I Can See Russia From My House

The large expansion of Eastern Arctic sea ice and record northern hemisphere snow cover, makes it quite clear that waters in the northern seas have sharply cooled. Feel free to ignore reality, if it suits you.

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47 Responses to I Can See Russia From My House

  1. omanuel says:

    Governments paid scientists to hide reality from the public after WWII.

    The consequences of that decision are only now facing society.

  2. Lawrence13 says:

    Not sure how the snow is proof of Arctic waters cooling so Bob Tisdale is a liar or misinformed then .

    Oh dear.

    • The fact that you don’t understand weather or the freezing point of ice, doesn’t give you license to troll. If you want to be spam, keep up this behavior.

      • Lawrence13 says:

        Steve, why are you so aggressive and why is asking a question trolling? I’ve visited your site for years and have left comments and now you call me a troll. Sod you Steve you’ve lost a fan

    • Lawrence13 says:

      you know there’s the old story about a meeting of the communist party where the chairman says “any questions”? Silence and then among all the delgates a hand goes up and says “what happened to that bloke who asked a question last year”

  3. All Hype says:

    Question from a total novice:

    Is there a concern for the lack of ice in the East Siberian Sea?

  4. thegriss says:

    No, no, no Steven..

    We know that warmer waters around the Antarctic are causing the sea ice to expand,
    (cos they told us so)..
    why wouldn’t sea ice in the Arctic also be an indication of warmer waters. 🙂 /sarc !

  5. Ernest Bush says:

    I was sorry to see that Unisys took its SST maps offline. While pointing out the differences between their maps and the ones from NOAA at another site, I also pointed out I was not going to be quick to jump on NOAA’s bandwagon. I do learn lessons from history. I don’t know how skeptics can look at the charts and the global views of the Arctic at WUWT (hated giving them a plug at your site) and not conclude that a large shift of some kind has occurred planetary wide. At the same time the Arctic freeze is accelerating, melting past the 2013-2014 line is occurring in the Antarctic. Coincidence?

    The DMI Arctic temperature chart also shows a sharp drop in temperature over the last several days, going below the average temperature line for this time of year.

  6. tabnumlock says:

    The current interglacial is getting pretty old and could end at any time. We should be thinking about ways to delay the return of the ice sheets since CO2 doesn’t seem to have the power to do it. Perhaps space-based solar reflectors.

    • thegriss says:

      Yep, if you look at historical CO2 v temp graphs you will see that while CO2 and temp peak close to each other, those peaks of CO2 are UNABLE TO MAINTAIN the high temperatures.
      If those peaks in CO2 had any warming effect, the temperature would not drop.

      • tom0mason says:

        Griss, your using that logic argument again.
        Tut-tut, can’t have that when CO2 warming feels just sooo right – a nice simple idea for nice simple minds. So don’t upset the UN’s money machine or confuse all the sheeple with logic.

      • nielszoo says:

        The “snowball earth” numbers for CO2 (if I remember correctly) have been guessed at by geologists in the 2000 to 4000 ppm range or an order of magnitude higher than today. That was pole to pole glaciation. CO2 level increases would actually lower the heat in the atmosphere is its specific heat and gas constant are lower than the averages of those values for our atmosphere.

        • nielszoo says:

          sorry, as its specific heat… wish we could edit… WordPress are you listening?

        • thegriss says:

          The effect of a change of 100ppm of CO2 in changing the specific heat of the atmosphere is very, very, very tiny. 🙂

        • nielszoo says:

          Yes it would be so far down in the noise it could never be identified just like the gas constant… but both of them would make the atmosphere colder if they could be measured.

        • Baa Humbug says:

          The effect of a drop of red dye into a bucket may be small, but it will DOUBLE the original effect if it was the 2nd drop of dye.
          The important thing is the ratio between the original and the additional.
          In that regard we are lucky that CO2s effect is logarithmic, else we might have frozen by now.

  7. Eliza says:

    Nielzoo: That alone complete negates C02 “warming” and I am amzed the warmists have not seesn this. In the past High C02 has been related with massive ice ages NOT wasrming! In any case C02 probably has no effect on Atmospheric temps and never did.

    • nielszoo says:

      The only effect the miniscule amount of CO2 in our atmosphere DOES have is that it allows chlorophyll based plants to grow and they have a far greater effect on our planet’s atmosphere. But remember, the Climateers don’t do biology or physics, they only do “political science” and have no clue whatsoever about any of the physical sciences.

  8. Lawrence13 says:

    In answer to Colorado: Like most of us here I have not nailed my colours to the mast of global warming and like most when Steve displayed that Unisys chart it was a gob smacking moment, the validity of that chart caused gasps all around the sceptic world and Bob Tisdale stepped in over at WUWT. Eventually Unisys were involved and admitted the colour banding was enhancing the warming. So I wanted to see if Tony had a response but there wasn’t one that addressed his original post . I did ask politely in another of Tony’s thread but was ignored than I had a some abrasive response like I shouldn’t have aisled the question and we all new anyway. Then Tony started a new thread about the Plain line seeing Russia from Alaska and it that it seemed to refer the to the Unisys issue or sea temps being far lower. Anyhow Bod Tisdale says a lot without saying much but he does seem confident that the other measuring orgs are accurate and there is no remarkable cooling. Listen I’m just a punter who desperately searches for evidence to show AGW is misinformed and out of step with reality. This is an open blog Tony did make the post about Unisys I want to believe it but the debate over at WUWT seems to say no Unisys is wrong and Unisys accept that as well. Now are you all telling me that I should not have asked Tony what he thought about that in a polite way? I wasn’t after embarrassing Tony in fact I wanted to be able to say they are wrong and the Unisys data is wrong or if not then acknowledge the problems with Unisys .

    Let me ask this : Was I wrong in trying to ask the question.

    • Unisys has not “admitted” any error that I am aware of. There are lots of reasons to believe that the North Atlantic has sharply cooled.

    • Truthseeker says:


      I think it was using the word “liar”, especially in the context of Bob Tisdale that sent Steve’s “troll” reflex off. The original question was probably better phrased by asking why there was a discrepency between Steve’s original post and Bob’s WUWT post.

    • thegriss says:

      I agree with TS.. It was the use of the “liar” word.

      There was absolutely no need for it.

      Just remarking that there seemed to be a difference in interpretation, or something like that, would have been a good entry into the discussion.

      I’m sure that if you admit that it was a wrong choice of words, and apologise for using it, all will be forgotten.

  9. Brian D says:

    O-buoy 9 is near the N Pole. Pretty cold there. Getting down to -35C.
    Weather pattern showing north winds driving that cold into the Barents, and Kara seas, which has happened a lot this year. Good ice making weather.

  10. n/a says:

    This bozo “Lawrence13” is *concern trolling* here and at WUWT. He’s a diehard warmunist apparatchik — clumsily trying to drive a wedge between the two guys that the nasty Year Zero warmists fear most: Steven Goddard and Bob Tisdale.

    And that explains that. Can him as SPAM, Steve.

  11. Stargazer says:

    “I can see Russia from my house”: Look what Tina Fey started here!

  12. omanuel says:

    Thank you, Tony, for confirming that Science, Religion and Democracy are connected:

    The recent election, the Climategate scandal, the Libertarian movement, the Tea Party and the pro-gun lobby have reaffirmed this reality.

    The Father of quantum physics – Max Planck – and the Father of our nation – Thomas Jefferson – had it right:

    Behind the Force of Life that created and sustains every atom, life and world in the solar system is a conscious and intelligent Mind that endowed humans with inalienable rights of free will and self governance:


    Evil (arrogance, pride, jealousy, etc.) is the price of granting free will to each person.

    Such evil created the

    1. New World Order to take totalitarian control of humanity, and

    2. Illusion of free will to choose:
    _ a.) Labor or Conservative
    _ b.) Republicans or Democrats
    _ c.) Communists or Capitalists
    _ d.) Climate Model A or B or C
    _ e.) Putin or Obama, meanwhile

    The New World Order promotes the UN as an agency of humanity while Agenda 21 tightens UN ‘s totalitarian control of the world.


    The recent election, the Climategate scandal, the Libertarian movement, the Tea Party and the pro-gun lobby continue to remind us of this reality.

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