Now For The Punch Line

I’ve been doing an experiment the last couple of days to lure in the clueless (like David Appell) and watch them drool when the bell rings.

Yesterday I posted a piece showing that 2014 was the coolest year on the record in the US, because it had the smallest areal coverage of hot weather. This is almost identical to how Arctic sea ice is evaluated.

ScreenHunter_4028 Oct. 25 11.17

Predictably, this brought great wailing and gnashing of teeth from the usual morons. They demanded that “coolness” should be evaluated as the average temperature for the whole year. That approach is idiotic – I will show you why.

1936 had the hottest summer on record in the US. But it also had one of the coldest winters. Taken as an average for the whole year – 1936 appears to be an average year – when in fact it was both one of the hottest and coldest years on record.

The map below shows all of the stations which recorded temperatures below 0F in 1936 – all the way to central Mississippi!

ScreenHunter_4117 Oct. 27 06.19

The following summer brought 110 degree weather to a huge swath of the country as shown below – completely unprecedented.

ScreenHunter_4119 Oct. 27 06.25

Average them all together and 1936 looks like a mild year – when in fact it was the most extreme year in US history.

Average temperature anomaly for the year was just about zero.

ScreenHunter_4114 Oct. 27 06.03

But the average of areal coverage of extremes shows that 1936 was the most extreme year on record. This is a much better measure of extremes than the meaningless average temperature.

ScreenHunter_4115 Oct. 27 06.06

Averaging temperatures can make people look really stupid, and come to really stupid conclusions. They should know better than to show up here intellectually disarmed.

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53 Responses to Now For The Punch Line

  1. Brian G Valentine says:

    duh i’ve ben inteletuchshally challenged sence birf

    good night to Columbia from Arlington

    – Brian

  2. Anyone who thinks we shouldn’t look at extreme temps to better understand trends, is wrong. But the reason is not necessarily easy to see. Personally I think “stupid” is a bit harsh for that. I know you probably get frustrated because you spend a lot of time on tracking down hidden truths and educating people.

  3. Truthseeker says:

    Averages are a mathematical construct and do not exist in this universe. You cannot point to anything in the real world and accurately describe it as an “average”. Averaging data destroys information. In the dogma of alarmism, they also seem to have the effect of destroying intelligence.

    • Global Mean Average Temps are meaningless. We should be looking at climate in terms of grow zones & specific climate regions. The near term goal of climate science should be towards long term agriculture planning. The needless billions spent searching for a holy grail to ward off a mythical problem is insane.

    • BallBounces says:

      An above average comment.

    • Another Ian says:

      Like “An average ranch” exists only in the mind of an “average economist”

    • Scott Scarborough says:

      Oh yea! I have 1.4 kids!

    • soulsurfer says:

      agree! averages are meaningless. say 4 people have 3 apples: 1 person has no apple, the other 3 have one apple. But, on average each has 3/4 apple. However, that’s not true/reality since none of the 4 persons in reality has 3/4 apple. Especially not the person who really has no apple. But, that person should shut up and eat his on average 3/4 apple -that he really doesn’t have though… – the other 3 persons think who have the real apples. This shows how frikin stupid, meaningless, and untrue an average really is.

    • Hawkeye says:

      Best comment besides mine ( on previous blog for this follow up blog ) Right on Truthseeker. People are all off course terribly. Who gives a crap about averages or 1936? What is the dam point to this blog for that year? It is now 2014. That was 78 years ago – DUH. Has absolutely nothing to do with today. Today we are being sprayed and it is officially called – Geo-engineering. That is all you need to know for why nothing is normal, nothing makes sense, nothing is natural, nothing adds up, no two stories are the same blah blah blah. Because they are HIDING it and lying about it and not all are told. EPA knows though. Try calling your local EPA and asking them why we have so many chem-trails now. They told me they have no permission to question this program. ONLY the “climate people” can know and implement it. But the woman did admit that this “geo” is KILLING everything and she told me this fall ( now ) a documentary from EPA would be coming to TV’s to tell this truth soon. LOL…. well I doubt that but still I’m looking for it. How in the world they think they can hide jet planes drawing sky lines all day long all over the earth is beyond sane thinking, but they do and they are and they lie and you all believe it but do not see the skies with your own eyeballs? This is incredible to me to witness. I will pray for your minds. You all need it.

  4. Ivan says:

    show up here intellectually disarmed.
    I suspect that the vast majority of them were never intellectually armed in the first place.

  5. Streetcred says:

    If I put one foot in a bucket of boiling water and the other foot in a bucket of ice water … then on average I should be quite comfortable !

    • And if we average the comments on a day Goddard enraged enough alarmists and progressives, we find that altogether we are a meek and lethargic bunch, with no strong leanings or identifiable positions on anything— just the kind of people who may stand in the buckets for a while before they say anything.

    • emsnews says:

      Like in Monty Python skits! 🙂

  6. Eliza says:

    cant believe this: a “global warming” search in google news yield this: (READ CAREFULLY)

    Global warming has doubled risk of harsh winters in Eurasia …
    The Guardian-13 hours ago

    The risk of severe winters in Europe and northern Asia has been doubled by global warming, according to new research. The counter-intuitive …

    Global warming ‘will make our winters colder’
    The Independent-4 hours ago

    Global Warming Will Lead to Warmer Winters, Study Says
    Guardian Liberty Voice-19 hours ago

    Eco-Freaks Blame Global Warming for Colder Winters
    Dallas Blog (blog)-2 hours ago

    Arctic ice melt seen doubling chance of harsh winter in Europe
    BusinessWorld Online Edition-4 hours ago

  7. Tel says:

    1936 had the hottest summer on record in the US. But it also had one of the coldest winters. Taken as an average for the whole year – 1936 appears to be an average year – when in fact it was both one of the hottest and coldest years on record.

    As I’m sure I have mentioned, we don’t live in an average temperature. If your crops die during a scorching dust bowl summer then following up with a cool winter doesn’t improve things. If you freeze to death because you can’t afford heating and you had an exceptional cold winter then following up with a hot summer won’t bring you back.

  8. Paul Clark says:

    This is good retort to David Appell who tweeted:

    …referring to Appell’s post where he calls Tony liar etc.

  9. geran says:

    Great research and visuals!

    Now, the question remains, “Why such extremes in the same year?”

    • Hawkeye says:

      GEO-ENGINEERING is your answer geran. WAKE UP you guys. My God what is wrong with everyone?????????????????????????? YOU’RE BEING SPRAYED WITH POISON. Right in your face and you do not notice this???!!!! OMG how can this be? FOURTEEN MILLION+ people now know this reality. Get on the bus of truth too. GO to: and learn truth. …………………………………………………………….. Now hear this: About 14 years ago, we were ALL introduced to Geo-engineering via a documentary film by the Discovery Channel titled, “Project Earth”. It was on TV and it is still on DVD at most library’s. ( remember that place? Library’s are still open to learn from ) – Project Earth: “”Saving Earth from the ravages of out-of-control climate change requires radical ideas. Here they are. They are extreme, and they just “might” work.”” (GEO-ENGINEERING is the project’s diagnosis RX )…”Learn how leading edge scientists and geo-engineers are teaming up to deliver a revolutionary way to SHADE the sun as well as create glacier-shielding geotextile reflectors, a sky scraping wind turbine, orbiting solar panels, and take on the largest geo-engineering project ever undertaken.” – “Climate change is real. Solutions need to happen……. to save the planet.” WE PAY FOR IT. HOUSE funds all projects. Why do people vote for these liars?????? LOL, they know, they gave your permission and consent to be sprayed with chemical poisons to reflect sunlight, cool the air, and “try” to save the planet even if it means it kills you, your food or your animals, just save as much of earth as possible…. Problem is, too many side effects coupled with Earth herself trying to release heat to fix her illness and all they do is stifle her tries. So we see as a result, nothing makes sense. Side effects are: environmental die off’s, i.e.- massive fish kills, birds dying, animals dying, people getting sick with all kinds of virus’s and disease’s, plants can’t grow food, droughts, fires from the droughts, etc. etc. Due to the fact that they are NOT God, they have no clue what the hell they are doing, none of their meds ever cure anything only cause massive side effects, geo-engineering has their fingerprints all over it because it too is exactly the same as their chemical meds to not cure but only buy time. Go ahead and try to debunk me you will never be able to do it. The scientists that are in on it, they have written they do not know why politicians do not tell people about this. They said, when people find out they will be very angry and so maybe this is why local police are becoming militarized. To protect “them” from us when we all wake up to this truth. Their words, NOT mine. It is online, public info., in the library’s, NO secret, you just need to do your homework OUTSIDE of the media BS. Oh yea, and it is a “WORLD-WIDE spray program”. THINK about that hard. Blessings.

      • You just said the Earth has a fever.

        Perhaps you have been paying too much attention to Katherine Hayhoe.

        You also said we need to get on the bus of truth, which sounds like something Paul Ehrlich or Elizabeth Warren would say.

        As a Bible-believing Christian, I find it very hard to take your faith seriously, sir.

  10. I asked Appell the question – ‘where in your post do you show/demonstrate/prove Goddard’s graph is an ‘outright lie’? Appell’s answer: ‘Reread my post’.

  11. emsnews says:

    I suspect that when we go into another Ice Age we will have this ‘yo yo’ effect as the sun dithers and shifts to a cooler cycle with periodic isolated bursts of greater sun spot activity before these vanish for 80.000 years or so.

  12. oldfossil says:

    Because I have scoliosis (curvature of the spine) my left leg is 2 inches (50mm) shorter than my right but on average they’re just right.

  13. Curt says:

    The average human has one breast and one testicle…

  14. Anne Ominous says:

    There is an old joke about a guy with his head in the oven and his feet in the freezer. When asked how he was doing, he said, “On average, I’m just fine.”

  15. Where do you get the maps from, Tony?

  16. shazaam says:

    Averaging temperatures can make people look really stupid, and come to really stupid conclusions. They should know better than to show up here intellectually disarmed.

    Well, those believers in CAGW don’t show-up completely unarmed. They do bring their “emotions” and “belief” whilst neglecting utilize any trace of “reasoning” or “logic”. Facts are mean nothing to these believers.

    So, at best, they may be as much as half-armed…. Maybe….

    Explains why the mutterings of these believers might be as sound as the product of a half-wit.

  17. Anything is possible says:

    All post-modern climate science is based on averages that are essentially meaningless. The most egregious example is 240W/m^2.

    • nielszoo says:

      On top of the fact that they arrive at that figure by assuming:

      an oblate spheroid, continually distorted by tidal forces, which is covered by multivariant earth, rock, vegetation, water (fresh, salt and frozen) with a dynamic atmosphere and a massively complex magnetic field induced by molten iron core convection which rotates, precesses and wobbles in a multivariable solar wind… ad nauseam

      – is actually a flat homogenous circle. What could go wrong?

  18. tom0mason says:

    IMO that is has gone wrong when all this averaging, adjusting, and homogenizing of climate records happen. The local variabilities that are governed by the overall climate results are lost in the process. Climate dependent local effects are averaged out of existence, patterns of events are lost in the smearing effect of homogenization. Real climate data is adjusted away, Cumulatively knowedge of local climate precursor effects are lost forever.

  19. Stephen Richards says:

    I used to wind up my colleagues. Some were easy and some were more difficult. I prefered the more difficult because of the challenge.

    Appel is not a serious challenge even for my 9 yr old granddaughter.

  20. Brian H says:

    Averages are informative, if embedded in the range.

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