More Mindless Climate Drivel From The White House

Projected Climate Change

As in other areas, the amount of warming in the Northeast will be highly dependent on global emissions of heat-trapping gases. If emissions continue to increase (as in the A2 scenario), warming of 4.5ºF to 10ºF is projected by the 2080s; if global emissions were reduced substantially (as in the B1 scenario), projected warming ranges from about 3ºF to 6ºF by the 2080s.

Under both emissions scenarios, the frequency, intensity, and duration of heat waves is expected to increase, with larger increases under higher emissions (Ch. 2: Our Changing Climate). Much of the southern portion of the region, including the majority of Maryland and Delaware, and southwestern West Virginia and New Jersey, are projected by mid-century to experience many more days per year above 90°F compared to the end of last century under continued increases in emissions (Figure 16.2, A2 scenario). This will affect the region’s vulnerable populations, infrastructure, agriculture, and ecosystems

Northeast | National Climate Assessment

There isn’t one shred of evidence to support any of this. Summer maximum temperatures in the Northeast have been flat for 60 years, and were much higher from the 1930’s to the 1950’s.

ScreenHunter_4164 Oct. 28 00.42

And the frequency and areal coverage of 100 degree weather was much higher prior to 50 years ago.

ScreenHunter_4165 Oct. 28 00.49ScreenHunter_4163 Oct. 28 00.36

The White House is simply making up propaganda in support of their political agenda.

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11 Responses to More Mindless Climate Drivel From The White House

  1. Truthseeker says:

    “The White House is simply making up propaganda in support of their political agenda.”

    Cue surprise … not!

  2. There’s an A2 scenario and a B1 scenario, but no A1. This was done because the A1 scenario would not alarm the voters, who might confuse it with the steak sauce.

  3. A2 scenario says up to 10 F warmer by 2080. That’s 6 C which is 3 doublings which means we have to double CO2 3 times, 400 –> 800 –> 1600 –> 3200. They actually think we are going to raise CO2 to 3200 by 2080?

    The Obama administration is dumber than a giant box of anencephalic rocks.

  4. I just read the link. Scroll down and they show a picture a pic of a guy sitting on the subway sweating:

    It’s fraud! Judging by the yellow and orange seats he’s sitting on the F train, and I know the F train always has good AC compared to, say, the 1, 2 or 3 train, or the 7 to Flushing, which never has AC. It’s total nonsense. If they are claiming that global warming will mean the AC will stop working on the F train, I call bullshit.

  5. thegriss says:

    I’m trying to get something started..

    I hereby request that all posters now use the acronym CAGNW rather than CAGW

    CAGNW = Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global NOT Warming.

    I’m hoping it will really annoy the alarmista !! 🙂

  6. David says:

    When we are freezing our asses off in 60 years we can burn all thes research papers for warmth.

  7. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:
    With the religion of “Climate Change (most progressive are atheists and need something to believe in) no facts are required. All that matters is their cause!

  8. Theodore White says:

    As usual, the Obama administration has it wrong on the climate.

    Those who are part of the ‘warm-is-bad’ crowd take their coffees warm, they take showers in warm water, and go on vacations to warm locales, but how then is warm bad?

    It is the cold that is bad and that is the world climate we have coming in global cooling, officially beginning in mid-December 2017.

  9. Gail Combs says:

    “… if global emissions were reduced substantially (as in the B1 scenario)….compared to the end of last century under continued increases in emissions (Figure 16.2, A2 scenario)….”

    It is useful to know who exactly was the IPCC Lead Author who wrote those Scenarios. The Climategate e-mails tell us that lead author is Ged Davis VP of Shell oil.

    A2 scenario is the Divided World Scenario.

    Divided World (A2): difficulty in resolving global issues leads to a
    world of autarkic regions…

    In a retreat from the globalising trends of the previous century, the world “consolidates” into a series of roughly continental economic regions. Regions pursue different economic strategies based on the resources and options available to them. Trade within economic regions increases, while trade between regions is controlled by tariff and non-tariff barriers to support the region’s economic strategy. High income regions restrict immigration and impose selective controls on technology transfer to maintain high incomes for their residents. High income regions encourage higher levels of education to increase the productivity of their labour force. They impose restrictions on immigrants, except skilled immigrants, to keep per capita incomes high. They also try to impose selective restrictions on technology transfer to maintain the productivity of their labour force……

    High-income regions without indigenous oil and gas undergo a near-complete conversion to an energy economy based on nuclear or renewable based electricity and synthetic gases and liquids by 2050. India and China adopt these technologies at the largely exhausting domestic coal reserves by 2050. Renewable input, zero waste industry is pioneered in South East Asia and adopted in Europe, minimising mineral and fossil fuel requirements by 2050. Oil and gas-rich regions (North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, Russia) continue to use fossil fuels but towards 2050 the falling cost of renewable technology (wind and biomass in Russia, photovoltaic in the other regions) begins to make them competitive even in these regions…

    CO2 Emissions
    The level of carbon in CO2 emissions for the scenario is 15 billion tons in 2100 as only oil and gas rich regions continue to use fossil fuels.

    B1 is Agenda 21

    – Sustainable Development (B1): in which global agreements and institutions, underpinned by a value shift, encourages the integration of ecological and economic goals….

    The central elements of this scenario family include high levels of environmental and social consciousness, successful governance including major social innovation, and reductions in income and social inequality. Successful forms of governance allow many problems which are currently hard or difficult to resolve to fall within the competency of government and other organisations. Solutions reflect a wide stakeholder dialogue leading to consent on international environmental and social agreements. This is coupled with bottom-up solutions to problems, which reflect wide success in getting broad-based support within communities.

    The concerns over global sustainable development, expressed in a myriad of environmental and social issues, results in the eventual successful management of the interaction between human activities and the biosphere. While no explicit climate policy is undertaken, other kinds of initiatives
    lead to lower energy use, and clean energy systems, which significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Besides cleaning up air quality, there is emphasis on improving the availability and quality of water….

    1. Widespread expansion of natural gas, with a growing role for renewable energy (scenario B1N). Oil and coal are of lesser importance, especially post-2050. This transition is faster in the developed than in the developing countries.

    2. A more rapid development of renewables, replacing coal and oil; the bulk of the remaining energy coming from natural gas (scenario B1R)….

    Seems Obama has the USA directly on target following closely Shell Oil’s plan for the USA.

    Royal Dutch Shell’s CEO Peter Voser recently said that the US and world need to take climate change seriously and increase the use of renewable energy-generating sources, but that ultimately the abundant supplies of natural gas will be the backbone of an immediate cleaner future. As the world’s largest gas producers, both the US and Shell will lead the way.

    “The world needs to follow America’s lead and take full advantage of the cleanest-burning fossil fuel, and that’s natural gas,” Voser said during a speech at a luncheon held by the Boston College Chief Executive’s Club of Boston. “Increased use of natural gas is the biggest single step that the world can take today to begin reducing [carbon dioxide emissions].”…..

    … in 2013 Shell Oil announced plans to use North American natural gas to provide an innovative and cost-effective fuel for its commercial customers. It plans to bring liquefied natural gas (LNG) fuel one step closer for its marine and heavy-duty on-road customers in North America by taking a final investment decision on two small-scale liquefaction units. These two units will form the basis of two new LNG transport corridors in the Great Lakes and Gulf Coast regions. (This decision follows an investment decision in 2011 on a similar corridor in Alberta, Canada). Shell Oil is also working to use natural gas as a fuel in its own operations.

    That year Shell US Gas & Power LLC, and Kinder Morgan unit Southern Liquefaction Company, announced their intent to form a limited liability company to develop a natural gas liquefaction plant in two phases at Southern LNG Company, LLC’s existing Elba Island LNG Terminal, near Savannah, Georgia. This project will facilitate the exporting of the abundant natural gas resources in the US….

    Royal Dutch Shell’s oil and natural gas liquids production in 2013, by region (in 1,000 barrels per day)*

    Sometimes I feel like a sheeple herded in the direction the elite want no matter what I do.

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