The Most Important Thing Is To Punish Americans

Obama doesn’t care what other countries do about CO2, but it provides him an excuse to punish Americans.

Likewise, he won’t place any restrictions on travellers from Ebola ravaged countries, but will place them on Americans.

CDC considers adding names of health workers monitored for Ebola to no-fly list

It is never about actual problem solving, and always about getting even with the evil American people.


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20 Responses to The Most Important Thing Is To Punish Americans

  1. Chewer says:

    Another good way to even the playing field is to send your best military personnel to the virus ravaged area, so they can come home to spread the wealth.

  2. dfbaskwill says:

    The first words from Dr. Freiden(stein) at the very first giddy News Conference on Ebola were “We are delighted…”

  3. If it nabs just one Nurse Ratched, it’s worth it.

  4. Pathway says:

    Obama is nurse ratchet.

  5. nielszoo says:

    And another +1.

    The terrifying thing is that I truly believe that he is using this disease as an excuse to take more power and freedoms away from us and that he is intentionally making things worse. That is the level of trust I have with our government today… and that’s really sad and really scary.

    • Ed Martin says:

      Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%.
      The rich don’t need to rely on government for medical care, personal security, homes, parks or education—they can buy all these things for themselves. In the process, they become more distant from ordinary people, losing whatever empathy they may once have had.

      • Ideally, the poor should not have to rely on the state for these things, either.


        • Ed Martin says:

          Billionaires worry about the government becoming strong enough to take money away from them, same for the middle class, so they keep them as weak as possible and blessings of tax cuts. Here is an old toon about the rich screwing the poor, looks like it could have been drawn this century. They were doing the eugenics movement for nearly forty years here in the USA. That is what is baffling to me, why if they all were in on it do we keep voting for them?
          If Ebola could do the dirty work, well, bet the hospital is owned by a wealthy weasel that keeps costs down as much as possible.

          I know that this is very different, but what do you think about it?

        • Dear Ed,

          You are a good man and Denmark is a lovely country. It’s worth visiting—if you can afford it. You may even decide to have a beer, at 35-50 kroner. Denmark is also worth learning about. The country has one minor problem*) but a solution may have been found. Here is a primer:

          ”Kan sex redde Danmarks fremtid?

          Can sex save Denmark’s future?

          Denmark faces a problem. The birth rate is at a 27-year low and there are not enough children being born to support the ageing population.
          The Danish government has not found a solution. But there has to be one.

          Book your holiday with our ovulation discount. Get it on.
          And prove you conceived a child to win a 3-year supply of baby stuff and a child friendly holiday.
          But what if you already did your duty?
          Of what if your chance of conceiving a child isn’t so high?
          Well look at it this way… it’s not just about winning all the fun is in the participation.

          Participate in the competition.”



          *) Personally, I think the above view is shortsighted and unduly pessimistic. Denmark has excellent future prospects. The kingdom has Greenland. If James Lovelock was wrong when he said he was wrong and global warming will kill off the Danes in Denmark as he originally predicted, the few surviving human breeding pairs will be on the north coast of Greenland and they may include your Danish schoolteacher who seems to be preserving herself to save the Kingdom when duty calls. If I were you, I’d try to stake out a piece of the Greenland glacier while it’s cheap. The Danish blondes are coming, ready to breed.

        • I thought I might be able to get somewhere with you. Clearly I was wrong. Out of respect for our host, I will refrain from telling you what I think of your Communist propaganda.

        • Send Al To The Pole says:

          Ed Martin – The real world isn’t that simple. The promises of redistribution actually result in consolidation of power and wealth, and impoverishment of the working class. Left wing governments aren’t necessarily the adversary of the oligarchs.

          The Danish schoolteacher story is classic propaganda. I have friends in Europe, and the “free” health care isn’t free, or anything to write home about. For a badly decayed tooth, the “free” part of the health care system may only pay to pull it out. It’s a standing joke among Brits that their dental care is pathetic. If you have cancer, you may as well call Kervorkian.

          According to Wiki, the Danes are some of the best compensated in Europe, but the joy ride may be nearing its end. 61K isn’t squat in an expensive place like Denmark.

          The mirage of socialist nirvana isn’t possible. It’s a promise of something for nothing. There are terrific opportunities here in the states, but you need to adapt and move with the opportunities. There are places in the US where you can buy a home for the price of a car payment. So what if you can’t live in San Francisco on teacher pay? Who says you should?

          There are a lot of people with modest incomes driving new BMW’s in the USA. Not so in Denmark. With Danish auto sales and registration taxes near 100% of the price of a car, you’d better want a skimpy no name compact.

          She says they can get free health care. So can we. My local hospital will take me with or without insurance. I was just scheduled for a surgery there ONE DAY after I saw my doctor, and my health care plan paid all but a few hundred bucks. The price was quite reasonable for first class care.

          She says they have a pension at 65? We can draw SSI at 62. I have a separate pension from my employer, and I can draw it at 55.

          But let’s not forget taxes. This is what CNN says about Denmark:
          “At 60.2%, Denmark last year had the highest top personal income tax rate among the 34 countries in the OECD, an organization of developed and emerging countries. And that 60.2% applied to income over roughly $55,000. That’s a bigger bite than wealthy Californians face on their paychecks and other earned income.”

          HOLY SHIT! What’s left? The car this chick is driving must be a used Yugo. Like every claim of socialism, this teacher story is a mirage. The US does have problems coming, and when they do, it will be at the hands of the socialists trying to “save” us.

  6. Psalmon says:

    The community organizer at work: first create a crisis.

    • Ivan says:

      Never attribute to conspiracy that which is adquately explained by incompetence.

      • B says:

        Incompetence would at worst* randomly either increase or diminish government. Over the last century government size power always increases year over year. At practically every turn those in government, those close to government, and most importantly those who influence government have grown in wealth and in power. That’s well beyond random chance, and directly opposite to the way things should go with incompetent people and thus not due to incompetence.

        *it should diminish government in our lives. Once proven incompetent they are removed from doing the things they’ve failed at.

  7. Donna K. Becker says:

    We know that the Community Organizer is not stupid; therefore, another explanation must apply, such as evil, conspiracy, or the like.

  8. BallBounces says:

    For someone as great as Obama, America is just a small pond; presidency of the world is more fitting his greatness.

  9. Mike D says:

    There are 24 countries in Africa with travel restrictions, which is the reason this is confined to 3 countries, and not a dozen. When it got to Senegal and Nigeria, they stamped it out because they didn’t let any more infected people in, and they traced contacts. The neighboring countries closed borders months ago, and flight restrictions went in months ago. Luckily the leaders in many countries in Africa don’t listen to the “experts” who see no value in travel restrictions.

    It is also comical that those who say there shouldn’t be travel restrictions understand the importance of quarantine for people who might spread it.

    • there is no substitute for victory says:

      Grow up and face facts. The Obama Administration has dozens if not 100s or 1,000s who have gone on record endorsing plagues like Ebola to reduce the Earth’s human population by 90% or more. Obama Science Czar and his Deputy Dr. Peter Singer are two of these so called Czars. Singer in the first edition of his book on the subject even wants to extend the civil right to be aborted to healthy 3 year old children. Ted Turner of TBC and CNN fame is another such crackpot.

      Obama himself views Ebola like it’s a ‘cat-o-nine-tails’ useful to scourge and drive the American Body Politic in the direction that the left wing crack pots wants it to go.

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