Time To Divest!

Bill McKibben says that colleges need to divest, and stop using fossil fuels. I agree – US colleges and universities should immediately turn off all fossil fuels, and teach their students an incredibly valuable life lesson.

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14 Responses to Time To Divest!

  1. Eliza says:

    Oh S###! Looks menacing. Well we will now see SG, WUWT, CA ect being asked to hand over data analysis to meaningful GOP people in the Senate and Congress so legal action can commence against NASA, NOAA, GISS climate people who perpetrated the AGW fraud. All funding to government “climate change” departments should be frozen NOW. LOL

  2. craigm350 says:

    Reblogged this on the WeatherAction News Blog and commented:
    Bang on the money Tony. Let’s see how committed Plastic bag McKitten and his zombie followers are…starting this weekend

  3. Mike says:

    If colleges really want to make a change, they can stop accepting students which loans are guaranteed by the federal government. Or maybe the US should divest from supporting students loans. I bet about 1/2 of the colleges would shut down or would have to adapt to a different model. 10,000’s of snarky professors walking around that are 100% unemployable.

  4. Frank K. says:

    Remember that when we talk about fossil fuel energy, it’s not just heating and cooling. If a college or university really wanted to divest itself of fossil fuel energy, they would:

    (1) make sure they were entirely off the grid with no diesel of other backup system (unless it ran off of vegetable oil, bacon grease or similar).
    (2) could not receive any goods carried by conventional trucks, aircraft, or other fossil fuel-based vehicles.
    (3) could only use electric and human-powered means for maintenance of the campus grounds (i.e. no plow trucks or snow blowers in the winters unless powered by solar or other “clean” energy).

    Such a campus would be miserable for faculty and students alike. This is why “Greens” are and will always be hypocrites when it comes to “clean” energy.

  5. 2hotel9 says:

    I have been saying it for years. All these “environmentalists” should show the courage of their convictions and stop using all fuels and energy and products from “fossil fuels”. Show us how it works! Refuse to eat foods out of season which are transported by “fossil fuel” run machines. Stop using plastics, pharmaceuticals and all other items derived from “fossil fuels”. No more electricity from “fossil fuel” or nuclear or hydro generation plants. Take all their computers and other high energy use toys and throw them upon the trash heap of history and prove how superior they all really are.

    Funny, they refuse to do any of that. What they want is for EVERYONE ELSE to be forced to do it, while they continue on with their lives of leisure and waste.

  6. stewart pid says:

    My little piece of paradise is to be pushing -20 C this time next week … oh well we have gotten off easy so far this fall and so it had to come sometime. Let the snow sports begin 🙂

    • lance says:

      Stewart, your in Alberta are you not? I’m in southern Alberta, but I will be a “climate” refugee for the next 10 days!!!

  7. catweazle666 says:

    Having experienced the output of colleges and universities in the UK and havingg no reason to expect the US is any different, I think that for them to stop using fossil fuels is a superb idea.

    Just think, no more ‘Black Lesbian Dwarf Issues with Underwater Basketweaving’ graduates from the University of Cleckhuddersfax Polytech.

  8. oeman50 says:

    I’m glad you said it, Steve. It is a common theme in lunchtime conversations at work were we suggest people should experience individually the outcomes of their political agendas. It usually involves speculating about turning off the lights and A/C and turning off the servers running their cell phones and internet. Many folks haven’t a clue.

  9. skeohane says:

    Glad it’s going to warm up in another week, that light blue area in Colorado. Looks like Wyoming and Montana will warm too.

  10. Andy DC says:

    Every idiot knows the warm causes cold, or whatever.

  11. rah says:

    Let’s start with the Ivy League first.

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