Sea Level At Miami Up 1 cm Since 1992

In only 2,000 years, sea level will be up one meter in Miami. People better start packing now.

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13 Responses to Sea Level At Miami Up 1 cm Since 1992

  1. Brian G Valentine says:

    All you need is a good La Niña in 2015 and the slope will be zero or negative over the period, evidently.

    Or a very hot summer in the region and the evaporation rate would exceed any thermal expansion ha ha ha

    Politicians there ought to dramatize their “plight” by holding town hall meetings under water in scuba gear. Although South Sea Island charlatans pulled this little stunt a few years back at attempted extortion of the West, they didn’t get much sympathy when they relocated inhabitants to coastal areas that the Government moved them away from

  2. Curt says:

    Alarmists are claiming exponentially increasing sea level rise in Miami:

    Of course, they don’t provide any real link to the source data.

  3. tomwys1 says:

    Satellite measured data is fraught with peril. see The “Ex-NASA” Panel:

    Tide gauges (solidly placed – and that is not always true – look at NYC in the presentation above) work far better when reliably monitored.

  4. Send Al to the Pole says:

    So after 2000 years, it will be like a modestly high tide….

    Except that, 2000 years from now, the interglacial will be over…

  5. Gary H says:

    Only 1 cm in 22 yrs. At that rate by the end of the century sea level in Miami would be a whopping 3.9 cm, or 1.5 in higher than today.

    Swim for your life – recede from the Union – whatever.

  6. PlanetEvans says:

    What a bunch of mindless denier trolls.

    Curt’s about the only one who came close commenting in a meaningful manner…”Of course, they don’t provide any real link to the source data.” He just forgot to apply the rule to you, Little Steven. Where’s the link to your source, hmmmm? See, bcoz NOAA has the real story regarding sea level rise in the Miami, FL area, not this ridiculous fraud you just posted…

  7. LexingtonGreen says:

    Planet Evans, Goddard’s link is post 1992. Your link does not show data for that range. Granted I do wish Steven had posted his source.

  8. LexingtonGreen says:

    Latitude, Miami ended in the 1980s. I wish there was a great source.

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