NCDC Setting A New Record For Data Fabrication In 2014

Not only does NCDC massively tamper with the measured data, but then they spread their UHI/Homogenization corrupted data around to non-existent thermometer readings. nearly 30% of all reported USHCN data is now imaginary.

ScreenHunter_3930 Oct. 22 10.18

Note : I am using a different counting method than in the past. I used to report overage of fabricated data above measured, and am now reporting the percent of all reported data which is fabricated.

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10 Responses to NCDC Setting A New Record For Data Fabrication In 2014

  1. squid2112 says:

    That is one hell of a hockey stick they got going there … was Mann involved?

  2. matayaya says:

    Your being a member of the Dwindling Few, this is how people with half a brain view your data.

  3. Neal S says:

    The great advantage of more imaginary readings is that it makes it easier to fudge the results.
    It increases the wholesale return on the investment on the adjusting of some few facts!

  4. Andy DC says:

    It seems outrageous that they are cutting down on station data. Billions allocated for climate study and they can’t maintain a few thermometers? If not, then just go with the satellite data. But since the satellite data shows a pause, we can’t do that, can we? There has to be massive human intervention to come up with the desired results.

  5. gregole says:

    We are approaching 1/3 of all NCDC data being invented whole-cloth. It is worthless. Use satellite data instead.

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