Climate Disruption!

In the good old days, we always used to have exactly the right amount of major hurricanes, floods, storm surges, heat waves, cold snaps, F3-F5 tornadoes and forest fires every year.

Climate disruption has disrupted all of the previously undisrupted extreme weather we used to have before climate disruption disrupted the climate.


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5 Responses to Climate Disruption!

  1. Today makes 3,281 days since the last major hurricane made landfall in the United States.

    I keep asking the true believers at what CO2 concentration we could expect no hurricanes, tornadoes, floods or droughts but they tell me that lowering CO2 wouldn’t stop those things. I keep wondering how they know which ones are because of high CO2 levels and which ones aren’t.

  2. I think we have been experiencing climate discombobulation

    • Remember, “the Earth has a fever“, which we have allegedly given it.

      In other words, they are now openly referring to us as viruses.

      No wonder they’ve been so pugilistic. Who wants to be friendly with a virus!?


  3. SMS says:

    Don’t you just miss those F-5 hurricanes? Oh for the good ole days.

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