Science Has Spoken To The New York Times

In 1969, science told the New York Times that a new ice age was coming.

ScreenHunter_4350 Nov. 05 08.42

Nine years earlier, they described Arctic sea ice as “thin, broken, and constantly shifting

ScreenHunter_4352 Nov. 05 08.47

Note the small extent depicted on the 1958 map, which directly contradicts all the propaganda from current Arctic experts.

Science told them that the Arctic will be ice-free within a generation.

ScreenHunter_4353 Nov. 05 08.54

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9 Responses to Science Has Spoken To The New York Times

  1. James Strom says:

    That map appears to be an “artist’s conception”.

  2. Don B says:

    The environmental writers at the NY Times are truly barking mad. Or easily duped. Or dumb.

    “…. But there are estimable ones [scientists] all around Washington and the rest of the sizzling globe, and they’re happy to share their wisdom. The United Nations panel did precisely that, cautioning that a continued failure to reduce emissions of those gases would yield “food shortages, refugee crises, the flooding of major cities and entire island nations, mass extinctions of plants and animals, and a climate so drastically altered it might become dangerous for people to work or play outside during the hottest times of the year,” as The Times’s Justin Gillis wrote, laying out the stakes. They couldn’t be graver.”

    • KTM says:

      The Democrats must have been counting on those 50 million climate refugees to arrive by 2010 and swing the elections in their favor.

  3. LeeHarvey says:

    Point of order – October 1958 to February of 1969 is ten years and four months… not nine years as stated.

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