NCDC Turns America’s 17th Coldest Year Into An Above Average Year

ScreenHunter_3879 Oct. 20 17.11

NCDC shows January-September 2014 as being warmer than normal, but the thermometer data it comes from shows the same period as being the 17th coldest on record.

ScreenHunter_3881 Oct. 20 17.28

They accomplish this impressive piece of propaganda by massively cooling the past, to create the appearance of a non-existent warming trend.

ScreenHunter_3883 Oct. 20 17.33

Two thirds of the country has been very cold. But facts aren’t important when your job is to generate propaganda.


Lake Superior obliterated all records for ice this year, which NCDC says is warmer than normal.

ScreenHunter_3888 Oct. 20 17.57

The frequency of 100 degree days was near a record low this year, yet NCDC says it was a hot year.

ScreenHunter_3889 Oct. 20 18.01

The frequency of nights below 0F was the six highest on record this year, yet NCDC says it was a hot year.

ScreenHunter_364 Oct. 20 22.00

The frequency of 90 degree days was near a record low this year, yet NCDC says it was a hot year.

ScreenHunter_3897 Oct. 21 03.46

“He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”

― George Orwell, 1984

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21 Responses to NCDC Turns America’s 17th Coldest Year Into An Above Average Year

  1. geran says:

    You have represented well how NOAA lies gets confused. But, this is almost unbelievable.

  2. Ron says:

    I don’t think it is a slow news day. They MUST make climate change the biggest threat to mankind in order to proceed with their agenda. But folks aren’t buying it so be prepared for the media to bombard us with these stories until “we get it”. At least that is their plan. Also, fema is now requiring states to come up with their own climate change mitigation plan or else they will lose federal funding. I have a feeling that this is about something more than climate change.

  3. tom0mason says:

    Hopefully the penny will drop for the public.
    You will know when it starts as the cartoons in newspapers, stand-up comedians, and talk-show hosts will start making jokes about the alarmists stupidity. I hope this starts before January, when everyone just realizes that it’s another very cold winter is upon them. President zero and his crew will then get flushed clean through the U-bend by then.

    Well I live in hope.

  4. Andy DC says:

    Warm, cold or in between, every month is the hottest on record and every year is the warmest on record. Record snow, record ice, it is always the warmest on record. This is not just a scam, it is the biggest scam on record.

  5. Frank K. says:

    So how does NCDC square this with the satellite data??? Are the satellites all of a sudden wrong now? This is truly bizarre…

  6. So, should they now be known as the National Center for Data Concoction?

  7. Ron C. says:

    “The future is certain. It is only the past that keeps changing.”
    Soviet saying.

  8. Brian G Valentine says:

    There is no oversight here – NOAA is an authority unto itself, NASA and FDA goof up sometimes but at least they have independent panel reviews, so do NAS reports that have been paid for by other agencies, anyway.

  9. Kalle says:

    Adjusting the past temperature record is neccessary. Otherwise, you have a cooling bias:
    From Menne et al. (2009):
    “… there has been
    a widespread conversion from afternoon to morning
    observation times in the HCN. Prior to the 1940s,
    for example, most observers recorded near sunset in
    accordance with U.S. Weather Bureau instructions.
    Consequently, the U.S. climate record as a whole
    contains a slight positive (warm) bias during the first
    half of the century. A switch to morning observation
    times has steadily occurred since that time to satisfy
    operational hydrological requirements. The result has
    been a broad-scale reduction in mean temperatures
    that is simply caused by the conversion in the daily
    reading schedule of the Cooperative Observers. In
    other words, the gradual conversion to morning
    observation times in the United States during the
    past 50 years has artificially reduced the true temperature
    trend in the U.S. climate record (Karl et al.
    1986; Vose et al. 2003; Hubbard and Lin 2006; Pielke
    et al. 2007a).”

    • That is bullshit.

      I have run the same analysis using only stations which took readings during morning or night during July, 1936 – and the slope is identical. TOBS has no effect.

  10. Cheshirered says:

    The pause and almost complete failure of their computer models is killing them. Never mind, they just make stuff up as they go along to keep the gravy train rolling along. A failure now would de-rail the whole charade. ‘Farce’ is not sufficient a word.

  11. Tel says:

    Let’s not forget that the economy was held back from “recovery” because it was such an unusually cold year.

    • Yes, but that was the variant of cold known in greenhouse theory as “hotcold”, which besides being much more dangerous than regular cold of the same temperature, is caused by conservative CO2 emissions.


  12. emsnews says:

    The blizzards are hammering Eurasia/Asia right now and are coming soon to my own neck of the woods.

    We had a normal September after a frigid winter and a very cool summer yet the NOAA maps show us as ‘warmer than usual’ which is effing impossible.

  13. Brian G Valentine says:

    Even card-carrying Communists and other well-recognized consumers of climate porn are not doing much to defend this nonsense from NCDC – they usually do all they can to prop it up

    • Actually, my local morning news, WTVT, the flagship network-owned station of Fox, reported this story this morning, uncritically. Then one of the anchors, pressed the meteorologist for comment. (She must have known that the meteorologist was in disagreement.) And he pretty much punted. The only thing he said was, Welllllll, that effect came from a very small portion of the U.S. land area … our neck of the woods was normal.

      Well that could mean either that the data could be wrong, or that it’s not so big a deal if the data are right. So the argument can be seen favorably on either side of the debate. Which I guess was the point. There is a sharp division on the issue, and if he takes a clear position either way, he loses much of his audience. So the weatherman is the one person who doesn’t want to talk about it, but the anchors are just reporting the NCDC line totally without criticism. Perhaps not with great enthusiasm, but still they reported as fact:

      ‘hottest September since 1880 when this record-keeping began’.

      As fact. Not ‘they say’ or ‘they claim’. Just ‘it is.’ It is clear that an editor made very clear to them that that is how it would be reported, or else. The flagship broadcast station of the Fox news organization.


  14. northernont says:

    By using a dataset, that gives them the excuse to slice and dice the historical temps, it allows more opportunity to influence the final outcome and conclusions. An added bonus is this work requires perpetual interpretation, as the dataset evolves, providing a steady revenue stream for researchers. It takes considerable manpower to convince us that cold means hot and down means up.

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