face these people and accuse them; passing hard-copy petitions and delivering millions of hard-copy signatures to officials; all at the same time, in addition to our online activities. Otherwise, we’re just not going to get enough people on board. I’ve been saying this for a couple of years now. It appears that no one agrees with me. Too bad. Conservatives are smart people, but it seems they really are very lousy at the skills they need to keep the Marxists at bay. Most of them seem to think someone else should do it for them. Well, guess what. There is no one else. We can vote, but we cannot just vote our way out of this problem. We don’t yet have enough people to do that.


  2. michaelspencer2 says:

    “In November research showed there is less Arctic sea ice now than there has been at any time in the last 1,450 years.” (‘The Telegraph’ article.)

    What research?

    Sounds like somebody just made that up in order to justify the next round of grant money!

  3. Andy Oz says:

    Alarmists going into overdrive on the climate propaganda prior to the Election.
    With the Ebola crisis consuming 99% of news, climate catastrophists have no chance cutting through. Doesn’t stop their hand wringing, even when it is complete crap.

    The UK is about to be hit by a very big storm this week, by the look of the North Atlantic sat photos

    • emsnews says:

      But ebola warming is causing the ice in Antarctica to freeze even more even though it is super hot down there! See?

      Viruses are amazing creatures. 🙂

      • Gail Combs says:

        But our government isn’t. Seems the CDC director has really P.O’ed the Nurses Union. “..the nation’s largest nurse’s union is concerned about the lack of Ebola preparedness at U.S. hospitals and has reportedly put the option of pickets on the table…” link

        Seems the nurses have a darn good reason to be concerned too:

        That makes Obummer’s refusal to close the borders or quarantine complete idiocy. We have exactly four hospitals with the correct equipment and properly trained personnel to handle Ebola in the entire country. And we have a CDC that Oked the travel plans of an exposed nurse who was running a temperature and has been giving all sorts of conflicting advice and stories.

        • Tel says:

          I’m not normally pro-union but it is in everyone’s interest to avoid accidental contamination. Nurses have a right to the best safety equipment we can get them.

          In some cases, like needing to check power cords on office equipment every 6 months, it’s safety gone to complete bullshit. There seems to be a shorting of common sense to go around.

          But now we have two new infections that happened inside a medical facility from just one patient. That’s unacceptable, the entire chain of command at that hospital should lose their jobs just on principle… or at least a few of them should.

        • Gail Combs says:

          (The following FUBAR by the FEDS should scare anyone with any brains.)

          Tel, the responsibility was the CDC’s and Obama’s. The hospital personnel were not trained and did not have bio-containment level 4 rooms, equipment, air handling or training.

          In a statement from National Nurses United on the treatment of Dallas Ebola patient, they say We Were Told to Call Authorities for Ebola Protocol

          What they got was the usual bureaucratic CYA and runaround, not the information and equipment they desperately needed.

          FINALLY after the Nurses’ Union threatens to picket hospitals and sends a letter to the White House, Obummer finally leaves the golf course and does his job.

          In wake of the criticism, he pledged that US monitoring of would be Ebola “much more aggressive” and that the Centre for Disease Control would send a “SWAT team” within 24 hours to any hospital encountering a new case.

          ‘Who is clipboard man?’: man without Hazmat suit helps Ebola patient onto plane
          Man with no protective clothing, carrying only a clipboad, photographed helping second US Ebola patient board her plane


          There are only FOUR hospitals in the USA with the proper equipment and specialized training and drills. Dallas is not one of them.

          …..There’s something unique about the three hospitals that have so far successfully treated Ebola patients ….

          Emory, the University of Nebraska, and the National Institutes of Health have all received and successfully discharged Ebola patients. These three hospitals are among just four in the nation with specialized biocontamination units. These are units that have existed for years, with the sole purpose of handling patients with deadly, infectious dieases like SARS or Ebola.

          While biocontamination units look similar to a standard hospital room, they usually have specialized air circulation systems to remove disease particles from the facility. And, perhaps more importantly, they’re staffed by doctors who have spent years training, preparing and thinking about how to stop dangerous infections from spreading…..

          * CDC had a duty to know the training and capabilities of the hospitals they did not.

          * CDC had the duty to know how to treat this disease safely and to make sure the hospitals had that information. CDC did not.

          * The CDC director, Thomas Frieden said to handle it as a level 2 when it is listed as a level 4. This P.C. incompetent even said no head gear or foot gear was needed to treat Duncan just a single pair of gloves!

          Can you get any more incompetent than that? And then when the first nurse becomes ill he turns around an accuses her of a breach in protocol. That is when the Nurses Union went ballistic and broke from the P.C. Obama worshipping herd. (They urged members to vote for Obummer BTW.)

          KELLY: You would go into a highly infected Ebola patient’s room without covering your head, with only wearing one pair of gloves and with your feet exposed? You would do that?

          FRIEDEN: Absolutely. More is not always better….

          CDC had the statutory authority and the DUTY to step in and place a highly qualified individual in charge of the Dallas fiasco. They did not.

          Legal Authorities for Isolation and Quarantine
          Under section 361 of the Public Health Service Act (42 U.S. Code § 264), the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services is authorized to take measures to prevent the entry and spread of communicable diseases from foreign countries into the United States and between states.

          The authority for carrying out these functions on a daily basis has been delegated to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

          In the first real crisis this nation has faced Obama was out on the golf course, and I mean that literally instead of doing his job. ONLY when a Union started screeching did he actually step in and start doing his job.

          Meanwhile the press is busy blaming Republicans for budget cuts to the CDC. (Cuts Obama purposed while Republicans INCREASED the amount) When that backfired they blamed Gov. Perry.

          (note the cuts came in the two years the Democrats had full control) Also the CDC made the allocation and NOT Congress.

          The Congressional allocation:

        • rishrac says:

          Yea, but they can stop Ebola in it’s tracks. And we wash our hands here so no worries. It’s so hard to catch Ebola that people in hazmat suits must be really sloppy. …

          The government is determined to get rid of us. They’ve lost the debate on climate change, so now they brought in Ebola. There have been Ebola outbreaks before. I skip all the in between stuff and look at the result. The end result of CAGW is to shut us down. There is no new technology to replaced FF. And the asinine statements by the CDC are also in line. In fact the CDC used the same exact wording as the CAGW people on the expanding ice in Antarctica, when the nurses came down ill…. ” it’s what we expected..”
          The thing about Ebola, it waits for them too. It reminds me of the French revolution when they were cutting heads off by the dozens. One guy who had sent a bunch of people to their deaths was also caught up in the frenzy, and on his way to have his height lowered, he called out to the guy who sent him there ” the guillotine waits for you too” I used to know it in French but have forgotten

        • Gail Combs says:

          Tel says: “…I’m not normally pro-union but it is in everyone’s interest to avoid accidental contamination. Nurses have a right to the best safety equipment we can get them….”

          Tel, I completely agree. I saw this at the NYT:
          Changes to Ebola Protection Worn by U.S. Hospital Workers

          The CDC was recommending Level 1 – one pair of gloves, no cover knees down, no shoe cover, no full face cover just mask and goggles! The medics in Africa Catching the disease were using Level 4!

          1. Gloves

          Original C.D.C. guidance The gloves come off first. The rest of the disrobing process can be done with bare hands. A bare hand can safely pull off a glove by slipping it under the wristband.

          The hospitals: Workers at some hospitals use two pairs of gloves so that the inner pair remains on during the disrobing process.

          I hope the nurses involved sue the crap out of CDC Director Tom Frieden! This level of incompetence is criminal and should be treated as such. Frieden better pray both of those nurses recover and no one else comes down with Ebola due to the CDC’s mishandling of the problem.

          The newest from Huff ‘n Puff: Tom Frieden Admits Officials Don’t Know How Ebola Transmission Occurred

          Sorry for keep bringing this up but it is a great weapon against the shear idiocy of this Admin. and it could not have happened at a better time for Republicans. Most people can understand that the CDC did not do the minimum required to protect Americans and that during this crisis Obama was playing golf… Literally!

          Obama Plays 200th Round of Golf as 2nd Ebola Case Emerges He was on his way to play golf when the Duncan Ebola news broke too and interupted his plans for about ten minutes to make a phone call and then off to the golf course he went.
          Can’t find the original link but Flopping Aces sums it up nicely:

        • rishrac says:

          The nurses didn’t wash their hands. That’s how the director of the CDC described “stopping Ebola in it’s tracks” . These people are beyond stupid. Hi, I just worked with an Ebola patient, don’t feel well, and I think I’ll get on an airplane. I find the level of craziness to be over the top. She had to ask? No level of concern for anybody. And evidently not even for her family. I’d send her to Plum Island.

    • Old Goat says:

      There is a large area of low pressure in mid-Atlantic. Nothing special, nothing unusual, and nothing spectacular expected to be spawned from it that would have any notable bearing on the weather in the Former UK, despite what the alarmist main-stream media would have everyone believe.

      Mind you, the Met Office will no doubt be labelling the milder temperatures resulting from the south-westerly flow that will become established, as “extreme”.

  4. omanuel says:

    For sixty-four years government successfully deceived the public before Climategate emails finally revealed the fraud in Nov 2009.

  5. 1957chev says:

    Their propaganda and lies, have to change with the weather. That’s why they decided to simply call it climate change. No matter what Mother Nature serves up, it is our fault! 😉

  6. SMS says:

    Wait a minute! I’m looking at the picture above and I’m seeing PARADISE. Maybe we need to rethink CAGW. sarc/off

  7. Anything is possible says:

    Coldest UK winter since satellite measurements of Arctic Sea Ice began? Looks like 1979 to me :

    So where was the globally-warmed melted sea ice in 1979?

  8. Robertv says:

    meanwhile Down Under

    New South Wales in Australia has been hit by a freak snow storm leaving thousands of people without power and motorists stranded in floodwater.

    Gale force winds whipped up surf with six-metre waves off the coast of Sydney, while all flights in and out of Sydney airport were cancelled, delayed or were diverted.

    The storm blanketed the Blue Mountains with snow and the State Emergency Service said it had received 1,629 calls for assistance, 73 from people stranded in floodwaters.

  9. tom0mason says:

    For all those interrested in dissecting the propaganda the ‘IPCC Working Group II Contribution to AR5’ update has been released. Available at and as a 96Mb pdf download.

  10. tom0mason says:

    Cant wait for that CO2 to warm things up a bit, sure do need it right now.
    But even IPCC HC4 modeled world does see any till 2050 (maybe)

  11. Adam Gallon says:

    Is the answer
    a) It’s changed due to an advancement in science meaning new evidence shows we were wrong
    b) We’re making it up as we go along

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