US Climate Getting Much Less Extreme

Contrary to the nonsensical Climate Extremes Index published by NCDC, the US climate is getting much less extreme.

The graph below plots the average percent of stations which recorded temperatures over 100ºF, or below 0ºF per year.  The most extreme year was 1936, when 75% of stations recorded 100 degree temperatures, and 66% of stations recorded temperatures below 0ºF.

ScreenHunter_3962 Oct. 23 21.56

As you can see, the last twenty years have been the least extreme since the first decade of the last century.

The fraudsters at NCDC count mild weather as being extreme. They rated the winter of 2012 as being the most extreme in history, because the weather was very mild in the US most of the winter. It is straight out of Orwell.

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5 Responses to US Climate Getting Much Less Extreme

  1. Perhaps the focus shouldn’t be on weather extremes, as you’ve proven they’re mild and over hyped. However this shouldn’t take away from the fact that globally the planet is warming, regardless of weather variances in local areas. I think people can sometimes take the term Climate Change too literally, maybe people talk about weather extremes to get people listening. Shame they can’t actually prove too much. This myth-buster’s a good one

    • I hope you realize your link leads to dishonesty and ignorance.
      Get the facts and you will understand that Earth was warmer in the past. At a frequency of roughly 1,000+ years. And yes, that evidence is overwhelming.

  2. Brian G Valentine says:

    Where are all the drooling apes who come around with forced laughter at “deniers” to defend NOAA?

  3. gallopingcamel says:

    Given that Global Warming failed to be “Catastrophic”, the CAGW alarmists are increasingly clutching at straws,

    Al Gore in his “Inconvenient Truth” claimed that hurricanes would get more severe as a result of Global warming. That seemed plausible given the storms of 2004 & 2005 but instead of following Al Gore’s predictions, Mother Nature has produced fewer and less severe hurricanes since.

  4. there is no substitute for victory says:

    In other words in the past when we had extreme deadly hurricanes and super tornado outbreaks, the Global Warming disciples are saying that in the past we had just the right, correct, or appropriate numbers of deadly storms.

    But now that Global Warming has taken a 2 decades long siesta while CO2 rises evermore, the same Global Warming disciples feel cheated and put upon that they can’t point to more destruction caused by the weather than in the past when the warmest say that we had the Goldie Locks amount of deadly storms.

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