Big Trouble Ahead For Arctic Alarmists

With eastern Arctic ice above normal, total ice extent will be very close to the 1981-2010 mean in a few weeks. Might even go above the mean. Look for a spectacular ramp up of Arctic lies this autumn from government funded experts.

N_daily_extent (3)


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16 Responses to Big Trouble Ahead For Arctic Alarmists

  1. Randall_G says:

    I concur, Steve, that new lies will have to be spewed as the ice grows to try to spin the growth into some sort of warming magic/anomaly. I am not at all versed in statistics (hence my nickname at the tracks and poker tables is “Donor”). Is it possible to graph the increase in ice to the number of outright warmanista lies, misdirections, cherry picking and junk science from a picked set of AGW sites, such as The Guardian,, SKS and others of that disreputable ilk that will attempt to explain it away as a result of warming? And perhaps a special graph just for Gore and Kerry!

    • Phil Jones says:

      They’ll just focus on something else …

      For instance. .. we already had to endure this blubber week long end of the Walrus coverage… California droughts… droughts will be highlighted… We’ve had to listen to crap about slushy underpinnings in Antarctica. .. which could all slide into the ocean and raise sea level at any minute…

      I predict they will simply ignore the Arctic…

  2. Psalmon says:

    Has anyone heard how the “melting” flights went up in Alaska? It looks like ice in the Beaufort sea is around normal, so it will be interesting when the PR release comes out.

    I’m guessing the Walrus nonsense and their flights in the dark up there are coordinated, so we know the results. Just curious.

  3. Dmh says:

    I was expecting the Arctic ice to reach average levels, but more at the end of the year.
    The present abnormally cold conditions of the N. Atlantic and Pacific

    probably due to the present N. Polar vortex,

    seem to be accelerating the process.

  4. Hopey Changey the Kenyan Commie says:

    Kindof thought this year might return to the median…at least until they adjust it.

  5. KTM says:

    Just more “global weirding”. It sure is weird to have average temps, average ice extent at the north pole, above average snowcover in the northern hemisphere, record sea ice in the southern hemisphere, etc, when the planet has a fever…

  6. Andy Oz says:

    But you’re referring to old, GOP voting, white ice that clings to its guns. The arctic has a vast shortage of democratic, progressive, carbon black ice.

  7. richard says:

    The Russians, already looking to the future, are building the next generation of Nuclear powered icebreakers, bigger and more powerful than before.

    • there is no substitute for victory says:

      Little good a new ice breaker will do you if the ocean is frozen the foam to the floor like happened at Nome, Alaska during the Winter of 2012 & 2013. Even Nuclear powered icebreakers need liquid water to break ice and make headway.

      Even the little shirtless Fascist Vlad Putin or his doppelganger Benito Mussolini can’t make that train run on time.

  8. Ragtag Media says:

    What ever became of the “Rowers”?

  9. Brian D says:

    Look how much ice they show in the Kara Sea the next day. You posted the 18th and this is the 19th. Even a little extra showed up in the southern end of the Greenland Sea.

  10. emsnews says:

    It is going to be a cold decade.

    The National Geographic which has been taken over by the Warmists has yet another ‘we are roasting to death’ article this month about the California drought. It is saying this is as bad as the 1930’s which is totally demented.

    They will ignore the Arctic AND the Antarctic now that both are gripped by increasing ice heading fast towards records last seen in the Little Ice Age.

  11. Brian D says:

    Here’s MASIE graphs for the Kara and Barents Sea’s. Compared with the last 4 years, a lot more ice in these regions.
    Kara Sea
    Barents Sea

  12. Anything is possible says:
  13. Pops says:

    So much for Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Alteration (CACA)…

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