We Are Winning, Bill!

Dr. Bill Gray has been fighting the fight for integrity in climate science, since before most of us even heard of global warming. I had lunch with Dr. Gray on Sunday, and wanted to thank him for both lunch, and his tireless efforts to to uphold integrity in science.

His editorial in the Coloradoan two weeks ago, no doubt helped Fort Collins vote for skeptic Cory Gardner yesterday. Something which seemed inconceivable two months ago.

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16 Responses to We Are Winning, Bill!

  1. omanuel says:

    We are all indebted to scientists like Dr. Bill Gray, who stood up for integrity in science when so many others compromised themselves to get research grants.

  2. 2hotel9 says:

    John Gray, a name I have seen many times over the years. Thank you, sir. And please carry on!

  3. nielszoo says:

    And a huge thanks to both of you for your hard work!

  4. SMS says:

    After last nights results we now have a few more adults in Washington and I’m hoping that there can be an open and honest discussion on CAGW. Having Bill Gray available will surely help keep the discussion on task and honest.

  5. daveandrews723 says:

    Yes, thanks to both of you for all you are doing. Keep fighting the good fight!!

  6. His editorial in the Coloradoan two weeks ago, no doubt helped Fort Collins vote for skeptic Cory Gardner …

    Courage, determination and hard work lead to victories.

    Thank you, Dr. Gray, for standing on principle against this insane ideology. We know it came at a cost.


    P.S. It was also hard to miss that your editorial gave a few arrogant and rude AGW activists a serious case of acid reflux. I suspect yesterday’s election results made their condition worse. I won’t pretend I’m sorry.

  7. Eric Simpson says:

    The point about the effect of Gray’s editorial hints at at important point. If more of the public accepted that “climate change” is a crock, then conservatives candidates (that are predominately skeptics) would win more elections. SO someone reading should organize and fund raise for a MAJOR advertising campaign to change public opinion on this. I’m talking a stand alone campaign devoted exclusively to debunking the leftists on AGW. It would work. Most candidates have their hands full, and, beyond simple soundbites, can’t devote any significant amount of resources to trying to counter the fear mongers.

  8. Andy DC says:

    Settled science is getting more unsettled every day. Thanks to guys like you and Bill. People that have taken the time to check the actual facts.

  9. omanuel says:

    Steven, I would appreciate comments on possible justification for deception of the public:


  10. tom0mason says:

    I am sure thet Dr. Bill Gray is fine gentleman and true scientific scholar. He no doubt understands all too well the hubris and certainty that fornicates itself on the world stage as ‘climate science ‘, is just a very expensive fantasy professed by the greedy, sick, and deranged.
    Overpaid ‘climate scientists’ believe in the perverse idea that you can reduce the climate and its variablity to mere mechanistic amalgam of mathematical processes and algorithms, with little, or no attention to historical weather patterns. This is trite nonesense. To do so is to downplay the very complexity of the planet and all that survives on it, as well as the solar system with its various cycles and patterns.

    With our solar system’s slow variations pushing our world to warm, and so to flourishing natural prosperity of abundance; or pulling us to the cold with sarvation and shivering poverty. Weather and climate affects so many modes of operation in nature, and nature in turn can and will affect our climate. And that is at the very heart of the matter. A great heart of organic life itself, affected by weather and climate and in turn having its effect our climate.

    There are seasons and cycles to our climate and there have always been. We have some kinds of records that go back thousands even millions of years. Do we understand how these cycles and patterns form and propagate?
    And these ‘climate scientists’ are excusing themselves, and nature, out of that notion by saying they can model the world’s climate without understanding the fundamentals of the process. That is scientific fraud.

  11. Scarface says:

    Maybe it’s time for you, Tony, to run for office?

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