Making The Right Choice

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11 Responses to Making The Right Choice

  1. Old Kansas City joke:

    In Missouri, they have “open primary”. This means that you don’t register your party preference with the state. You just show up on Election Day, and the poll worker has a pile of Democratic ballots, and a pile of Republican ballots. He asks you which one you would like. If you say “Democrat” he gives you a Democratic ballot, and if you say “Republican”, you get arrested.

  2. schauminator says:

    Should Hillary and Ted be our 2016 choice I will not vote for either one. Hillary in 2008 new Obama was trying to Usurp the office of POTUS and said nothing to We The People. This was discovered by Jerome Corsi of WND when he interviewed two of her campaign supporters.
    Mr. Ted does not meeting the Constitutional test for a Natural Born Citizen, so he is history. Therefore the Republican party will nominate another that can’t win.

    I’m still waiting for the likes of a Regan or JFK guy if he is out there.

    • LeeHarvey says:

      Unless Cruz was registered as a Canadian citizen at birth, I’m failing to see how he doesn’t qualify as a natural born citizen.

      • Cruz can just get a Hawaii Certificate of birth just like the Provisional President of the Republic of ChinaSun Yat-sen who was born in Guangdong, China. I’ve heard other world leaders have done the same.

        • LeeHarvey says:

          I don’t know… I thought you could only get one of those Hawaiian certificates if you had claimed Kenyan birth while in college in order to pad your resume.

      • schauminator says:

        Both Ted Cruz and Barack Obama share in common that they are constitutionally NOT eligible to be President since they both had a foreign national (non-U.S. Citizen) father when they were born. In addition Cruz was born in Canada. KISS please.

        • MrX says:

          Cruz was never Canadian. Canada requires application for anchor babies, it is not automatic. No US law supports the father’s nationality only anymore. And Congress is responsible for determining what constitutes a citizen, even those born at birth. The law you specify only says that they must be a citizen at birth, your “natural” objections notwithstanding. To phrase it a different way, you’d need to find what nationality Cruz was other than a US citizen for him to not be a natural born citizen. He has only ever been a US citizen. Case closed.

          I’ve read all the crap about this and there is a lot of it. Cruz is eligible. No one in Congress has objected and no one will. It would open up a can of worms that someone who’s only ever been a US citizen cannot run for President. That’s sheer stupidity right there. No way the founders intended this and the Supreme Court has already shown they are not willing to entertain such an interpretation.

          This stuff should go into the Haarp/Chemtrail bin.

        • schauminator says:

          We are not speaking of Canadian Royal Laws. It is the U.S. Constitution that states of two citizen parents as a natural born person. it doesn’t say one and born in another country is ok to be a U.S. President.
          It seem you have little reading comprehension of our Constitution. Is that because Canada has none?
          If Cruz runs for the office of President many of us are absolutely certain that the elitist wing of the GOP/RINOs will quietly support a candidate with no chance in hell to win the nomination to challenge you in court as not being a natural born citizen. They will do that so their “chosen one” will not have blood on their hands. They will also use this to destroy Cruz in his next senatorial bid, blaming him as the one who took the wind out of the GOP sails when Hillary wins.
          Plus the GOP knowing all along Hillary was the 1st birther knowing all too well Obama was going to usurp the office of POTUS. She is just another traitor the useful idiots will vote for.

        • kuhnkat says:

          Mr. X,

          Actually the Constitution states Natural Born Citizen and does not explicitly define the term leaving us with innumerable idiots trying to change the common understanding of our forefathers time.

          Maybe this Supreme Court Justice in his decision can help you out with the definition:

          Many try and claim that the 14th amendment made everyone NBC. Funny, I thought you actually had to mention something to modify it. As to the states, yes, they can determine who they NATURALIZE. NBC is an absolute not under their purview. Only a Constitutional Amnedment can change the original meaning, although we see activist Judges doing it all the time illegally.

          Here is a good presentation on the origin of the US NBC.

          On a related subject I have been in arguments about the Law of Nations phrase in the Constitution. Again, many claim this allows Congress to import International Law. Funny the founders never seemed to mention this radical idea in the Federalist Papers or any of their other writings. What makes this especially ludicrous is that they were very afraid of the Federal Government gaining too much power, as we see today, and would FREAK if they were alive over this!!

          The much more simple explanation is that the Founders were quite taken with Vattel’s ideas and book. Franklin read it in the original French and ordered more copies for the rest of the lawmakers to read. The name of the book was Law of Nations. Yeah, anything in that book they thought could safely become US Law whereas we KNOW that stuff like the Law of the Sea, the new Small Arms Treaty, Agenda 21, and any number of other International Agreements and Laws would undermine our REPUBLIC irretrievably.

        • schauminator says:

          From your response I can tell this is going to be hard for you to comprehend >
          Of Trees and Plants and Basic Logic (set and subset theory): Trees are plants but not all plants are trees. “natural born Citizens (NBC)” are “native born Citizens” or “Citizens at birth (CAB)” but not all “native born Citizens” or “CAB” are “NBC”!
          A “natural born Citizen” of the United States is a child born in the USA of two (2) U.S. Citizens. The parents can be Citizens by Birth or they can be Citizens by Naturalization after immigrating to the USA. But to create a “natural born Citizen” of the United States both parents must be Citizens at the time the child is born in the USA. See this legal reference book used by the founders and framers of our Constitution: Law of Nations or Principles of Natural Law, Vol.1 Chapter 19 Section 212, Emer de Vattel, 1758-1797. The overwhelming majority (probably 85%+) of citizens in the United States are natural born Citizens. This clause was added for future presidents as a national security clause. It is from the group of natural born Citizens that our founders prescribed in the presidential eligibility clause in Clause 5, Section 1 of Article II of the U.S. Constitution that we shall choose a President and Commander in Chief of our military as a strong check against foreign influence via birth allegiances on the person in that singular and most powerful office. One needs all three citizenship legs to be a natural born Citizen and have sole allegiance and claim on you at birth to one and only one country — the United States: 1. Born in the USA. 2. Father must be a U.S. Citizen (born or naturalized). 3. Mother must be U.S. Citizen (born or naturalized). Like a three legged stool if you take away any of these three citizenship legs of the Article II constitutional intent and requirement to being a natural born Citizen, i.e., being born with unity of citizenship in and sole allegiance to the USA, the child is born with more than one country’s citizenship and claim of allegiance/citizenship on them at their birth and thus they are NOT a natural born Citizen of the United States.
          Remember to KISS

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