Democratic Voting Fraud In Virginia

I develop touch screen software for a living. What you are observing above is a software issue which can only be reasonably explained as intentional voting fraud.

h/t to  Kent Clizbe

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36 Responses to Democratic Voting Fraud In Virginia

  1. pinroot says:

    I’ve read of several of these incidents. I still haven’t heard of one case of a Dem vote being flipped to Republican. I would think that with the “calibration error” excuse, you would expect roughly 50% flip from Dem to Republican and roughly 50% Republican to Dem. So far, it’s all one way.

    • bobmaginnis says:

      No, not always one way: The trustworthiness of electronic voting machines has once again come under scrutiny after a touch screen in North Carolina flipped a man’s vote from Democrat to Republican in a key Senate race. – See more at:

      • Send Al to the Pole says:

        Then we’re all agreed these machines shouldn’t be used. Who can say what happens to the vote after it is cast? Even if you saw your candidate highlighted when you touched the screen, you have no way of knowing what happened electronically after that.

      • no but is 95% one way. please get back to paper ballots.

      • pinroot says:

        OK… Almost always one way. The above is almost the exception that proves the rule. But in any event, they should be done away with. As someone else has mentioned, just because your selection shows up correctly on-screen, there’s absolutely no way of knowing what is going on in the guts of the machine. And since they run mostly proprietary and closed-source software, there’s no way of knowing what types of little tricks are nested in the code, flipping votes here and there.

    • kuhnkat says:

      Calibration is similar to the process where you initialize touch screens when first starting up phones and tablets. This means the touch is recognized in the wrong place. This would be CONSISTENT and not cause a vote to be recognized as one party person and then flipped to another. Touching the screen would immediately record the wrong person and not necessarily the other party. It could simply do nothing as you would not be touching a box for a candidate!!

      As our host stated, this is an intentional software change.

  2. Joseph says:

    If the tables were turned and this was happening when individuals were trying to vote for Democrats, it’d be front page news.

  3. Cheshirered says:

    As soon as electronic (and postal) voting come in, so did the fraud. Polling slip, pencil. In person. That’s all that is needed.

    • nielszoo says:

      Make that voting slip and PEN… preferably India ink or other indelible ink that CANNOT be erased or altered.

    • David A says:

      ..and with ID.

    • kuhnkat says:

      Stalin recognized that it wasn’t who voted or how but who COUNTED THE VOTES that was important!!

      For instance, punched cards were big for a long time. A great example of what was wrong with the system was Florida with Gore screeching that the Republicraps were trying to steal the vote. In Buchanan’s home county he and Bush score reasonable numbers in the primaries. Of course, the breakdown of the voting had some oddities. Bush and Buchanan had SIGNIFICANTLY fewer votes in the final than the primary. This is almost unheard of. Why would so many people not vote or switch to Gore and, especially, why would Buchanan stalwarts not vote for him or Bush??

      The numbers of double votes were substantial. In other words a LOT of people apparently somehow punched TWO selections for everyone but Gore even though he was screeching it hurt him. So, how could this be done? You want your guy to pick up votes or cancel votes for the other guy. How to do it?? Take a stack of cards and ram a rod through the Gore column. This does not affect anyone who voted for Gore but it DOES double vote everyone in the stack who didn’t vote for Gore. Remember all the hanging chads and partially detached and loose chads?? If your stack is too thick or no space behind for the chads to fall through or too many non-Gore votes you won’t be strong enough to ram all the way through, but, will smash the chads only partially dislodging or just denting them. Remember the big deal over dented chads?? Of COURSE they were all on Gore columns as that is where the crook was punching!! This also gives valid Gore votes for those who abstained from voting for Prez or didn’t vote for anyone!! Doesn’t take long, but, the statistics shows the crime. Lotsa Republican ballots cancelled due to double voting and almost no Democrat!!

  4. kentclizbe says:

    Just found out today that my county in Virginia did away with the touch-screen machines this year.

    I was working the polling place for the GOP this morning. An “Election QA” guy came by on his rounds–inspecting the process and set-up, and told me they’d done away with the machines.

    Also said that our county is doing its best to fight voter fraud–starting at the Registrar. The way he put it: “Americans have the right to vote. They just don’t have the right to have their illegitimate vote counted!”

  5. philjourdan says:

    Yes it is fraud. And I am sad it has come to this state. I suspect it will be rampant this year.

  6. nielszoo says:

    I can’t imagine an industrial touch screen in this day and age that could malfunction like this unless its software was specifically programmed to do it. I’ve programmed various brands of commercial and industrial touch screens on and off for over 20 years and if one of them ever failed like this there would be h#ll to pay as military and industrial applications are safety critical and someone could DIE if the hardware screwed up this bad. I’m going with Progressive / liberal programmers intentionally making this happen… or a system so poorly designed and manufactured that the ONLY place it could be sold to was the government where poor performance simply means dumping several million dollars worth of equipment into a warehouse and buying all new stuff… it’s not their money.

    Having helped design critical information systems for both the military and the alphabet agencies I cannot see them ever accepting this level of performance… again, a Democrat Supervisor of Elections is the only one I know of that would welcome a system that allowed so many flaws to occur. The more screwed up it is, the more “fixes” are required.

    Ever wonder why we had all the “problems” in Florida during the 2000 election? People had been using punch card voting systems since the 1960’s with very, very few problems. Trillions of lines of computer code, payroll, financial data and critical engineering data was put on punch cards for decades with few problems other than the weight and space they took up. Wasn’t it “surprising” that all the poorly designed “butterfly” ballots and poorly maintained punch card voting stations were exclusively found in Democrat controlled counties? It’s always a “surprise” when a couple of boxes of uncounted ballots are “found” in some poll worker’s car trunk. Then, during close election re-counts, they can be “found” and no one even bothers to ask what party the poll worker or clerk belongs to… they are almost exclusively Democrats. Electronics make that impossible so they went to the source (computer pun intended) and have now proved the case that these systems can be easily manipulated to destroy our electoral system. We need to get back to solid, proven technology like optical scan or colored rocks dropped in barrels. I actually like the punch card systems cause it’s hard to erase a hole, but the morons on the Palm Beach County Board of Elections put an end to them.

    • kuhnkat says:

      nielszoo, see my comment above on the Florida crooks. What you mention was probably done also. Many different ways to game systems no matter what they are!! Who controls the system controls the result.

  7. Mat Helm says:

    That makes two I’ve seen…

  8. Jp says:

    I was asked to turn off my phone before entering the voting booth in Maryland. I wonder why……

  9. ossqss says:

    I thought Gavin was only in charge of adjusting GISS. That too is no accident.

  10. There are reports in early voting in Maryland of the same thing. Somehow, the switch is always a change of a Republican vote to a Democrat vote. See

    This comes on the heels of a study of Frederick County voters in 2012 who were declared non-citizens on the jury call rolls. Ten such voters were confirmed in just a small fraction of the county votes which were examined. Six voters who did not live at the address they used to vote were also identified in that small fraction of voters examined.

  11. mjc says:

    It’s just the ‘hanging chad’ of 2014…nothing to worry about. /sarc

  12. CNC says:

    I design touch screen POS systems (point of sale). You can tell it is not a calibration error as they touch the blue area to clear and that works. The layout should be design so a calibration error could not cause a wrong vote, very easy to do. Also they should not be using resistive touch screen as these can have bad calibration. They should be using a PCT (Projected Capacitive Touch) as used on cell phone and tablets as it does not require calibration and can to go out of wack by the nature of the design. Looks suspicious to me.

    Keep up the good work Tony!

    • ossqss says:

      Considering the mandated migration timeline to EMV cards, you probably have your hands full.

      • CNC says:

        It is about time they move to EMV (pin&chip). Being using them in Europe for yeasr. But it will be an external device so not a big deal for me.

    • catweazle666 says:

      Quite so.

      I too have developed software for POS systems involving touch screens, with optional mouse/trackpad control, in fact I developed it on a system without a touchscreen just using a mouse.

      The OS sees the touch screen using exactly the same interface as it uses to see the mouse or trackpad, similar to the way it sees the USB barcode reader as keyboard input., they are simply input data streams from the hardware, the coding is identical.

      And clearly as some of the areas produce the correct response, the reason that the input appears incorrectly interpreted is because the lookup table of areas/actions is incorrect – and it had to be coded that way.

  13. Anthony S says:

    Even if you use paper ballots, it helps to have ones from the right year.

    NAUGATUCK, Conn. (WTNH)– Voters in Naugatuck say they were given the wrong ballots, now they have questions about how this could happen during such a tight race where every vote needs to count.

    “What do you think about the names that you see on here?” we asked Michelle Moran, one of three voters who got ballots from two years ago.

    “Well, I noticed right away Linda McMahon and then a lot of these people I didn’t even know and I knew they weren’t running,” said Moran. “But, I knew it was the wrong one and it said 2012.”


    Just a bit embarrassing for my hometown.

  14. gofer says:

    Never had my credit card purchase “flipped” to another person.

  15. Mark Luhman says:

    There is no reason a electronic voting machine cannot produce a human readable paper ballot which the voter can read, until that voter reads that ballot and verifies it is correct he than should be able to approve the electronic vote and the paper ballot goes into a sealed box. Following the election the paper ballots need to be read electronically and manually and all three methods compared together, only after that is the election certified. That would eliminate any machine voter fraud, how much do you want to bet that will never happen?

  16. Mark Luhman says:

    Also if the paper ballot does not match how the voter voted the voter than votes again and if the paper again does not match the vote that machine is shut down and that paper ballot is shredded right there. The voter of course at that point votes on another machine and if the problem continues he is given a paper ballot and all the machine at that polling place is shut down and you only volt on paper, again there is no reason a paper ballot cannot be produce in paper from a PDF file at the polling place for each voter, after the electronic machine are shut down, also those machine would need to need to be sealed and locked away as evidence to try to find how the error occurred and if it was tampering the person responsible should be held on a capital crime, Yes people who corrupt the vote need to be eliminated from the human race. I also feel the same for those who vote early and often.

  17. John B., M.D. says:

    Here in IL, Gov. Quinn refused to concede to Rauner, probably hoping for “misplaced” ballots and dead votes to turn up in Chicago by tomorrow morning.

  18. Ringo says:

    In my county in Florida, we are given a paper ballot. We fill in the little oval of our choice in ink and then the voter runs it through a scanner on the way out the door. This seems to me to be the most accurate way to do day of voting. Every ballot is scanned right away, no chance of conveniently finding a box of ballots forgotten in a trunk.
    Also, for the first time ever they used a device to swipe our driver’s licenses to check our eligibility before handing us our ballot.
    Florida has come a long way from the hanging chad, although I do miss that bald guy with the magnifying glass looking at punch cards.

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