2002 : Jerry Brown Sued George Bush To Stop Sea Revel Rise

2 Western Cities Join Suit to Fight Global Warming
Published: December 24, 2002

Mayor Jerry Brown of Oakland, who is a former governor of California and a former presidential candidate, said in an interview today that the suit was necessary because “there’s been such an abject failure on the part of the Bush administration to protect the people of this country from the seriously deleterious effects of climate disruption.”

The Oakland city council, which voted on Dec. 17 to join the suit, contends that global warming could cause the sea levels to rise, putting the city’s groundwater aquifers at risk of saltwater contamination and threatening to flood the airport and sewer systems.

2 Western Cities Join Suit to Fight Global Warming – NYTimes.com

The tide gauge at Oakland reports no sea level rise since George W Bush was born in 1946. Facts and progressives are mutually exclusive.

ScreenHunter_360 Oct. 20 07.38 Data and Station Information for ALAMEDA (NAVAL AIR STATION)

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16 Responses to 2002 : Jerry Brown Sued George Bush To Stop Sea Revel Rise

  1. Well, of course there will be stations showing no SLR. All that water for the two aquatic mountains in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans has to come from somewhere!

  2. bobmaginnis says:

    Alameda is an island, not Oakland. Plenty of rise in San Francisco

    or Pt. Reyes:

    • Like I said Bob, the water for the mountains has to come from somewhere! If there are aquatic mountains now, then there must also be aquatic valleys. Alameda is clearly in an aquatic valley. Shall we have a celebration, since we’re both so brilliant??

    • You can’t possibly be that stupid.
      The Golden Gate Bridge tide gauge is on fill dirt, and is sinking. Water seeks a level surface. Sea level can’t vary in different parts of the Bay.

      The stupidity of progressives seems to be infinite.

      • No, Tony, the most “likely” explanation is that Oakland is the beneficiary of a couple of highly advanced, “progressive” politicians who have mastered the art of moving seawater around with their mind, and are using it to reward their friends and “punish [their] enemies”.

      • bobmaginnis says:

        Is Pt. Reyes sinking too? Best to look at the overall sea level rise instead of picking your favorite station:


        • gator69 says:

          “… shows that the block between the San Andreas and San Gregorio fault zone is subsiding at a long-term rate of about 0.2–0.3 mm/yr, with the maximum subsidence occurring northwest of the Golden Gate in the area of a mapped transtensional basin.”

          Click to access ci2010May2517435742680Ryan_SAF_step.pdf

          P.R. Is clearly part of this region, of you know how to read a map.

        • wayne says:

          Hey, now that’s one nice computer generated fantasy there! Rel4 I see, very nice!

          CU rocks (and it’s legal now!) in that area of expertise, leading the country onto new visions of utopia and grand catastrophes. (psst.. pass the joint on down the line bob)

          Just kidding and being more serious bob, it does seem Point Reyes is subsiding:

          “San Francisco Bay, marshes largely developed from organic- or peat-rich clay materials that rapidly
          compacted once levees were constructed between the 1860s and 1960s. The base elevation of diked marshes
          in San Francisco Bay is often 7- to 12- feet below that of undiked areas, and subsidence is even greater in the
          Sacramento Delta, often ranging between 15- to 20-feet.”

          Maybe read more, I’m just not that familiar with the topography of Pt. Reyes but it is thoroughly described within. That is definitely an entire area in vertical flux, without a doubt.

          Click to access planning_giacomini_wrp_eiseir_final_2007_ch3_text_sec2.pdf

        • bobmaginnis says:

          gator, so “…subsiding at a long-term rate of about 0.2–0.3 mm/yr,,” but the gauge shows about 2 mm/yr. Anyway, the graph above tells the story.
          Pt Reyes:
          another source
          11.Total Steric Sea Level Anomaly (0-2000 meters) layer

        • That graph is completely fraudulent

        • gator69 says:

          Hey Bob! You were just educated on local subsidence and fraudulent data torture. That graph tells a tale alright! 😆

        • Jl says:

          That it’s allegedly rising proves absolutely nothing as to the cause of such rising, which is the whole ballgame, correct?

    • gator69 says:

      Land subsidence in the Santa Clara Valley, Alameda, San Mateo, and Santa Clara counties, California
      1971, Poland, Joseph Fairfield
      USGS Open-File Report: 71-340

      Some grownup reading for little Bobby.

    • nielszoo says:

      … measured from land (fill and otherwise) that routinely has vertical displacements from temblors that completely cover the Y axis range of your chart by 200 percent or more. Filled areas routinely settle more during tectonic events. Please tell me you are not ignorant enough to trust a shore mounted sea level gauge ANYWHERE in CA.

  3. Steve Case says:

    There are 32 tide gauges on the West coast and 24 of them have records back to at least 1985 and since then 21 of them have shown negative sea level rise, including San Francisco which is negative since 1981.

    Sta# Station                     Negative Sea Level Rise

    1633 Cherry Pt                 Since 1986
     384 Ocean Labs              Since 1992
     385 Neah Bay Always     Since 1935
    2127 Port Angeles            Since 1976
    1325 Port Townsend         Since 1991
     127 Seattle                       Since 1992
    1354 Toke Pt                     Since 1979
     265 Astoria Always           Since 1925
    1196 South Beach             Since 1982
    1269 Charleston II              Since 1981
    1640 Port Orford                 Since 1990
     378 Crescent City              Always Since 1933
    1639 Humboldt                   Never Negative since 1985
    2125 Arena Cove                Always Since 1972
    1394 Pt Reyes                    Since 1993
      10 San Francisco             Since 1981
    437 Alameda                      Since 1977
    1352 Monterey                   Since 1980
     508 Port San Luis              Since 1978
    2126 Santa Barbara           Since 1977
     377 Santa Monica             Since 1992
     245 Los Angeles                Since 1991
     256 La Jolla                       Never Negative since 1925
     158 San Diego                   Never Negative since 1906


  4. Alec, aka daffy duck says:

    Pretend for a second that you believe co2 causes global warming and contributes to sea level rise…. Ground water extraction in California contributes more to sea level rise than all the coal fired power plant combined:

    “A team of researchers reports in Nature Geoscience that land-based water storage could account for 0.77 millimetres per year, or 42%, of the observed sea-level rise between 1961 and 2003. Of that amount, the extraction of groundwater for irrigation and home and industrial use, with subsequent run-off to rivers and eventually to the oceans, represents the bulk of the contribution…”

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