Celebrating 35 Years Of Climate Scientists Misleading The Public

Climate scientists love 1979, because it was very cold and allows them to create wildly misleading graphs which conflate one leg of a cycle with a long-term linear trend. In the private sector this is called fraud, but in government it allows you to claim you won the Nobel Prize.

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22 Responses to Celebrating 35 Years Of Climate Scientists Misleading The Public

  1. omanuel says:

    Thank you, Steven, for using your analytical ability to detect and your verbal ability to communicate the web of deceit that silently engulfed government science after WWII.

  2. Eliza says:

    This is a crucial very important posting as it shows that in fact there has been no warming from way before and nearly all the temperature trend postings postings by both warmist (Schmitdt ect) and lukewarmers (Monckton, Lucia, WUWT, Jo Nova) are basically irrelevant

  3. rishrac says:

    I’m going to go eat a hamburger now, maybe two. Before cows are banned. No kidding. I’m not even going to list the dot org so they don’t get traffic. But it seems the food we eat is causing the planet to become dangerously warm. A little off topic but the alarmists continue on a wide front.

    • omanuel says:

      You are right. The entire globe is now engulfed in evil darkness, just as George Orwell warned when he started writing “Nineteen Eighty-Four” in 1946, a few months after the UN was formed on 24 Oct 1945.

      • rishrac says:

        Interestingly, the telescreens were put in for our protection, Mao took power in 1948. Orwell didn’t have to imagine it. Mao was already doing most everything in the book, except for telescreens and online content that can and does disappear, and reappear. Mao was in control of the media.

    • Bernal says:

      Happy to see you are down for the struggle. DO mind the gall bladder though, a consequence of a high fat diet. Unpleasant and may leave a mark in the form of surgical scars.
      Eat only one burger but drive across town for it!

      • rishrac says:

        drive cross country for it. There is a steakhouse in Amarillo, TX. Oh, what the heck, fire up my private jet, I feel like having some lobsters in Maine. Wanna come? I can write it off as a business expense. We can talk about climate change.
        Stress and lack of exercise isn’t me.

  4. mpcraig says:

    What document does that IPCC sea ice chart come from?

  5. Nate says:

    Can you explain this dataset to me, Mr. Goddard?

  6. Tom In Indy says:

    Headline: Warming Earth heading for hottest year on record

    Money Quote:
    Some people, mostly non-scientists, have been claiming that the world has not warmed in 18 years, but “no one’s told the globe that,” Blunden said. She said NOAA records show no pause in warming.

    Propaganda, pure and simple. They stick it on yahoo so it shows up on tens of millions of sheeple’s homepage. No one in the mainstream refutes it, so lies become truth.

  7. markstoval says:

    What I want to know is why these people continue to spew this nonsense after others point out we see the cheat. Is it because the government propaganda organs are all working together and they know the common man will never get the truth? (ah, but the internet is here now)


    • It is because they know we are playing a game that is pre-rigged in our favor, and they believe that we lack the gastric fortitude to get out and demonstrate, picket, pass petitions and deliver millions of signatures to government, take steps to insulate our children from their lies and deceptions, and make the other sacrifices that are necessary to truly discredit them in the minds of the average voter.

      Another rigging is they plan to flood the country with tens of millions more of immigrants who align with their political agenda, and most of those folks are far more pragmatic in the sense that they really don’t care whether it’s truth or lies; they’ve been brought up that any old excuse for revolution will do, as long as it gets results. They have psychologists who do tests for the purpose of political forecasting, and these folks are telling them that they’ve got it in the bag, all they have to do is stay the course a little longer while the demographics continue to shift, and they will win. Then, they can rewrite all the history to remove the most blatant examples of lies and insanity.


      • Sorry, not “our favor” but “their favor”. RTF

      • I should also perhaps point out that many of them believe that the Civil Rights Movement never ended, because they believe it hasn’t yet achieved all of its goals; and these folks see this expected victory on energy policy as the culmination of that struggle, when they can finally rest from the work that they set out to do so long ago.


        • nielszoo says:

          The civil rights movement has not yet achieved all the goals the Progressives wanted out of it… like making sure all the “races” were at each others throats while they fixed everything up with ever increasing government control and ever decreasing freedom, family stability, self reliance, religion, honor and the other evil trappings of our “former” Republic.

        • Hey, Neil. That may be a compelling way to look at it, but the majority of women and ethnic minorities see the history of civil rights as an ongoing battle between good and evil. When they read your words, they don’t actually see your words. You know what they see?

          “Blah, blah, blah, blah.”

          You know what their reaction is?

          “SOUR GRAPES.”
          “Cry me a river!”
          “Talk to the hand!”
          “It’s all right, it doesn’t matter what you believe any more. You can’t stop history, and you’re on the losing side of it.”

          Our mission, should we choose to accept it, is to speak directly to these people who truly believe that we withhold energy and wealth from them because we want all the power for ourselves; to speak directly to these people, face to face, and if possible, convince them that they are, and always have been, wrong about us. Why is this hard? Because so many people who have shared many of our views have a long history of behaving differently toward them. We come in at this late date with the message, “Wait, you’re all wrong about us. We’ve never been what you believe we are!” You know what they think? “Dudes finally figured out they’re not going to win this time, and they’ll try anything, even an 11th-hour ‘conversion’, to get us to drop our guard. NOT THIS TIME. This is our moment, this is our time. Time for them to sit down for a while.”

          Our task is to reach out to these folks who’ve been told all this since they were in elementary school, and try to change their mind about climate and energy. Knowing that everything we say is processed through the filter of “He’s probably lying to me.” Because that’s been their perception throughout the entire movement that they’ve been participating in.


    • Dave N says:

      They live in hope that people won’t see the cheat, or attempt to silence those who broadcast it. Fortunately, they’re losing.

  8. Andyj says:

    Come on Steve!!
    We all know you are cherry picking 1979 just to make your point.

  9. Andy Oz says:

    These gits have successfully poisoned the words “Climate” and “Science” and turned them into politico-speak like “Security”, “Global” and “Deterrence”. These government “climate scientists” deserve nothing but scorn and repudiation for the following reasons:
    1. They are repeaters who cannot (or are not allowed to) think for themselves.
    2. They are manipulated by elites who benefit massively from new fear spawned laws either monetarily or with increased political power.
    3. They intentionally fabricate/delete/ignore data to fit the agenda – Global Warming.

    The ultimate aim of the agenda is control. Control via increased regulation, taxes and higher energy costs. Free markets, new technology and competition fundamentally drive costs lower to benefit the poor and middle class and improve the standard of living and personal freedom. These outcomes do not benefit the elites (financial or political). They need sheep, not independent free thinking individuals with a strong community spirit.

    Every time these “climate” moles pop up their heads, its a free hit in the Whack-a-mole game.
    One day the word “science” will be reclaimed by those who respect knowledge and innovation. Until then “Non-compliance” with the agenda by brave individuals and groups (like Tony, Bill Gray, Jennifer Marohassy, Jo Nova and Patrick Moore and the rest of you) will continue to drive the gits mad, and in that I truly rejoice.

  10. Jason Ellis says:

    Climate changes are very unpredictable nowadays, maybe they really messed up the universe!

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