Fraud Not Limited To The US

Our friends claim that the last six months was the warmest ever, despite record Antarctic sea ice, record Great Lakes ice, 84% growth in Arctic sea ice volume over 2012, near record September snow extent in the Northern Hemisphere, a record cold summer north of 80N, glaciers forming in Scotland, and their own satellites showing that the last six months have been nowhere near the warmest.

Either the freezing point of water has changed, or NASA/NOAA NCDC are lying through their teeth.


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26 Responses to Fraud Not Limited To The US

  1. R. Shearer says:

    Yeah, the debate of greatest significance these days seems to be about whether cables companies should be forced to offer al la carte programming. In the meantime, our borders are wide open allowing criminals to pass freely with no restrictions to impede the flow of drugs, disease or even terrorists.

    We’re sending thousands of troops to West Africa, protecting them with 4 hours of virus training, but little in the way of personal protective gear. (They have the option to buy their own at least). I would like to know the plans for reintegrating them into the populace upon their return. I fear the inevitable failures as demonstrated recently in Texas.

  2. The Iconoclast says:

    Who ya gonna believe, us or your own freezin’ fingers?

  3. Frank K. says:

    “Yeah, the debate of greatest significance these days seems to be about whether cables companies should be forced to offer al la carte programming.”

    That will be irrelevant in a few years. Cable viewership is dropping fast as internet-based content delivery a la Netflix gets more and more widespread. Cable will have no choice. And that will spell the end of CNN, MSNBC, MTV, The Weather Channel…

    • Brian G Valentine says:

      ” … spell the end of CNN, MSNBC, MTV, The Weather Channel…”

      … but where will get out global warming daily news and news about how great Prezident Zero is?

  4. northernont says:

    I still don’t understand the rational for not using RSS temp datasets that study AGW, especially when the data is independently verified by weather balloon measurements around the world. Why they keep using land based thermometer data post 1978 is beyond me.

  5. Justa Joe says:

    I heard this garbage broadcast by ABC radio news. They were claiming warmest September since ~1896, which is the beginning of records. Even the poor sap reading this crap fealt uneasy trying to sell that one.

    It seems they gave him prepared talking points to flesh it out.
    1. The heat isn’t uniform. (That’s why your freezing)
    2. Record low ice extent in artctic (WTF?)
    3. However, record ice extent at arctic 3 years running (only 3?)
    4. This record heat supports those that believe that man is causing climate change.

    Even though this piece of propaganda is ugly if you heard the presenter’s delivery you could tell that the poor guy knew he was selling a real turkey.

    • Justa Joe says:

      ed: you’re freezing

    • gofer says:

      I heard that also and agree with you. The announcer said something like “for those who suffered through the polar vortex, they may be surprised the planet is warming.” Then the lady started saying Sept was warmest ever recorded and listed the hottest years like ’05, ’12 and this year could be warmest. My stomach turned over. They are despicable propagandists.

    • In other words, the Missing Heat has just surfaced again, it is over the Arctic this time, thereby “pushing” the cold over us, and this is all caused by you ruining the climate with your SUV!

  6. BallBounces says:

    Lying? You could be right. I hear their teeth were chattering as they said it.

  7. richard says:

    and in the supposedly hottest year ever-

    bumper agriculture worldwide, even in Australia,

    “Despite forecast falls, both farm production and export earnings in 2014-15 are projected to remain well above the 10 year average,” Ms Schneider said”

  8. dfbaskwill says:

    … That one with the teeth. Probably.

  9. wayne says:

    Just put some ice & water into a glass and checked the freezing point of water. Nope, no change, 32.0°F on the money… so you are right Steven, NASA/NOAA NCDC are lying through their teeth and this time without even one single doubt.

    I will now deduce and predict with great accuracy based on the last 75 years in their adjusted charts that NASA/NOAA NCDC’s 2015 upward adjustments to the global temperature records to be at least +0.0075°C. Of that I also have no doubts. They may double it, they may even quadruple it, but it will be at least of that value. Now they have the chance to prove this sceptical scientist wrong.

  10. Brian G Valentine says:

    I have written to NOAA/Boulder, asking for the unreduced data that produces this “60.3 degrees F for the month of September.”

    I want to check the dates carefully and make sure there is no August data in the mix I am not hopeful for a meaningful response

  11. TomE says:

    We have realized for years that the politicians have a different “truth” for every demographic group they speak to, but now they have so poisoned the government agencies that we can no longer believe even those who provide weather information. When the people no longer have trust or faith in the government, they start to ask why that government is needed and then civil society starts its decline and eventual destruction. Looks like we are well on that path.

    • Brian G Valentine says:

      In the case of NOAA, the whole thing is a pile of Tom Karl flunkies. The good ones are forced out or told to shut up. Same thing happened at EPA. They are accountable to no one.

  12. kirkmyers says:

    The AGWers (aka “climate change” conmen) will continue to try to wear us down with lies — until their prevarications are finally and irretrievably exposed by the watchdog media. [Update: the watchdogs, too, are liars. Seth B., are you reading this?]

  13. geran says:

    As close as I can read the chart, this same period in 1980 RSS MSU LT showed +0.08º. Same season equivalent in 2014 shows +0.05º. That’s 34 years of COOLING!

    (Anyone got a better magnifying glass?)

  14. Andyj says:

    “or NASA/NOAA NCDC are lying through their teeth.”
    They have teeth? I have issues believing that.
    There is a very good reason they can’t have teeth. How else can they sell themselves?

  15. Rud Istvan says:

    No, it is not. The essay When Data Isn’t documents the temperature homogenization problem much more broadly ( and with footnoted explanations as to how and why), with much credit to ‘Steve Goddard’ here and to the many others also researching the subject and providing examples pulled together in this essay in the new ebook Blowing Smoke, foreward by Judith Curry herself.

    Essay contains only stuff that was independently confirmed, and also not methodologically assailable by ‘warmunists’ ( a definition drawing on Vaclav Klaus 2007 Czech book Blue Planet in Green Chains…). Like Maine AGW, 2013 Drd964x compared to 2014 nClimDiv. Something Joe D’Aleo of Weatherbell Analytics accidentally archived that even ‘SG’s’ sharp eyes have overlooked on this blog til now. A damning smoking gun, and utterly irrefutable. Perhaps worth a gander by the partisans here.
    Regards from a fellow traveller who decided years ago to do more than just blog.

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