Longest Stretches Over 100 Degrees

Marble Bar, Australia holds the world record for number of consecutive days over 100 degrees, 160 days starting in 1923.

ScreenHunter_4243 Nov. 01 08.49

The North American record is at Death Valley, which had 134 consecutive days over 100 degrees in 1974, and maximum temperatures averaged 112 degrees during that period.

ScreenHunter_4244 Nov. 01 09.00

Gavin says that 1923 and 1974 were cold years.

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6 Responses to Longest Stretches Over 100 Degrees

  1. Andy DC says:

    If Heidi says it is worse now, it must be so. Especially being such a climate expert.

  2. darrylb says:

    Maybe Steve/Tony could start a jeopardy game, climate change version.

  3. Steve Brown says:

    I’ve visited Marble Bar twice during the 1980s. It is dry, desolate, dusty and, when you first see it, uninhabited. Wife and I picked up a collapsed dog from the side of the road on our first visit and took it into town, to the Police Station. We were directed to take the dog to an Aboriginal lady down the road who looked after such cases.
    The dog died of thirst before we’d covered the mile or so to her house.
    Marble Bar is that sort of town.

    • Andy Oz says:

      I worked for years at a mine about 30 km from Marble Bar. Unrelenting heat. Day and night. It was often >30 C before sunrise! I’ve also been there when the cyclones go through. Amazing explosion of green and wildlife everywhere. Beautiful.

      Death Valley v Marble Bar? No contest.

  4. Rosco says:

    Now they claim a year when Arctic ice extent is approaching the “norm”, Antarctic ice and northern hemisphere snow cover are way above normal as the hottest ever ?

    Stretches credibility even among the gullible.

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